Inferno Squadron

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Inferno Squadron was a Special Forces squadron attached to Wing X of the ISD Challenge.

On 2 July 2020, Inferno Squadron was reactivated to become the first active squadron in Wing X. On 12 July 2020, Inferno became a full squadron of 12 pilots, just 10 days after reactivation. On 16th November 2022 the squadron was deactivated

Historic Flights[edit]

Inferno Flight I

Nickname - The Flaming Banthas

Motto - "Save the Milk for when the job is done. There is warmth in Duty."

Inferno Flight II

Nickname - Frontier Flame Defenders

Motto - "Fire so strong in our hearts, they are engulfed before they even know it."

Inferno Flight III

Nickname - Oven Masons

Motto - "Death is no longer cold, for we carry our flame wherever we go. Inferno Infinite."

Squadron Commanders[edit]

# CMDR Took office Left office Time in office Location Starting Rank Ending Rank
1 Drake Starfire 2nd July 2020 4th September 2020 2 m ISD Challenge Captain Captain
2 EvilGrin 22th Sebtember 2020 5th April 2022 1y,6m,12d ISD Challenge Commander Colonel
3 Xylo Pethtel 5th April 2022 1st August 2022 3m, 26d ISD Challenge Commander Captain
4 LQC-75-3 1st August 20 16th November 2022 3m, 14d ISD Challenge Commander Commander

Old Patches and Banners[edit]



Inferno Banner EG.png