Horus Blackheart

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Primary Information[edit]


Horus Blackheart was born on Carrida II to Tiber Blackheart and Elana Blackheart. Both former Stormtroopers of the Galactic Empire, they were no parents but warriors. They gave their son the best life they knew, and they gave Horus to the Galactic Empire. He was trained in an Imperial lifestyle from birth, in a secret program the Emperor himself had created to create the perfectly loyal Stormtroopers and TIE Pilots that filled the empire at that point in time. Horus was an impressive fighter with a blaster, but he was beyond average fighter pilot at the age of 14. An incident where the Frigate Horus was living on came under attack was just the opportunity that Horus needed to prove himself to the Empire. At this point in time the Emperor had just died and the Empire was beginning to split apart in different factions. His Frigate chose to remain with the primary branch of the Empire when it's fleet decided to split away into its own faction, the Imperial Remenant! The Remenant fleet knew that the loyal officers on the Frigate would one day be used to hunt them down and kill them should the Empire reform, so they wanted to eliminate the threat before it had a chance to attack.

The VSD-I Rion's Rage was sent to destroy the FRG Gardia Noplexa, and was nearly successful. The primary two waves of fighter pilots had been eliminated, the Frigate had been disabled and stormtroopers were on their way to eliminate everyone. The ship began evacuating all of the residents onboard under the age of 18, bt instead of boarding an evac-shuttle, Horus took the final TIE Advanced and flew head on to the VSD-I Rions Rage. Under some odd form of possession the young boy managed to destroy all four of the boarding craft sent to the FRG, and eliminate three TIE Fighters before advancing to take on the Rion's Rage. The young boy was brave, but foolish. The VSD tore through his shields and hull in eight well placed shots, which caused him to crash land into the hangar of the rions rage. Even with a disabled T/A Horus kept fighting, firing on the blast doors of the vessel, firing on random bombers and fighters, destroying everything in his path as his TIE Advanced slid through the hangar until finally it came to a stop. He was now surrounded however, and death was well on its way with each additional clad white stormtrooper that surrounded his crashed fighter.

The remenant's VSD was now unable to launch fighters or boarding craft, and would be forced to retreat from its mission - but it meant Horus would be losing his life this day, or so he thought. The FRG Gardia Noplexa had sent out a distress signal but recieved no response. This was because the Remenant fleet used the same channels, and would have heard of back up coming in. The Emperor's Hammer Strike Group had recieved the signal and sent a welcomed rearmament of the SSD Avenger, VSD-II Warhammer, and the M/CRV group Antaganizer. The small task force surrounded the battle field, blocking both parties from escape. After assessment the Emperor's Hammer notified the VSD-I Rion's Rage to prepare for boarding. The SSD Avenger then disabled the Rion's Rage to prevent any escape attempt. Still inside the hangar, locked inside the hull of the TIE Advanced was Horus. The EH had no idea that the young man was on the Rion's Rage, and should the vessel show agression he would be destroyed in a quick and efficient clean up strike from the SSD Avenger.

Once the EH Hammer's Fist stormtroopers boarded the Rion's Rage, the remenant troops immediately surrendered. The troopers of the HF had to cut Horus out of the cockpit of the TIE Advanced, for some unknown reason the hatch had pressurized itself so hard that it bonded itself to the durasteel framing of the cockpit. The boy was apprehended at first, but later named a hero of the Empire and taken as a serious candidate for elite fighter pilot training. It took some time, but after three weeks of argueing with the current COMPNOR leadership, Horus was dispatched from the program he was in to take part in the Elite Fighter Candidate Program being given at an academy called I.W.A.T.S. This stood for Imperial Weapons And Tactics School, and it was being taught inside of the same fleet that rescued him prior. Eagerly Horus agreed to take part in the program, and was shipped out from the FRG Gardia Noplexa to the SSD Avenger for transport to the M/PLT Daedalus. Onboard he was introduced to some of the major operators of the fleet, including (at this point in time) Fleet Admiral Stephan Ronin. The chiss Fleet Commander was recently appointed by Palpatine before his death and was not far from earning his next promotion to High Admiral for his exploits throughout the outerrim.

The Fleet Commander was amazed at the tale of Horus piloting a TIE Advanced with only minimal flight training, and the fact he took down 4 Stormtrooper Transports, and two TIE Fighters before wrecking the hangar of a VSD-I was an unheard of feat, perhaps one of his most famous to this day. Naturally Ronin saw the boys force abilities at this time, and knew it would not be long before plans for his own fleet to separate would be placed into action. Now that he had one of Palpatine's "perfect soldiers" he surely had a great asset to his team. Once the fleet arrived at IWATS, Horus was bid a final farewell from Ronin, with a promise of a Flight Leader position being available in any Squadron of his choice in the TIE Corps. It would not be a TIE that Horus would be piloting for a majority of his career though, it was a T-95 X-Wing. During his training at the EFCP at IWATS, he was taught to pilot nearly all enemy starfighters and space craft up to support class vessels like Corvettes, and even Frigates. Now a fresh Lieutenant out of training, Horus was immediately approached by a new elite division developed to destroy the New Republic from within. Sending Imperial Pilots into battle using alliance craft, and also sending them on long term spy missions under cover as rebel pilots. This was right up the mans ally. Horus thought it over and agreed to join up with the newly develped Infiltrator Wing.

The IW as it was called, was originally its own developed unit outside of the TIE Corps - but before its closing it was intergrated into the TIE Corps as an actual wing. It had an IWCOM in place of the TCCOM, and it also had its own Command Staff to match the TIE Corps. It was quite an operation for some time. Horus had been assigned to Eagle Squadron, and elite X-Wing unit under the command of Captain Talon Jade, and his Executive Officer Commander Aticus Jade. This is where Horus met the two men that he would serve among for almost the rest of his career. Eagle was an Assault & Space Pacification unit - but they were the most saught after for Escort, Recon, Defense, and especially ship capture. Eagle Squadron was capable of doing with X-Wings, what entire Wings of TIE Fighters could not. The results spoke for themselves when the success rate of Eagle Squadron exceeded that of the TIE Corps own Elite Squadrons at the time, though this was never "officialy" noted on, as the IW was seen as an underling unit to the TIE Corps and the thought of a standard IW Squadron outperforming the Elite Squadrons was quite outrageous.

After quite some service time with Eagle Squadron, Horus eventually retired once his two close friends Talon and Aticus had also moved on from the Infiltrator Wing to explore other paths in their career. Horus thought for a few weeks about retiring, that was until an envoy of the Sith High Commander came to visit Horus. He informed the young man of the Dark Brotherhood, and the possiblities he could explore as a Sith pilot rather than just a fighter pilot to the Empire. He could begin fighting for his own beliefs then, and explore a power he never new he had. This offer was outlandish to Horus at first, and he thought the man a traitor - so he killed him. When the envoy did not return, and the Sith High Warrior heard word of Horus's actions he was even more eager to have the man on his side. He personally travelled to Horus with an entire Wing of his elite Sith Fighter pilots, proving to him that the Sith were real, and told him that he could be an elite just like the men that stood before him. He also demonstrated some of the powers of the Sith to Horus, some even capable of taking the lives of those you face using only your mind. It was an incredible magic to him, but one he felt familiar with some how. Out of desire to become the greatest, Horus accepted - and he was immediately transferred to the SSD Avenger for service in the Dark Brotherhood's fighter squadrons.

Character Traits & Feats[edit]

Horus is strict, and down to earth. Being raised by the Galactic Empire, he has much to desire in a sense of humor - but makes up for it in skill and dedication. The man has been an expert tactician and intelligence agent, an ace star fighter pilot, and a determined Sith.

Powers To Come

Imperial Information[edit]

Rank - Rear Admiral Position - Logistics Officer Assistant (LO:A)

Certifications :

  • Flight Certification
  • Training Office Certification
  • Command Staff Officer Certification
  • Commissioned Officer Certification
  • Capital Vessel Captain's Certification
  • Wing Command Certification
  • Squadron Command Certification
  • Flight Command Certification
  • Squad Tactical Shooting Certification
  • Scout Sniper Certification
  • Fleet Intelligence Certification
  • Sith Flight Certification
  • Sith Blood Rite
  • Sith Command Certification
  • Logistics Field Operations Permit
  • Side Arm Qualification Permit
  • Lightsaber Permit
  • Concealed Weapons Permit
  • Heavy Weapons Permit

Educational Background[edit]

  • Basic Education Standards School - Classified
  • Advanced Education Standards School - Classified
  • Imperial University - Coruscant
  • IWATS - TIE Corps Training, Officer Candidate School
  • Shadow Academy - Dark Brotherhood Training, Sith Officer Training
  • CSMA - Firearms Training
  • More To Come!!!

Military Operation History[edit]

  • More To Come!!!

Award Achievements[edit]

Career Achievements[edit]