Firebird Squadron

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Firebird Squadron
Squadron Information

COL Stryker

Flight Leaders:

Wing X

Command Ship:

ISD Challenge

Squadron Role:


Flight I:


Flight II:


Flight III:



"Honor the past, look to the future."

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Firebird Squadron is an Infiltration squadron assigned to Wing X on the Imperial-II Class Star Destroyer Challenge. In October 2020, Firebird Squadron became the fourth squadron activated in Wing X, having formerly been stationed aboard the MC90 Warspite.



Firebird Squadron were founded as a reconnaissance unit for the old Infiltrator Wing. Originally equipped with A-Wings, Firebird were a reliable but unremarkable squadron when it came to performing their duties and scouting ahead of Battlegroup XVI. Never covering themselves with glory thanks to their role, they were often overshadowed by more famous Infiltrator Wing squadrons such as Shadow or Knight, so it was a surprise when they were selected to accompany Grand Admiral Rapier's expedition into the Unknown Regions.

Re-equipped with upgraded T-65 X-Wings and BTL-A4 Y-Wings, the squadron was placed under the command of Colonel Stryker, a veteran of Red Squadron aboard the MC80B Redemption. Their mission would be twofold: traditional Infiltrator Wing false flag operations against the New Republic, its allies, and other enemies of the Emperor's Hammer; but also to act as an aggressor squadron for training purposes to give new pilots a chance to fly against the ships they would be facing outside of the simulator.

To facilitate this, Stryker ordered the Firebird Squadron craft painted in a bright orange and grey paint scheme, imitating General Hera Syndulla's famous "Starbird Squadron" of the early New Republic, now known as the New Republic Precision Air Team. This, he believed, would lend credence to their continued use of older craft and allow them access to areas of the New Republic that line squadrons might not necessarily have clearance to enter.

Aboard the ISD Challenge[edit]

The squadron integrated well and quickly despite the mocking of their comrades-in-arms. Instilling a sense of identity he had picked up from other Infiltrator Wing veterans, Stryker led Firebird to victory in a wing-wide contest organised by High Admiral Dempsey - the victory was bittersweet as it was almost immediately followed by the departure of three reliable pilots to form the core of the reformed Eagle Squadron. This came with its own benefits, however, as it was a sign that the Infiltrator Wing was seen as a useful component of the TIE Corps, and may soon be allowed greater independence in the form of their own ship.

Awards & Honors[edit]

Firebird Squadron X-Wing
Firebird Squadron Y-Wing

Echelon Guardian[edit]

In December 2020, COL Stryker re-instated the Infiltrator Wing tradition of naming an Echelon Guardian as an honorary title given to a pilot whom they feel is an example of exemplary service and dedication to the IW.

# Month Pilot Awarded
1 December 2020 Travis "TI-40026" Cook
2 March 2021 Jedgar
3 April 2021 NiksaVel


Date Description Position
November 2020 "Wake Me When November Ends" - Annual Challenge-wide Competition 1st Place
March-May 2021 Exercise (Re)Mobilisation 3 4th Place
January-April 2021 Challquilla Cup Season 1, Team Foghorn Leghorn 1st Place


COL Stryker
Executive Officer
CPT Travis "TI-40026" Cook
Flight 1 Flight 2 Flight 3
COL Stryker CM Turel CPT Travis "TI-40026" Cook
GN Jarek La'an SL Quintillian VACANT
GN Elwood the Brave LT Sylas Pitt LT AlienC
COL Ricaud LT Hijacker COL NiksaVel

Squadron Commanders[edit]

# CMDR Took office Left office Time in office Location Starting Rank Ending Rank
1 Stryker 7 October 2020 n/a n/a ISD Challenge Colonel n/a