Legion Ordo

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Background ISB Controlled story[edit]

    Born the Son of parents who are Imperial based arms manufacturers, LegionX as he is known through tie corps, has had every ease of Imperial life granted to him. Though this silver spoon would not deter him from being allured by the chance seeing the ISD II Chimaera on parade while off-world. The sheer majesty of seeing it effortlessly move stirred within him a need to serve.  Rather than taking up the family business LegionX decided to enlist in the imperial military. It was a stark contrast from his family's lifestyle as he viewed as "decadence" and partially the cause for the corruption and injustice through the government and bureaucracy.
    LegionX since the end of his adolescent years felt that his appearance was the source of every failed relationship he tried to start. He was to be married to a childhood friend. She had meant the world to him, until she started to favor rebellious ideologies. Now the thought of her existence only fuels the need for a successful Empire and true justice. One day begging to whoever would listen to give him one chance and glorious revenge.  A sort of PTSD grew that he wanted to 'solve' at any cost. He now wears a mask/rebreather to keep his face hidden with the few exceptions of those he can trust. Although he is reminded constantly that his appearance was never the reason for the failed relationships, he can't help but hide it now.

Background True story[edit]

    Legion Ordo, formerly Legion "X", was a very secretive Mandalorian. While still holding on to a great amount of secrets, He has been more open with his self as he has gotten comfortable with the Emperor's Hammer. Taking the name of the Clan he was born into, Clan Ordo, Legion has become a very successful Squadron CMDR and now is in the works to take over his Clan from his elders. He had accomplished in killing 1 of the 2 traitors of his past, New Republic Valkyrie Squad Commander: Jennifer DeRitteir. A woman who in the past he was going to marry, but she had betrayed him in joining the Rebellion and staged an assassination attempt of her own during the wedding day. With only 1 more target left, Legion continues to find ways to find the other target, but will staying in the TIE Corps be enough?

Personality & Traits[edit]

A soldier through and through, while he may not be up to par he echoes those words given by first stormtroopers:

 "A good soldier follows orders. I am one who believes in order and honor within a civilized galaxy."

Historical Record
02/13/2021 Trainee assigned to SSD Avenger
02/14/2021 Assigned as Flight Member Thunder 3-2/Wing X/ISDII Challenge
02/20/2021 Promoted to Lieutenant
04/13/2020 Assigned as Squadron XO and Flight Leader, Thunder 2-1/Wing X/ISDII Challenge
04/20/2021 Promoted to Lieutenant Commander
07/19/2021 Promoted to Commander
12/03/2021 Assigned as Squadron Commander of Thunder Squadron
12/22/2021 Promoted to Captain
04/06/2022 Promoted to Major
02/18/2023 Promoted to Lieutenant Colonel
07/16/2023 Stepdown from Squadron Commander of Thunder Squadron

TIE Corps Medals and Awards Earned[edit]