Order of the Renegade

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The Order of the Renegade is the third highest Merit Award in the Emperor's Hammer. It was established to commemorate the retirement of Renegade from Rebel Tactical Officer in March of 2000.


The Training Manual states that, "The Order of the Renegade is given for exceptional dedication, service and loyalty to the fleet far surpassing all other members and is regarded to be an independent recognition of a member's actions. This is awarded in the memory of Sector Admiral Renegade for his incredible work in the service to the Emperor's Hammer. Members who are already Fleet Admirals (or of equivalent rank), and who have achieved almost all merit awards are awarded the coveted Order of the Renegade."

Reference: EH Training Manual

Award Authority[edit]

This award can be granted by the Fleet Commander or the Executive Officer.

Additional Notes[edit]

The list of recipients is not exhaustive as the TC Medal Board only contains a portion of all winners.

Preceded by
Grand Order of the Emperor
Merit Award Precedence
Succeeded by
Imperial Cross