Squadron Objectives

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In the TIE Corps, each squadron is assigned an objective or mission role. This doesn't impact the actual operation of the squadron, but does provide a bit of roleplay information.



To assault and assist in capture of heavily defended objectives.

Currently commissioned Assault squadrons: Theta Squadron


To kill specific targets very quickly deep in enemy territory. Both kidnapping and assassination squadrons would be able to perform these missions in small flight groups so large amounts of Emperor's Hammer assets are not risked.

Close Support

Similar to Assault, but to assist strike squadrons in the destruction of their targets by drawing enemy fire and providing precise counter-fire.

Currently commissioned Close Support squadrons: Sigma Squadron

Deep Strike

To launch surprise attacks deep into enemy-held territory and assault locations where either:

(A) the Strike Fleet cannot go;

(B) the Strike Fleet can go but would be in extreme risk of destruction/capture.

A Deep Strike Squadron's objectives are to:

  1. assist other Imperial Forces when the fleet is otherwise engaged;
  2. once particular individuals/ship targets have been identified by Fleet Command but cannot be reached through normal means, launch and strike;
  3. assist recon squadrons by providing reinforcements, if available.


To protect all designated Flight Groups from unfriendly fire.

Currently commissioned Escort squadrons: Kappa Squadron

Heavy Assault

Same as for Assault, but if they cannot perform their primary objectives (i.e. assist in capture) then they are to destroy their target(s).


To eliminate a target’s capability to flee, in any manner possible, up to and including destruction of the target. It might also be necessary to inspect an unknown (but suspect) flight group to determine which, if any, targets should be prepared for capture/disabling (always preferable to destruction).


Similar to Interdiction, but specializes in snatching important figures deep in enemy territory.

Long Range Support

To provide long range missile fire for other squadrons when they attack lightly shielded targets (or those with massed fighter defences); or to provide point-blank bombing support against heavily shielded targets (or those with minimal fighter defences)


This squadron’s mission is perhaps the hardest one to define, as it does not always operate within the bounds of known Imperial law. This squadron is tasked with launching terror strikes, reducing a population of a planet deemed worthless to the Emperor's Hammer to the most barren of lives, destroying industries key to the inhabitants but worthless to the Emperor's Hammer, etc. If they are not successful in their mission, then more drastic measures might be taken (for example orbital bombardment). Their secondary objectives are to assist planetary garrisons in keeping an occupied world pacified, assist army units engaged in “mop-up” operations, and if not engaged, to serve as the Emperors’ Hammer Strike Fleet’s reserve starfighter squadron (similar to the Deep Strike squadron).

Psychological Warfare

To create even more fear in the hearts of Rebels. This squadron's primary goal is to instigate fear in enemy forces by constant harassment and sudden strikes.


To locate and inspect any craft in an area and (if necessary) stop it until reinforcements can arrive to assist in capture/destruction, or to probe a known target's defences in preparation for further action by the Emperor's Hammer forces.

Currently commissioned Reconnaissance squadrons: Delta Squadron

Special Insertion/Extraction

To make insertions of agents/spies deep inside enemy territory and getting them and their information back to our intelligence people.


To attack and destroy all enemy craft (unless otherwise ordered).

Currently commissioned Strike squadrons: Beta Squadron and Epsilon Squadron

Test Squadron

To test all new craft and discover strengths and weaknesses of that craft. Design tactics for that craft to give pilots better chances of completing their missions and surviving. Captured enemy craft will also be evaluated by the squadron.


To provide the Emperor’s Hammer Strike Force with a steady supply of replacement pilots trained in all Imperial craft.

VIP Escort

To defend extremely important people and material.