Miles Prower

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"You know what'd be funny? Let's make the Amaran beep-boop the Combat Operations Officer."


-Rumored conversation between an unspecified TCCOM and Grand Admiral Rapier


-Palpatine's Force Ghost upon sensing AD Prower's promotion to COO


Fleet Admiral Miles "Tails" Prower is a male Amaran vulpinroid who is serving with the First Recon Division of the Emperor's Hammer. He is the Reconnaissance Officer within the Command Staff as well as Combat Operations Officer within the TIE Corps Admiralty Board.

He began his career in the Alpha Training Company and was assigned to Sin Squadron under the command of Major Viper Pred, serving for half a year before being tapped for command of Athena Squadron and then briefly serving on the Command Staff as Logistics Officer. He later transferred back to line duty as squadron commander of Viper Squadron within Wing XIX on the ISDII Subjugator, then later Wing Commander of Wing XIX itself before the fleet was reorganised. Finally after nearly a year long tour commanding Gamma Squadron within Wing I on the ISDII Hammer, Lieutenant Colonel Prower went into the reserves, actually recuperating in a fleet medical facility.

What left the facility looked like Prower and acted like him, but the Amaran's first-born body had failed, however his consciousness had been preserved as an artificial intelligence which was installed within a replacement body. Unlike certain noteworthy cyborgs like Darth Vader and General Grevious, there was not any of his first-born body's components in place. He was closer to droid than cyborg and thus was dubbed a vulpinroid. With an endoskeleton made of impervium and an outer biological coating that was cloned and interfaced, he looked as he did when he left Alpha Company. After training, he embraced his new cognitive abilities as well as the resilience and confidence that his new body brought out and returned to active service, rejoining Sin Squadron on the ISDII Warrior and then attaining command of Epsilon Squadron on ISDII Hammer.

Finding a new appreciation for tactics and history, the vulpinroid leveraged his abilities to the point where he was tapped for remote sessions with the naval war college and was selected as an understudy for High Admiral Anahorn Dempsey before attaining command of the ISDII Hammer and its fleet himself. Though robotic, he found that forming and maintaining meaningful relationships with both his fleet's crew and pilots, as well as fostering a collaborative environment made gains. With patient work, the vulpinroid admiral managed to lead the Hammer to the flagship role for a year after which he was tapped for the role of Reconnaissance Officer to study and counter New Republic propaganda as well as Combat Operations Officer. Though he occupies the VSDII Aggressor, he always looks back upon fond memories of every ship that he had served on before and especially the pilots that he served alongside.

And despite his new body, he found that he could still connect to the Force, faithfully serving as the Master-At-Arms for the Dark Brotherhood. His only goal is to advance the Emperor's Hammer throughout the universe and perhaps to unseen others as well.

Active Career History and Data[edit]

Emperor's Hammer Command Staff[edit]

TIE Corps[edit]

Dark Brotherhood[edit]

Active ID Lines[edit]

  • Command Staff:

RO/AD Miles Prower/CS-8/D-CRV Doomsday

  • TIE Corps:

COO/FA Miles Prower/TC-3/VSDII Aggressor

GOEx2/GSx2/SSx3/BSx4/PCx5/ISMx18/MoI-BC/MoC-5doc-5poc-7goc-7soc-53boc/MUA-Rx1/IS-4GW- 1SW-8BW-1CW-10SR-18BR-1CR/LoC-TS-IS-CSx9-Rx4/LoS-TS-IS-CSx8-Rx3/CoLx10/CoB/LoAx2/OV-14E [Hussar] [Officer 4th] [Gunner's Mate 4th] {TCCORE-COE-SM/5}

  • Dark Brotherhood:

MAA/INQ Miles Prower/DC-3/

(ED) (SB) (GCx5) (SoI) (SoP) (SE-LB) (DC-D) (DC) (Cr-Ax4-Sx2-Ex9-Tx15-Qx24) (CF)

Inactive Career History & Data[edit]


  • Attended the Directorate Governors' Academy on August 6th, 2007
  • Transferred as a Regional Governor to Ghenna on August 8th, 2007. Rank: Honorable
  • Promoted to the rank of Knight and position of Lieutenant Governor of Ghenna on August 17th, 2007
  • Promoted to the position of Governor General of Ghenna on August 24th, 2007. Rank: Knight
  • Promoted to the rank of Baronet on October 26th, 2007
  • Promoted to the rank of Baron on March 8th, 2008
  • Transferred to Phare System and promoted to the position of System Moff on March 30th, 2008

Inactive ID Lines[edit]

  • Directorate:

SMF/BRN Miles Prower/Phare/Alpha



Preceded by
Frodo March
Reconnaissance Officer of the Emperor's Hammer Command Staff
October 2018-Present
Succeeded by
Preceded by
John T. Clark
Combat Operations Officer of the TIE Corps
May 2020-Present
Succeeded by
Preceded by
Elwood the Brave
Master-At-Arms of Dark Brotherhood
July 2017-Present
Succeeded by
Preceded by
Anahorn Dempsey
Commodore of ISDII Hammer
January 2017-May 2020
Succeeded by
Elwood the Brave
Preceded by
Hav Antiel
Squadron Commander of Epsilon Squadron
March 2016-January 2017
Succeeded by
Drake Starfire
Preceded by
Squadron Commander of Gamma Squadron
August 2009-July 2010
Succeeded by
Preceded by
Thaas Pobyn
Wing Commander of Wing XIX
January 2009-August 2009
Succeeded by
Wing Deactivated
Preceded by
Squadron Commander of Viper Squadron
December 2007-September 2008
Succeeded by
Preceded by
Derek Klivan
Squadron Commander of Athena Squadron
June 2007-August 2007
Succeeded by
Preceded by
Logistics Officer
August 2007-December 2007
Succeeded by
Keldorn Cochrane
Preceded by
Directorate System Moff of Phare
March 2008 -
Succeeded by
Preceded by
Farrin Xies
Directorate Governor General of Ghenna
August 2007-
Succeeded by
Preceded by
Battleteam Leader of Hyperion Flight Battleteam
February 2017-July 2017
Succeeded by
Earnim Branet