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Carrida II is the second plant in the Carrida System. It is home to the elite Carrida Stormtrooper Military Academy. It has one moon, Gerran which is used for training Stormtroopers to handle near Zero-Gravity combat in the vacuum of space.


Carrida II orbits its star on a elliptical pattern with a fairly extreme axial tilt. This combination has caused Carrida II to have a mostly barren surface full of deserts and mountain ranges, however, around the equatorial regions of the planet, dense jungles exist. The temperature varies greatly depending on the point in orbit for the planet.

Average temperatures can reach 30°C during the day, and can plummet to over -50°C at night. The north receives huge amounts of precipitation, while the south receives about 10 millimeters in a whole year, making two ideal training locations for Snowtroopers. The equatorial regions of the planet consist of either scorched desert or tropical regions near the coast, with two training facilities, one in each climate. There are also vast oceans that stretch from pole to pole, and water temperatures can range from -2°C to 35°C.

Cities, Structures, and Demographics[edit]

There are no cities on Carrida II, but instead, the planet is home to many training complexes, the most well renowned being the elite Carrida Stormtrooper Military Academy. The Academy was originally designed as an emergency shelter for passing Imperial officers. Construction was started during the Galactic Civil War but was ultimately abandoned after the Empire suffered heavy losses following the Battle of Endor. The New Republic discovered the facility and renewed construction of the complex as part of its Eclipse-Class Star Destroyer program.

The system is not on any star chart, and was only discovered by the Emperor's Hammer Reconnaissance Office because of a navigation computer error. Fleet Admiral Doomsday, the Reconnaissance Officer at the time, discovered the New Republic's operation and managed to route the opposing force, allowing the Emperor's Hammer to take control of the facility and convert it into the Military Academy as it is known today. Now it is home to the Hammer's Fist central command facility. Carrida II's diverse range of climates provide an excellent variety of environments that are ideal for Stormtrooper Training.

The Carrida Stormtrooper Military Academy has now become one of the Emperor's Hammer primary training centers not only for new Stormtroopers but also for various courses for Imperial Navy and Army personnel as well.

In addition to the Military Academy, two Aquatrooper training facilities are found on the planet. The temperate regions between the Poles and Equator are covered in dense, thick forest, with the exception of the main training facility, and the huge 50 km square mock city for urban combat training where Scout Troopers receive additional training.

Gerran, Carrida II's only moon, has no atmosphere. Upon its surface is the central command center and Training facilities of the Hammer's Fist Zero-G Stormtroopers.

Finally, the Hammer's Fist constructed a platform, PLT Deceleration, to serve as an outpost within the Carrida System


The planet itself is extremely rich in natural resources and mining operations have been under way for some time. There are many manufacturing and processing plants located on the surface. Only half of them are currently in use, and the others are planned to be converted for use by the various corporations within the Emperor's Hammer.

The primary export of Carrida II are well trained elite Stormtroopers.

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