Command Attache

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Position Description[edit]

According to the EH Training Manual, "A full-time support position within the Emperor's Hammer chain of command. Each Command Officer may appoint ONE to aid them in their duties and who will answer and report directly to that Command Officer only. The position has the equivalent command authority to that of any named support position but only within their Command Officer's respective duties. This level of authority is invested in the Command Attaché so that he/she will be able to effectively carry out the orders of the Command Officer on almost every level. The specific duties given to a Command Attaché are subject to the needs of the individual Command Officer, and may change as those needs change. The Command Attaché is to be regarded as the personal assistant to the Command Officer, and speaks with his/her authority under the Command Officer's direction."

Rank: The minimum rank for the position of Command Attaché is Rear Admiral. Command Attachés may be promoted to up to and including the rank of Admiral.