Atashi Rain

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Captain Atashi "Fine" Rain is currently the Squadron Commander of Raven Squadron. She has been in this position since December 19 30 ABY, previously serving as a Flight Member in Firebird Flight 1, and Squadron Executive Officer of Raven.

Early Life[edit]

Born on Aurora Prime, Atashi lived a peaceful life with both her parents. Her mother was a researcher of botany, and her father an intel officer who was often called away for missions. Life was turned upside down when her father was killed while on home leave, the enemies targeting her mother's research. Her mother had a slow decline in her sanity, growing ever more dark, her research turning to old texts of Magick. Atashi left the planet to seek a new path and direction in life, studying communications, technology and encryption but the memories of her past haunted her and she dropped out early. Shortly after this she signed up with Tie Corps and started her career.

Career standings[edit]

Start Date Rank Time Held
16/02/2022 Cadet 1 days
18/02/2022 Sub-Lieutenant 3 days
22/02/2022 Lieutenant 5 months 6 days
28/07/2022 Lieutenant Commander 4 months 17 days
15/12/2022 Commander 4 months 1 days
16/04/2023 Captain Current

Completed Imperial University Courses[edit]

Total Imperial University courses completed: 6

  • Mandalorian Language (100%)
  • Nature of the Darkside, Part I (100%)
  • Phase I CORE - Dark Brotherhood (86%)
  • Squadron Management 5 (91%)
  • TIE Corps Core (100%)
  • Wookiee Studies (100%)