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Bonebolt Given name: Titius Osseus (TIE-CHUS AH-SHUS) is proud Squadron Executive Officer of Thunder Squadron. He is passionate but sports a quick wit that earns him negative attention from his superiors. He is incredibly calm under pressure but is prone to fits of rage intense enough to rival a Sith Lord. Despite this, he is not Force Sensitive, instead relying on his training and implants to see him to victory.

Unbeknownst to many, Bonebolt is incredibly sadistic. When dispatched to an elimination mandate, targets are known to go completely paranoid before their death. Bonebolt has been warned on several occasions about this behavior.

He possesses a fierce drive to serve the Emperor's Hammer Tie Corps in multiple capacities. He is usually found studying feverously for his next Imperial University course or adding additional patina to the hangar deck of the ISD Challenge using explosive ordnance.


Bonebolt specializes in several areas, owing to his extensive studies at the Imperial University and his own experimentation. These include:

  • Explosives - Favouring grenades over craft mounted warheads, Bonebolt constantly pushes the limits of safety to enhance his application of explosive ordinance.
  • Target Location and Elimination - Bonebolt is fiercely competitive when given the opportunity. Claiming to be the foremost sniper in Thunder Squadron, he hones his abilities to a razor edge.
  • A broad piloting skillset, both ground and airborne - With certificates in both Vehicular and Starfighter operation, Bonebolt has yet to meet a craft he cannot pilot to some degree.
  • CBRN (Chemical, Biological, Radioactive, Nuclear) material handling - Owing to his obsession with explosives, he obtained training to handle Dioxis gas.
  • BYC (Beskar YETI Cup) Dodging

Physical Description[edit]

Standing at 1.77 meters tall, CM Bonebolt is not the tallest pilot in the EHTC. Sporting a permanently messy shock of dirty blonde hair, fair skin and piercing blue eyes, he cuts a handsome figure in his yellow and black Thunder Squadron flight suit. At a glance, he appears to be wearing earpieces at all times but on closer inspection, the implanted nature is revealed.


Titius suffered bilateral loss of his hearing early in his life. He was implanted with low grade auditory stimulant implants on Chandrila sometime during his childhood. Since joining the TIE Corp, he has submitted to removal and upgrading to full auditory cybernetics modeled after those of the late Separatist Supreme Commander Grievous. Titius works tirelessly to integrate his implants into his combat abilities, even going as far as modifying his personal craft's comms array to communicate directly to his implants.

Cestus Cybernetics GR-KR Auditory Cybernetics[edit]

Bonebolt bears twin GR-KR auditory cybernetics which replace his stimulant implants. Fully custom to his needs they include:

  • EH and TC encryption keys for transmission reception even when unarmored.
  • Short range receiver for field comm units.
  • High gain filters and cutoff circuits for remote hearing and filtration
  • Auditory concussive dampeners (replaces hearing protection)
  • TriMic inputs for active noise cancelling/differentiation.

The EH Logistics office is still unaware of the requisition and its full cost.

Career with EH[edit]

Dress Uniform of LCM Bolthead

After training, CT Bonebolt was assigned to the ISD Challenger to serve as Tempest 3-4. Shortly after, he transferred to Thunder Squadron for personal reasons and assumed the mantle of Thunder 3-4. Right out of the gate, he was chomping at the bit, earning his initial promotion to Lieutenant Commander as soon as his time in rank ran up.

After the honourable LCM Tyris Sal stepped down as XO, then LCM Bonebolt was asked to step up to the Squadron Executive Officer of Thunder Squadron. Under the mentorship of his commander then-Major LegionX, Bonebolt reached even greater heights becoming an Imperial University Professor for Demolition Technician courses, running several competitions and learning the nuance of command.


Despite being a young pilot in the eyes of the EH, Bonebolt has earned himself several accolades in his short tenure.

Merit Awards[edit]

Service Medals[edit]

Silver Oak Cluster
Bronze Oak Cluster x3
Silver Wings Is-sw.gif
Bronze Ribbon Is-br.gif
First Circle Ora-1c.gif


Imperial University Education[edit]

CM Bonebolt prides himself in maintaining a broad set of credentials through the Imperial University. While stationed in an Assasination Squadron, his knowledge extends into a variety of fields earning him six (6) certificates and nearly 50 different courses completed. Below you will find his accolades.

Current Certificates : 6
  • Certificate in Assassination Tactics
  • Certificate in Internet Technology
  • Certificate in Mandalorian Studies
  • Certificate in Sniper Operations
  • Certificate in Starfighter Technology
  • Certificate in Vehicle Operations
Current course count : 44
  • Advanced Field Communications Operator
  • Apprentice Demolition Technician
  • Apprentice Sniper Course
  • Artifacts of the Force
  • Assassin Tactics Course - Part 1
  • Basic Flight Maneuvers
  • Close Combat Course
  • Combat Medic
  • Combat Operations Exam 2
  • Demolitions Technician
  • Desert Assault Trooper Course
  • Enemy Starfighter Engineering and Technology
  • Expert Sniper
  • Extrajudicial Execution
  • Field Communications Operator
  • History of Imperial Intelligence
  • History of the Mandalores
  • History of the Mandalorians Part 1
  • History of the Mandalorians Part 2
  • History of the Royal Guard
  • HTML: Imperial Internet Communications 1
  • HTML: Imperial Internet Communications 2
  • Imperial Shield Technician
  • Imperial Starfighter Engineering and Technology
  • Internet Analysis Course
  • Linux
  • Mandalorian Language
  • Markdown
  • Observer
  • Radiation Trooper Survival Course
  • Squadron Management 5 (S/M5)
  • Sniper
  • Squadron Management 5
  • Starfighter Weapons
  • Steam Introduction
  • Survival, Escape, Resistance and Evasion (SERE)
  • The Tarkin Doctrine
  • TIE Corps Core
  • Unit Leadership
  • Vehicle Course - Stage 1
  • Vehicle Course - Stage 2
  • Vehicle Course - Stage 3
  • Vehicle Course - Stage 4
  • Wiki Editing for Dummies
  • Writing Fundamentals