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Epsilon Squadron is a Psychological Warfare squadron assigned to Wing I on the Imperial-II Class Star Destroyer Hammer.


Epsilon Squadron is one of the first six squadrons created to house pilots in the Emperor's Hammer.

It was created in NL1 (12/24/1994), but was not activated until GN Steel was assigned as its commander in NL3 (01/06/1995).

Its initial role was that of a strike squadron with one flight each of TIE Defenders, TIE Advanceds, and TIE Bombers. At present, Epsilon is a Deep Strike squadron with a different starship setup consisting of two flights of TIE Defenders and a single flight using the Missile Boat MK.II.

It is not necessarily clear when the pilots of Epsilon developed the formula for Epsi-Cola - now a galaxy-wide famous beverage and the drink of choice for many sentient beings.

Squadron members of Epsilon are active gamers in a variety of club activities, with many of our pilots flying SP/PVP/PVE missions on a variety of game platforms. We also enjoy regular competitions such as trivia, crosswords, word searches and fiction competitions.

We strive to always make Epsilon a fun and relaxed squadron which supports a wide range of pilot interests, focused on our members enjoying their time in the EH.

Recent Operational History[edit]

Over the period of 31 ABY and 32 ABY Epsilon Squadron has been on almost constant combat alert and has served in all of the major engagements of the Emperor's Hammer fleet.

The squadron was heavily engaged during the early recon missions against the Ishtari and lost a number of pilots to this race of militant insectoids. tracking this species to Assurian Halo, the squadron aided the fleet and participated in a number of key ground and space engagements during a month long campaign, during which Epsilon Squadron pilots CPT Jayden Halcorr and LCM Gian Webb showed notable courage, often flying back-to-back missions to support the rest of the squadron.

Following the neutralisation of the Ishtari (31 ABY), the depleted squadron was able to repair and refit its craft and allow for some brief respite for its pilots. It was during this time that squadron commander, Nova Discordia requested that the mythical origins of popular squadron drink Epsi-Cola be researched which resulted in the information discovered by 'LCM Gian Webb entitled Legend of Valin Tusk.

Repairs completed, the squadron moved with its command ship the ISD Hammer further into the Unknown Regions and is currently taking part in a number of engagements in the Tkon Rift.

Squadron Fiction[edit]

CMDR Nova Discordia saluted Rear Admiral Genie as he arrived in the Epsilon squadron mess. A number of pilots were enjoying the various diversions they had managed to smuggle on-board or stash somewhere on the ISD Hammer.

Nova herself looked somewhat crumbled after a busy night, which had left her feeling like a Bantha had sat on her head. The last thing she needed was a surprise visit from the top brass.

Casting an experienced eye around the room, and missing nothing, RA Genie said “I see the rumours are true, Commander. Epsilon really is the squadron for troublemakers, roustabouts, flyboys and the lost and the damned.”

Trying to stand to attention, Nova resisted the urge to say what she wanted to say, and simply said “No Sir. We just fight and play hard, Sir.”

“I’ve also heard that too Commander.” RA Genie grinned. “Carry on, pilot.”

“Yes Sir!” replied Nova, grinning back.


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Last Updated: 30th May 2024

Epsilon Flight I - SWORDS

"mors nihil interest"

  1. CMDR/CM Nova Discordia
  2. FM/GN Ric Hunter
  3. FM/LT Alpharius Omegon
  4. FM/MAJ Witcher

Epsilon Flight II - SHIELDS

"dum sumus, mors non est"

  1. Vacant
  2. FM/CM Leofric
  3. FM/LCM Hopfot
  4. FM/LCM Ludovicus Gallorum

Epsilon Flight III - ARROWS

"cum mors venerit, iam non sunt"

  1. Vacant
  2. FM/GN Coranel Both
  3. FM/CM Lenan-she Chaabar
  4. FM/LT Von Goosington

Squadron Commanders[edit]

# CMDR Took office Left office Time in office Location Rank
1 Steel NL3 NL4 - ISD Avenger General
2 Assassin NL4 NL7 - ISD Avenger General
3 Andrew NL8 NL14 - ISD Avenger General
4 Andrew NL15 NL30 - SSD Avenger General
5 Andrew NL31 NL32 - SSSD Sovereign General
6 Ingwe NL33 NL34 - SSSD Sovereign General
7 Starrett NL34 ? - SSSD Sovereign Brigadier General
8 RichyV August 2009 March 2010 3m, 25d ISDII Hammer Major
9 Dunta Polo March 2010 January 2016 5y, 10m, 5d ISDII Hammer General
10 Hav Antiel January 2016 March 2016 1m, 25d ISDII Hammer Commander
11 Miles Prower March 2016 January 2017 10m,2d ISDII Hammer Lieutenant Colonel
12 Drake Starfire January 2017 November 2017 10m,18d ISDII Hammer Commander
13 Coranel Both November 2017 April 2018 4m, 15d ISDII Hammer General
14 Elwood the Brave April 2018 December 2018 8m, 29d ISDII Hammer General
15 John T. Clark January 2019 October 2019 9m, 30d ISDII Hammer General
16 Elwood the Brave October 2019 May 2020 6m, 9d ISDII Hammer General
17 SkyShadow June 2020 October 2020 3m, 22d ISDII Hammer Commander
18 Taygetta October 2020 March 2022 1y, 4m, 24d ISDII Hammer Lieutenant Colonel
19 Jarek La’an March 2022 February 2023 10m, 28d ISDII Hammer General
20 Nova Discordia February 2023 Current NA ISDII Hammer Commander

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