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The Victory-class Star Destroyer Stalwart is currently designated as the flagship of the Emperor's Hammer Internet Officer, and is home to the Internet Office.

The VSD Stalwart is supported by the A/CRS Herald, flagship of the Communications Officer, as well as numerous utility craft. Around November 28 ABY, the vessel was modified to host a variety of sophisticated communications equipment in support of the Emperor’s Hammer venture into the unknown regions. The vessel also supports several unique classified modifications owing to its former role assigned in support of the Special Operations Battlegroup. These modifications enable to the ship to provide efficient long-range communications and data processing capabilities.


The VSD Stalwart represents a unique transitional period in the Victory-class development history. The rushed production schedule for the original Victory I-class (with the first ships off the line being pushed into operational service a full six months early) resulted in several well-known issues for the early vessels. This included an under-powered ion main drive system, which impaired the class’ speed and maneuverability. Numerous other smaller glitches also plagued the early vessels owing to the rushed production schedule. These shortfalls led KDY to the development of the Victory II-class.

Although officially commissioned as a Victory I, numerous upgrades intended for the Victory II found their way into the Stalwart as it was built during this transitional period. Most notably, the vessel was constructed with the improved main drive system developed for the Victory II, substituting the two original LF9 ion engines with the vastly superior three ion engines produced by Hoersch-Kessel Drive. The vessel maintained the concussion missile launch system of the Victory I and related lateral structure, making the vessel somewhat of a hybrid of the two classes.

In 28 ABY (13 September 2020), the Stalwart was designated the flagship of the Internet Officer and reassigned to the First Recon Division Command battlegroup, First Recon Division. The Stalwart underwent a rapid two-month refit following its reassignment. Operating around the clock, engineers simultaneously upgraded numerous systems across the ship while also installing new mission-specific equipment packages. This included significant upgrades to communications and data processing equipment, allowing the vessel to serve as a long-range communications hub and data processing node in support of the expeditionary First Recon Division. The ship’s crew was reduced from typical levels of approximately ~4,500 down to only ~2,600, providing the Stalwart the ability to take on extra stores and equipment for extended long-range operations. While not intended as a first line combat ship, TIE Advanceds from Rage Squadron (Special Operations) were assigned to the vessel as its onboard starfighter complement for self-defense against smaller fighter-class opponents. The vessel's concussion missile system and quad turbolaser batteries provide a potent defense capability against capital ships. The ship also carries a limited set of equipment and parts for maintenance of TIE Praetor starfighters.

Previous assignments of the ship have included: