Jaxx Nassin

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Early Life

Jaxx was born on Corellia in 6BBY to the Nassin family. His father, Hannis, was a supervisor of ship construction at the Santhe Shipyards. Prior to this, Hannis was an electrician's mate. Jaxx was introduced to electronics and how to modify them at an early age by his father. During the Galactic Civil War, the Rebellion launched a strike on the Santhe Shipyards in an attempt to disrupt the ability to construct capital ships for the Galactic Empire. During the strike, Hannis Nassin was killed when his section of the construction yard was depressurized by ordnance delivered by Rebel B-Wings. Jaxx was only nine when he lost his father. He became restless and developed a distaste for authority figures, often getting in trouble with the local constables after he would "procure" someone's hover skiff for a joyride.

As part of the grievance pay for the loss of his father to the Rebellion, he was given entry into the Imperial Naval Academy. The Empire was desperate for fresh recruits following the devastating loss at Endor. However, Jaxx's poor attitude towards authority figures was not enough to overcome his hatred to the Rebellion, now known as the New Republic. He washed out within the year. Not willing to return to the Republic controlled Corellia, Jaxx fell in with a group of pirates known as the Galactic Corsairs. They specifically targeted Republic ships, which allowed Jaxx to harness his anger over the loss of his father. After a particularly daring seizure of a casino ship from its moored location near Sullust, he earned the nickname Hijacker due to his aptitude for rerouting security systems (hijacking) in the heat of the moment.

The TIE Corps

Joining the TIE Corps

In 29ABY, Jaxx was contacted by an old friend from his short time at the Academy, Stryker. Stryker was now a Colonel serving aboard the Emperor's Hammer Strike Fleet, commanding a squadron of infiltrators known as the Firebird Squadron, and he was in need of new pilots to help him destroy the New Republic from within. Jaxx, who had never wanted to enter a life of piracy, took the commission of Sub-Lieutenant offered by the command staff of the TIE Corps and set out in his personal Y-Wing, "Hawg", to begin his new life within the ranks of the Emperor's Hammer. He had every plan of making up for his past failures and missed opportunities and looked forward to reducing as much of the New Republic to ash as he could.

Firebird Squadron Executive Officer

Within his first few months of being assigned to Firebird Squadron, Jaxx had proven himself to Stryker and was elevated to to the squadron's executive officer (SQXO) and leader of Flight 2 for a time. His greatest achievement during this time wasn't helping push the squadron to finish fourth in Raise the Flag 2021 but rather bringing the squadron together to create new flight names and mottos. While it took a while for the bureaucracy of the fleet to push the winning candidates forward, they will ultimately outlive his time in the squadron, leaving their mark for generations to come.

Logistics Officer

In early 30 ABY, Jaxx was selected to become the Logistics Officer of the fleet. In this position, he has worked hand in hand with the Internet Office to evolve the historical archives. In 31 ABY, he was promoted to Admiral.


Reclaiming the Past - Chapter 1: The Memory Posted Sep. 2, 2021

Career standings

TIE Corps

start date rank time held
05/20/2021 Cadet 1 day
05/20/2021 Sub-Lieutenant 2 days
05/22/2021 Lieutenant 2 months 10 days
08/01/2021 Lieutenant Commander 2 months 30 days
10/31/2021 Commander 6 months 12 days
5/15/2022 Captain
4/17/2023 Major current

Emperor's Hammer Main Fleet

start date office and rank time held
02/24/2022 CS-3(b) Logistics Officer - Rear Admiral
10/27/2022 CS-3(b) Logistics Officer - Vice Admiral
10/31/2023 CS-3(b) Logistics Officer - Admiral current