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High Admiral Anahorn Dempsey is currently the Emperor's Hammer Tactical Officer Assistant, and the Commodore of the ISD-II Challenge. She has held this position since June 27th, 2020. Since the new restructuring of the fleet in 2010, she has also again taken a line rank, serving as a Major in Delta Squadron of the ISD-II Hammer. Two years later she took over as commander of the squadron when General Pellaeon retired from active duty. It was only a matter of time before she attained the highest line rank possible, that of General. After a long Tour of Duty on the ISD-II Hammer she returned to the position of Commodore when the ISD-II Challenge was recommissioned in june 2020.

TIE Corps

After a long time away from Imperial duties, Anahorn Dempsey joined the Emperor's Hammer in February 2007 and signed up for a tour of duty in Cyclone Squadron aboard the ISD-II Challenge. She quickly rose through the ranks, soon taking command of her own Inferno Squadron. Only a few months later, she applied for and was appointed to the Tactical Office as the new Tactical Officer. A month after her appointment and promotion to Vice Admiral, she received a promotion to full Admiral. Another six months later the Fleet Commander rewarded her work with a promotion to the prestigious rank of Fleet Admiral. In the end, she received a promotion to High Admiral, the highest rank achievable. Recently, she was awarded one of the highest honors possible in the fleet: the Medal of Honor. On July 30th 2015 she became the most decorated officer in the Emperor's Hammer when she was awarded the coveted Order of the Renegade, she is now the only officer in the fleet to have both an Order of the Renegade, a Medal of Honor, and twice the Imperial Cross and Grand Order of the Emperor.

Career standings

startdate rank time held
02/20/2007 Cadet 3 days
02/23/2007 Sub-Lieutenant 1 days
02/24/2007 Lieutenant 2 months
04/29/2007 Lieutenant Commander 1 month
05/31/2007 Commander 2 months
08/08/2007 Captain 2 weeks
08/26/2007 Vice Admiral 1 month
09/29/2007 Admiral 6 months
04/19/2008 Fleet Admiral 30 months
10/10/2009 High Admiral current
08/10/2010 Major 28 months
02/22/2013 Lieutenant Colonel 5 months
07/12/2013 Colonel 13 months
08/17/2014 General 6 months
08/02/2015 High Admiral 22 months
01/01/2017 General 41 months
06/27/2020 High Admiral current
startdate position time spent
2/20/2007 Trainee, Alpha Company, M/PLT Daedalus 3 days
2/23/2007 Flt Member, Cyclone Squadron, Wing X, ISD-II Challenge 2 months
4/16/2007 Flt Leader, Cyclone Squadron, Wing X, ISD-II Challenge 1 month
5/31/2007 Sqn Commander, Inferno Squadron, Wing X, ISD-II Challenge 3 months
8/26/2007 Tactical Officer, VSD-II Sinister 8 years, 1 month, 2 weeks
8/10/2010 Flt Member, Delta Squadron, Wing I, ISD-II Hammer 2 years
8/10/2012 Commander, Delta Squadron, Wing I, ISD-II Hammer 2 years, 4 months
2/8/2015 Commodore, ISD-II Hammer 1 year, 10 months, 24 days
1/1/2017 Flt Member, Delta Squadron, Wing I, ISD-II Hammer 41 months
6/27/2020 Commodore, ISD-II Challenge current

Dark Brotherhood

Admiral Dempsey's self-crafted lightsaber

Soon after joining the Emperor's Hammer, Anahorn Dempsey travelled to the Yiridia system to become an Acolyte in the Dark Brotherhood. There she quickly rose to the rank of Guardian in Clan Tarentum, and continued her training in the Force. She was elevated to the rank of Dark Jedi Knight, after finishing the final trial for her elevation: the construction of her own lightsaber. For this, Dempsey used a rare, and possibly unique crystal. One forged on the planet Metalorn by an unidentified Sith Lord in ancient times, and handed down to her by Grand Admiral Thrawn. The crystal gives the blade of her lightsaber a rare yellow glow. Soon after her elevation, she was given a brand new battleteam to lead to glory, Hammerhead Squadron. After the restructuring of the Dark Brotherhood, Dempsey took the position of Dux of the Hetaeria named Cethin, a group of Dark Jedi who specialize in the art of assassination. She held this position for 6 months until stepping down in favor of Dark Jedi Knight Jalin Nirtoiz. Upon her retirement as Dux, she was awarded an elevation to the rank of Sith Battlemaster, as well as a Sapphire Blade for the work she had done in the Brotherhood. Not soon thereafter, the Headmaster to the Shadow Academy, Sith Warlord Destavol Gin offered her the position of Magistrate to the Headmaster. Only weeks later, the Grand Master appointed her the new Head Master of the Shadow Academy. Her stint didn't last long as duties as HeadMaster started to conflict with her duties as Tactical Officer, and Dempsey resigned her position. She now serves in Stingray Squadron again.

Career standings

startdate rank time held
5/5/2007 Apprentice 2 days
5/7/2007 Novice 9 days
5/16/2007 Acolyte 1 month
6/14/2007 Protector 2 months
8/7/2007 Guardian 4 months
12/24/2007 Jedi Hunter 3 months
3/26/2008 Dark Jedi Knight 6 months
10/28/2008 Sith Warrior 10 months
8/6/2009 Sith Battlemaster 5 years, 5 months
1/6/2016 Sith Battlelord 1 year, 6 months
7/15/2017 Sith Warlord 4 years, 3 months
10/7/2021 Inquisitor current
startdate position time spent
5/5/2007 Initiate, Sith Proselytus, Shadow Academy 2 days
2/23/2007 Battleteam Member, Clan Tarentum, House Tridens, Stingray Squadron 14 months
4/16/2008 Squadron Commander, Clan Tarentum, House Tridens, Hammerhead Squadron 10 months
2/1/2009 Dux, Hetaeria Cethin 6 months
8/6/2009 Hetaeria Member, Hetaeria Cethin 1 month
9/10/2009 Head Master 2 months
2/12/2010 Hetaeria Member, Hetaeria Taranis 4 months
6/23/2010 Battleteam Member, House Drakonan, Stingray Squadron 30 months
12/29/2012 Battleteam Member, Interceptor Battleteam 22 months
10/29/2014 Battleteam Member, Clan Drakonan current

Tactical Officer

As Tactical Officer, Anahorn Dempsey's first mission became to rewrite the Tactical database in use, which was in need of modernization. The custom battle submission form was reinstated as the way to submit custom battles, and she quickly started to go through the list of queued battles. Additionally, the Tactical Manual was updated, and a completely new website for the Tactical office was created from scratch.

A few months after her appointment, the Science Officer completed upgrades an a regular Delta-class DX-9 Stormtrooper transport. The craft, the modified Transport Andromeda, has ever since served as Dempsey's personal ship.

established feats

  • brought trivia back to the Hammer after the EH and TC meetings
  • created a new wiki editing IWATS course
  • created a new TIE Fighter mission creation IWATS course
  • created a new TAC database
  • created a new TAC Office website
  • updated the TAC Manual
  • ongoing: Dempsey's Quest - creating a number of free missions so that each patch in the archive is used at least once.
  • ongoing: number of battles/missions created: 50 battles, 334 missions


High Admiral Dempsey's family crest, combined with the Imperial crest

Anahorn Dempsey was born on the 5th day of Selona, 19 years after the Great ReSynchronisation, or 17 BBY. She was born of a Corellian mother while living aboard a Bothan cargo freighter. To this date, her father remains unknown. Anahorn's mother never spoke of him, but Anahorn's conception was not voluntary on her part.

When Anahorn was 10 years old, her mother died when the freighter she served on as a technician was destroyed by Imperial TIE Fighters because it was used as a smuggling ship by the Rebel Alliance. Living the next several years as a slave girl on a backwater world near the Outer Rim, she grew resentful of the Rebel Alliance and everything they stand for, blaming them for the loss of her childhood and the happiness she knew while with her mother.

Several years later, when she reached the age of maturity, she enrolled in the Imperial Navy to become a pilot so she could have her revenge on the Rebels. She flew her first missions in a TIE Fighter under then Vice Admiral Thrawn aboard his flagship, the ISD Vengeance, where she was soon noticed by Thrawn for her exceptional skill in the unshielded TIE starfighters. Within a few months, she was promoted to lieutenant by Thrawn himself, faster than anyone aboard the Courageous had ever reached that rank.

At the time of the Battle of Endor, Anahorn Dempsey served aboard the ISD Manticore. Due to hyperdrive malfunction, her ship was unable to join the Imperial Fleet at Endor, where she was to have played a starring role in the destruction of the Rebel Alliance. Because of the unforeseen betrayal of Darth Vader and the subsequent death of the Emperor, the glorious battle at Endor ended in disaster for the Empire, and ISD Manticore soon joined the Imperial Remnant under Grand Admiral Thrawn, before he, too, was killed.

Shortly after her transfer to the ISD Manticore, she was transfered to the ISD Chimaera by order of Thrawn himself. This was due to the excellent skill she had shown as a pilot under his previous command of the ISD Courageous. On the Chimaera, Anahorn soon rose to the rank of General in Thrawn's Empire, serving as a Bridge Officer on his flagship. Once she was so close to Thrawn so often, it did not take him long to notice her Force sensitivity. The reaction of his ysalamiri was very clear. Her career on the bridge of the Chimaera has always been a mystery to most, considering Dempsey's gender and the fact she was only 26 years of age at this time.

Anahorn had always been interested in the ways of the Force, the Jedi, and the Sith. However, she had always feared the response of the Emperor or Darth Vader should she ever step forward with this interest, and so had hidden it from everyone, secretly learning all she could. It wasn't until she served on the Chimaera's bridge that she got the chance to expand her learning.

Aboard the Chimaera, Anahorn received a basic training in the was of the Force from Joruus C'Baoth, clone of the former Jedi Master Jorus C'Baoth. From him, she learned the meditation and self healing skills the Jedi were famous for, as well as developing her sixth sense and tune it into the Force. For a short while, he even instructed her in the art of dueling with a lightsaber. Unfortunately, it was during her initial instruction here that Thrawn was killed by his Noghri bodyguard Rukh. Anahorn, though present on the Chimaera's bridge a the time, was unable to stop the Noghri. Her senses were not skilled enough to detect the betrayal and act in time to save Thrawn.

This is where her training ended, as soon after Thrawn's death, she disappeared. It is certain that she was no longer aboard the Chimaera when it was called to serve the clone of Palpatine, but the qestions of how she disappeared or where she went were never answered. She has never disclosed the knowledge to anyone.

After this, reports of Anahorn's career are non existent, until recently when she found herself in a region of the galaxy under control of the Emperor's Hammer. She re-enlisted, and was assigned to the ISD Challenge, where she soon took on the position of Squadron Commander. Even though she had held the rank of General in the last reports that mentioned her, she chose to start her career anew, and started as a regular Cadet. But here, too, she soon made a career, taking only weeks to advance to make flight leader. After that, the step up to squadron commander was a short one. Her tenure as Commander if Inferno Squadron didn't last long, as only three months after her assignment, she was appointed to the position of Tactical Officer.

Received Medals


Received Dark Brotherhood Medals


Combat Record


FCHG rank: Imperator, with 4,505 FCHG points

Combat rating:: Tan, with 5,088 points

COOP/PvE rating:: Top Ace Ranger, with 11,956 points

Battles completed: 660 unique

Missions flown: 4,297 unique

High scores: 5 battle, 64 missions

Created Battles and Missions

Number of created Battles: 50

Number of created Free Missions: 56

Total number of created missions: 334

TIE Fighter battles


X-wing battles


X-wing vs. TIE Fighter battles


X-wing vs. TIE Fighter: Balance of Power battles


X-wing Alliance battles


TIE Fighter free missions


X-wing vs. TIE Fighter free missions


X-wing Alliance free missions



High Admiral Dempsey's dress uniform

On the right you can see Anahorn Dempsey's uniform. She proudly wears during official celebrations, such as the weekly meetings on IRC when she gives the Tactical Office report. It sports her High Admiral's rank panel and merit medals, as well as her FCHG wings. Since her elevation to the rank of Dark Jedi Knight she proudly wears her lightsaber at her side.

Completed Imperial University Courses

Total Imperial University courses completed: 120


  • TIE Corps Core (C/TC) (100%)
  • A-wing Advanced Knowledge (AWAK) (95%)
  • Advanced Multiplayer (AMP) (75%)
  • An Introduction to X-wing Alliance (XWAI) (97%)
  • Aviation Tactics (AT) (100%)
  • B-wing Advanced Knowledge (BWAK) (100%)
  • Basic Flight Maneuvers (BFM) (94%)
  • Crazy Tactics That Work (CTW) (92%)
  • Enemy Starfigher Engineering & Technology (S:ESET) (100%)
  • Imperial Naval Organisation (H:INO) (100%)
  • Imperial Starfighter Engineering & Technology (S:ISET) (100%)
  • Imperial TIE Fighter Course (S:TIE) (100%)
  • Mission Creation and Beta Testing Standards (MCBS) (82%)
  • Multiplayer 2 (MP/2) (85%)
  • Squadron Management 3 (SM/3) (97%)
  • Squadron Management 4 (SM/4) (99%)
  • Star Conflict (SC) (80%)
  • Starfighter Tactics (S:SFT) (100%)
  • TIE Mission Creation 1 (TM/1) (88%)
  • TIE Mission Creation 2 (TM/2) (88%)
  • TIE Mission Creation 3 (TM/3) (100%)
  • TIE Fighter Tactics (TT) (100%)
  • Wing Management (WM) (96%)
  • X-wing Advanced Knowledge (XWAK) (100%)
  • X-wing Alliance Mission Design (XAM) (91%)
  • X-wing Alliance: Capital Ships (XWAC) (88%)
  • X-wing Mission Design (XMD) (97%)
  • XvT Mission Creation 1 (XTM/1) (95%)
  • XvT Tactics (XTT) (96%)
  • Y-wing Advanced Knowledge (YWAK) (90%)


  • Dark Brotherhood Phase I - Core (C/DB) (100%)
  • Dark Brotherhood Phase II - Sith Doctrine (P2:SITH) (100%)
  • Dark Brotherhood Phase II - Krath Doctrine (P2:KRATH) (100%)
  • Dark Brotherhood Phase II - Obelisk Doctrine (P2:OBELISK) (100%)
  • Battleteam Leadership (G:BTL) (100%)
  • Grammar Studies (K:GMR) (94%)
  • Leadership Studies (G:LDR) (90%)
  • Lightsaber Construction (O:LSC) (100%)
  • Lightsaber Techniques (O:LST) (100%)
  • Poetry Studies (K:POE) (100%)
  • Training Lightsaber Course (97%)
  • Writing Debriefs (G:WD) (90%)


  • Apprentice Demo Technician (DT1) (91%)
  • Aquatic Assault Stormtrooper Certification (SEA) (95%)
  • Artillery Basics (ARTY1) (100%)
  • Assassin Tactics I (97%)
  • Close Combat (CC) (100%)
  • Cold Assault Stormtrooper (ST) (92%)
  • Combat Medic (MD1) (100%)
  • Crowd Control (CRD) (100%)
  • Demo Technician (DT2) (100%)
  • Desert Assault Trooper Certification (SD) (85%)
  • Extrajudicial Execution (EJE) (80%)
  • Field Communications Operator (CM1) (100%)
  • Field Tactics Certification (FT) (92%)
  • Imperial Officer (IO) (85%)
  • Military Intelligence (M1) (89%)
  • Naval Stormtrooper Course (SZ) (95%)
  • Radiation Trooper Survival Course (SR) (100%)
  • Scout Trooper Course (SC) (97%)
  • Senior Demolitions Technician (DT3) (100%)
  • Small Arms (SMA) (83%)
  • Sniper: Apprentice Sniper Course (SN1) (100%)
  • Sniper: Observer (SN2) (100%)
  • Sniper: Sniper (SN3) (90%)
  • Sniper: Expert Sniper (SN4) (93%)
  • Stormtrooper Certification (S) (100%)
  • Unit Leadership (UL) (97%)
  • Urban Operations (SU) (88%).
  • Vehicle Course Stage 1 (VS1) (97%)
  • Vehicle Course Stage 2 (VS2) (100%)
  • Vehicle Course Stage 3 (VS3) (93%)
  • Vehicle Course Stage 4 (VS4) (96%)
  • Weaponry (WPN) (80%)


  • Empire at War (EAW) (100%)
  • Ghenna: Basic (GHA) (100%)
  • Hades: Basic (HAD) (100%)
  • History of the Dark Lords (H:DL) (96%)
  • History of the Galactic Civil War (H:GCW) (86%)
  • History of the Galactic Republic (H:GR) (95%)
  • History of the Mandalorians (MAN1) (90%)
  • History of the Mandalorians 2 (MAN2) (89%)
  • History of Imperial Intelligence (H:INTEL) (100%)
  • History of the Galaxy Prior to the Republic (H:PRER) (100%)
  • History (HIST) (86%)
  • Osiris: Basic (OSS) (95%)
  • Report Basics (REP) (96%)
  • Superweapons (SPW) (93%)
  • The Tarkin Doctrine (TD) (95%)
  • Thor: Basic (THR) (100%)
  • Wookiee Studies (WKS) (100%)


  • Directorate Core (C/DIR) (100%)
  • Active Server Pages (ASP) (90%)
  • Advanced Field Communcations Operator (CM2) (100%)
  • Advanced Writing (K:AW) (100%)
  • Airbourne Training Course (AIR) (97%)
  • AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) (100%)
  • Basic Argumentation (ARG/1) (100%)
  • BitchX (BX) (96%)
  • Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) (83%)
  • Computer Basics (CBX) (84%)
  • Dreamweaver (DW) (94%)
  • Flash (FLA) (92%)
  • Graphics (GFX) (100%)
  • ICQ (94%)
  • Internet Basics (IBX) (100%)
  • HTML 1 (IIC/1) (100%)
  • HTML 2 (IIC/2) (100%)
  • HTML 3 (IIC/3) (94%)
  • Internet Analysis (IA) (100%)
  • JavaScript (JS) (100%)
  • Linux (LIN) (93%)
  • mIRC 1 (M/1) (100%)
  • mIRC 2 (M/2) (90%)
  • mIRC Scripting (MS) (97%)
  • PHP (100%)
  • Steam Introduction (100%)
  • Trillian (TLN) (100%)
  • VB Script (VBS) (100%)
  • Wiki Editing (WIKI) (100%)
  • XML (77%)

Anahorn Dempsey is (emeritus) professor of the following courses:

Preceded by
Inferno Commander
Jun 2007-Aug 2007
Succeeded by
Preceded by
Gilad Pelleaon
Delta Commander
October 2012-February 2015
Succeeded by
John T. Clark
Preceded by
Elwood the Brave
Hammer Commodore
February 2015-December 2016
Succeeded by
Miles Prower
Preceded by
Challenge Commodore
June 2020-present
Succeeded by
Preceded by
Tactical Officer
Aug 2007-October 2015
Succeeded by
Xavier Sienar
Preceded by
Hammerhead Commander
april 2008-februari 2009
Succeeded by
Preceded by
Cethin Commander
februari 2009-october 2009
Succeeded by
Jalin Nirtoiz
Preceded by
Destavol Gin
Head Master
october 2009-december 2009
Succeeded by
Keth D'jek