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The 7th Alpha SO is a Special Forces Squadron that is part of the Wing I, stationed onboard the Imperial-II Class Star Destroyer Hammer and is assigned to BGI. It operates a mixture of Spectre Advanced Missile Boat, TIE Defenders plus a number of support spacecraft in special operations and support of other units.

Alpha Squadron is a high-readiness EHTC rapid deployment force capable of land, sea, air, space regular, special and unplayable operations that can be deployed quickly within short notice sometimes as a "spearhead force" and some other times we just lag.

Real Description[edit]

Centered around loyal, disciplined ̷a̷n̷d̷ ̷o̷b̷n̷o̷x̷i̷o̷u̷s̷l̷y̷ conservative officers, hard nosed ̷f̷u̷n̷n̷y̷ ̷s̷m̷e̷l̷l̷i̷n̷g̷ veterans, elite "wildcards" ̷ ̷̷̷w̷̷̷h̷̷̷o̷̷̷ ̷̷̷a̷̷̷r̷̷̷e̷̷̷ ̷̷̷a̷̷̷d̷̷̷d̷̷̷i̷̷̷c̷̷̷t̷̷̷e̷̷̷d̷̷̷ ̷̷̷t̷̷̷o̷̷̷ ̷̷̷s̷̷̷t̷̷̷u̷̷̷n̷̷̷ ̷̷̷r̷̷̷a̷̷̷n̷̷̷d̷̷̷o̷̷̷m̷̷̷ ̷̷̷n̷̷̷e̷̷̷w̷̷̷b̷̷̷i̷̷̷e̷̷̷s̷̷̷ ̷̷̷f̷̷̷o̷̷̷r̷̷̷ ̷̷̷n̷̷̷o̷̷̷ ̷̷̷r̷̷̷e̷̷̷a̷̷̷s̷̷̷o̷̷̷n̷̷̷, skilled but impetuous ex-mercenaries and capable-yet-stubborn young prospects seeking experience and talented artists, we are constantly drilling on space and ground commando tactics, we can do what the other squadrons do, but we did it first ̶ ̷j̷u̷s̷t̷ ̷w̷a̷i̷t̷ ̷8̷0̷0̷0̷ ̷y̷e̷a̷r̷s̷ ̷b̷e̷c̷a̷u̷s̷e̷ ̷o̷f̷ ̷l̷a̷g̷ and now we ̷ ̷c̷̶̷a̷̶̷n̷̶̷'̷̶̷t̷̶̷ ̷̶̷b̷̶̷e̷̶̷ ̷̶̷b̷̶̷o̷̶̷t̷̶̷h̷̶̷e̷̶̷r̷̶̷e̷̶̷d̷̶̷ ̷̶̷b̷̶̷e̷̶̷c̷̶̷a̷̶̷u̷̶̷s̷̶̷e̷̶̷ ̷̶̷w̷̶̷e̷̶̷ ̷̶̷a̷̶̷r̷̶̷e̷̶̷ ̷̶̷b̷̶̷u̷̶̷s̷̶̷y̷̶̷ ̷̶̷p̷̶̷l̷̶̷a̷̶̷y̷̶̷i̷̶̷n̷̶̷g̷̶̷ ̷̶̷p̷̶̷a̷̶̷z̷̶̷a̷̶̷a̷̶̷k̷̶̷ ̷̶̷a̷̶̷n̷̶̷d̷̶̷ ̷̶̷w̷̶̷a̷̶̷t̷̶̷c̷̶̷h̷̶̷i̷̶̷n̷̶̷g̷̶̷ ̷̶̷h̷̶̷o̷̶̷l̷̶̷o̷̶̷d̷̶̷r̷̶̷a̷̶̷m̷̶̷a̷̶̷s̷̶̷ ̷ will do it again!

We use the classic flight sims while maintaining certain tactical flexibility with more modern titles like Star Wars: Squadrons. In practice, we strongly focus on XvT/BoP, XWA and TFTC (X-Wing Alliance Upgrade's submod: TIE Fighter Total Conversion) for Single Player (SP) , Role Play (RP) and Multiplayer (MP). We are veterans from past inter-clan competitions who found a home in EH, seasoned EHers with a deep knowledge of the compendium and expert MP pilots mingled with promising enthusiast prospects.

We acknowledge the lag as an element that permeates every part of the internet and the universe, the Force included.

To be part of Alpha Squadron your ping must be over 9000 ms and you must drop all of your internet packets. You won't need them either way. You must accept the inevitable: that lag will be with you always, for we are penguins from the endless cold deserts of frozen connections known as Lagtartida. Only Alpha penguins can navigate the dangerous hazards and tap the mysterious effects of the lag always in the Empire's service...

It is highly desirable that you wear a tactical beard. Looks cool.


Alpha was first activated in 3 ABY (1995) and originally led by then General Ronin as part of the fighter complement on the PLT: NL-1, along with the other five squadrons that were part of the Emperor's Hammer

In 22ABY (April 2014), the squadron was assigned to the newly-commissioned ISD-II Warrior, reconstituted as Sigma Squadron.

The 7th Squadron was reactivated aboard the Hammer later on same year (in May 2014).

On 2020, then LC Alejandro Araujo after managing to have the 7th Heavy Assault (HA) Squadron reach Squadron ReMob's goals, considering the squadron's personnel traits and abilities, had proposed TCCS a draft for the unit's mission profile redesignation and after approval, it was formally established as Special Operations Squadron.

A Bit on Real History[edit]

The Lag[edit]

"If you can't beat it, join it" That's part of the reasons why then LC Araujo increasingly praised the lag as an unavoidable force of nature to the point where Alpha Squadron became the unofficial hub of lag worshipers across the fleet. Alpha pilots do not complain about lag; Alpha pilots fully embrace lag as part of their lives.

In gaming, lag refers to any noticeable slow response in an online game due to high latency or a poor connection. For example, on a slow Internet connection, your character or the environment they're in may stutter.

Latency (or lag) is the internal delay or interval between two related actions. Ultimately, everything in the universe lags, even the force. Therefore, lag is the ultimate deity to be praised on the multiverse.

Alpha "Penguins" understand this fact and fully embraces lag as the absolute truth.

When Alpha pilots meet, they will salute as follows:

Penguins #1: "Praised be the Lag!" *military salute*

Penguin #2: "May your connections freeze and your servers time out!" *returns salute*

Penguin #1: "Long live [Loading...]

Rise of the Penguins[edit]

As the 7th Alpha became a SpecOps team, COL Pryde often made references to certain penguins on a planet far, far away and Araujo picked up on it, stating since penguins dwell on icy environments, Alpha pilots would operate under connections so frozen that even iced planets would feel like a warm summer breeze in comparison. Alpha flies when nobody else can do it. The legend of the Alpha Penguins from Lagtartida was born. We pride on being the laggiest squadron in the fleet for we celebrate fleet-wide competitions at least two years after they're finished.


The 7th SO Alpha Squadron as a SpecOps unit, conducts (but is not limited to) offensive strikes to prevent, deter, pre-empt and respond to enemy threats both in cover and open, conventional or unconventional modes of warfare. Alpha Squadron operates in any environment, from city fighting to jungle warfare to desert scouting and in the coldness of space. Special operations may include reconnaissance, psychological warfare, and counterterrorism. Alpha pilots are highly trained and does use any means necessary to achieve the objectives, including the weaponization of memes, diplomacy and lag.

Real Mission[edit]

To preserve the fine and fun art of exerting skill, endurance, tactic and strategy on the SW classic flight sims, RTS and their mods (TFTC mainly) while enjoying the RP aspects, delivering both high combat flight performance and immersive stories with messages for reflection, all in service of the TIE Corps.

Standing Orders[edit]

7th SO Squadron "Alpha"'s Squadron (7SOS) Standing Orders will be in effect upon publication. Any suggestions for changes must be made in writing to the Commanding Officer, 7th SOS Alpha CMDR.

With the diverse changes in the administrative structure, an "increased flexibility" in expectations from pilots' academic performance on basic military procedures, unfortunately led to unprepared pilots unaware of their regular duties.

To circumvent this state of ambiguity, Lt. Colonel A. Araujo as CMDR of Alpha Squadron, reasoned that same openness on how to run the structure could be used to promulgate Standing Orders, in order to partially restore some of the order of the Old Empire.

Standing Orders, as a written discourse that illustrates the commanding officer's views on how he wants the squadron to operate, provides the crew with the CMDR's leadership style and priorities while also relating to his/her guidance on regular operations; from flight ops to non-flight and admin ops.

Squadron Standing Orders (SSO) are meant to be used on a daily basis by all squadron personnel. They convey the decision-making philosophies to both squadron crew and visitors.

SSO are a set of orders that pilots of the 7SOS are expected to observe at all times. They might be adjusted by the CO (Alpha CMDR) at any moment on a regular basis. They provide an official document about guidance on regular operations and communicates pilots what their CMDR is expecting from them as active members of the TIE Corps.

For a detailed list of 7SOS SSOs please refer to the list of 7th Special Operations "Alpha" Squadron Standing Orders


Alpha Squadron as one of the original six squadrons that comprised the Emperor's Hammer, has a long history dating back from 3 ABY (1995).

Squadron Commanders[edit]

# CMDR Took office Left office Time in office Location Rank
1 Ronin NL2 (Dec 94) NL9 (Feb 95) - ISD Avenger General
Ronin NL10 (Feb 95) NL13 (Mar 95) - ISD Avenger Admiral
Ronin NL14 (Apr 95) NL14 (Apr 95) - ISD Avenger Grand Admiral
2 Talon NL15 (Apr 95) NL20 (Jun 95) - SSD Avenger General
Talon NL21 (Jul 95) NL21 (Jul 95) - SSD Avenger Brigadier General
3 Marko NL22 (Jul 95) NL30 (Mar 96) - SSD Avenger General
Marko NL31 (Apr 96) NL32 (May 96) - SSSD Sovereign General
4 Mike NL33 (Jun 96) ? - SSSD Sovereign Brigadier General
5 Andrzej Mezynski before February 2002 after February 2002 ? SSSD Sovereign Lieutenant Colonel
6 Talons Pryde April 2002 June 2002 2m, 4d SSSD Sovereign Captain
Talons Pryde June 2002 September 2003 1y,3m,4d SSSD Sovereign Major
7 Kahooli September 2003 May 2004 8m, 9d SSSD Sovereign Commander
8 Talons Pryde February 2005 March 2006 1y, 10d SSSD Sovereign Major
Talons Pryde March 2006 March 2006 24d SSSD Sovereign Lieutenant Colonel
Talons Pryde March 2006 July 2006 3m, 18d SSSD Sovereign (Wing VI) Lieutenant Colonel
9 Rancorous July 2006 September 2007 1y, 2m SSSD Sovereign Major
10 Talons Pryde September 2007 August 2012 4y, 10m, 12d SSSD Sovereign Colonel
11 Valic Feb 2009 August 2009 6m, 28d ISDII Hammer Major
12 Rancorous August 2009 November 2009 2m, 16d ISDII Hammer General
13 Quincy Nelson November 2009 April 2010 4m,21d ISDII Hammer Lieutenant Colonel
14 Ard Royber June 2010 August 2010 1m,26d ISDII Hammer Captain
15 Valic January 2011 September 2012 1y,7m ISDII Hammer Major
16 Exar Kit September 2012 March 2014 1y,6m ISDII Hammer Colonel
17 Landon Cruise May 2014 August 2014 2m,23d ISDII Hammer Commander
Landon Cruise August 2014 October 2014 2m,2d ISDII Hammer Captain
Landon Cruise May 2014 November 2014 1m,18d ISDII Hammer Major
18 Delak Krennel November 2014 February 2015 2m, 27d ISDII Hammer Major
19 Iceman February 2015 July 2015 4m,18d ISDII Hammer Major
Iceman July 2015 August 2015 1m,12d ISDII Hammer Lieutenant Colonel
20 Archenksov August 2015 January 2016 4m,13d ISDII Hammer Commander
21 Silvius January 2016 March 2016 2m, 1d ISDII Hammer Commander
Silvius March 2016 May 2016 2m, 2d ISDII Hammer Captain
Silvius May 2016 September 2016 4m ISDII Hammer Major
Silvius September 2016 November 2016 1m, 23d ISDII Hammer Lieutenant Colonel
22 Michael LeRoy November 2016 June 2017 7m, 17d ISDII Hammer Commander
23 Horus Blackheart June 2017 September 2018 -- ISDII Hammer Colonel
24 Alejandro Araujo September 2018 Current -- ISDII Hammer Lieutenant Colonel

Patches and Banners[edit]




Wing VI: Until 17 ABY (2009.08.29)
Wing I: since 17 ABY to present


PLT/1: NL-1 since 3 ABY
ISDII: Warrior until 17 ABY
ISDII: Hammer since 17 ABY to present


Advanced Spectre Missile Boat (SPEC) (current)
TIE Defender (current)
HWK-290 since 30 ABY to present


Competition History[edit]

Traditionally, Alpha hasn't run internal competitions. However, the initiative to move towards the objectives led to the successful attempt to submit new competitions as tools to incentivize participation and training in Alpha's beloved classic platforms.

TIE Corps-wide Competition History[edit]

21 ABY (2013.10.22): TCCOM's Own

Ship/Wing Competition History[edit]

Combat Event History[edit]

Squadron Competitions[edit]

Operation: Training Drills (SP)[edit]

Platforms used:


Description: More details soon.

Operation: Alpha Chronicles (PvE/PvP/RP dynamic campaign)[edit]

Platforms used:


Description: More details soon.

Operation: Slumber Party (PvP)[edit]

Platforms used:


Description: Every month, pilots from Alpha squadron will fly PvP matches against pilots of a designated squadron of the TIE Corps. Alpha will fly against every single other unit of the TC, one squadron per month. Performance metrics will determine the winning pilots and the winning squadron. The objective isn’t much to spam LoCs but to create unit cohesion, build unit morale and motivation and obtain field experience against real opponents. Get the ball rolling in terms of training towards participating in other online events.

Full details can be found here: Input form:

Competition awards: IS-SW to 1st ranked player BW 2nd place CW to 3rd ,4th, 5th

1x ORA for those winning matches with zero deaths, for each match

ORA for an average K/D over 3 (must be held till the end of the month)

ORA for an average player win/lose over 5 (must be held till the end of the month)

ORA for an average game win/lose over 10 (must be held till the end of the month)

ORA for a match won with a K/D over 5

ORA for a match won with zero deaths

Distinctive Uniform Items[edit]

Dress Uniform[edit]

Flight Suit[edit]

Officer Uniform[edit]

Personnel Profile[edit]

Initially, Alpha Squadron's ranks were filled with average pilot officers with standard training and military discipline. The behavior of fully trained EHTC officers was expected. However, restructuration and other external situations affected the strength of the unit and a lot of positions were vacant. The general mood was a tad gloomy

After new simulations (Release of SWS) were developed, ranks were quickly replenished with capable yet unexperienced pilots with a reasonably good imitation of proper military discipline. While command approved the redesignation of the unit as Special Forces, still,in the eyes of the veteran leadership of the squadron, the pilots lacked training, initiative and discipline. Steps had to be taken to deal with this but it couldn't be done at the moment.

The long journey to search for a dark presence begun and, along with a good part of the fleet, the Hammer (And the 7thSOS) had to sail the unknown regions. The time spent on the barracks took its toll on all personnel, in particular on the less trained and seasoned pilots at first, then those ex mercs with virtually no military discipline imbued on them; a series of personal incidents for some (including depression) and economic pressure for others, made the 7th SOS overall volunteer activity in competitions to drop to a bare minimum. The squadron itself was on a maintenance mode with even then-LC A. Araujo and his XO, COL Pryde, dealing with severe issues that affected their motivation and there was a clear risk of closing the squadron as there was no need for special forces, just regular and recon units running constant exercises and competitions.

In 30 ABY (2022), however, after recon patrols and deep sensor scans confirmed the existence of more planets with large population, LC Araujo , COL Pryde and COL Blackheart, proposed to retake drills for the squadron and internal simulation exercises begun. The interaction with an ex-Imperial colony, the Empire of the Seven Suns and a cult attempting to incite unrest (with the New Republic secretly financing it) brought the need for a Special Operations Squadron back on the table, proving the officers right on the need for a battle-ready unit.

An efficient and comprehensive system for selecting men for it was needed. This was jointly developed by COLs Horus Blackheart and Talons Pryde with LC Alejandro Araujo. In contrast to the regular TC’s emphasis on team work, the formal selection approach combined Pryde’s requirements of fitness and endurance with the Special Operations Executive’s need for initiative when alone in the field. The selection criteria that were finally agreed upon included initiative, self-discipline, independent thinking and the ability to work without supervision, stamina, patience, and a sense of humour.





Alpha pilots will periodically perform flight simulations in a number of courses and operative/tactical/strategic situations using (but not limited to) the main Imperial starfighters. Additionally, Alpha pilots will perform sparring sessions against each other on a weekly basis each weekend in addition to any other event/competition they participate in as stated on the Standing Orders


Given their pilots operational profiles, they often informally dealt with assignments acting as both infantry and pilots and were later given the designation of special forces to formally suit their operational profile. Additionally, unproven and under-trained outfits are thrown together along with seasoned veterans and elite yet undisciplined wildcards who nevertheless have served with distinction. Alpha operatives are provided of their own unique armor set, which differs greatly from the standard issued kit of the rank-and-file and are sent on challenging assignments, less suitable for standard pilots. Each one of the members acquired certain abilities unique to the team and their unorthodox yet often successful tactical approaches to problematic missions other squadrons would refuse to perform if they were given a choice, earned them quite a mixed reputation of exhibiting a concerning level of disobedience, disregard for orders and general dislike of command, especially in the eyes of those officers who preferred a traditional bureaucratic path but on the other hand, it rarely hindered the completion of their missions with nearly one hundred percent success rate. Nevertheless, Alpha Squadron was considered a last resource until the arrival of Commodore Phoenix Berkana who involved the unit in more regular assignments.

At some point, Alpha Squadron met Pengauani mercenaires and inspired by them, acquired the nickname of penguins.

Some of the force-sensitive members of the squadron developed a rare skill of creating time displacement around them (often without control) and worshipped this “lag” as the ultimate truth in the universe.



Alpha Flight I
Nickname - Stalkers
Motto - "No pity, no mercy, no remorse."

  1. CMDR/LC Alejandro Araujo
  2. FM/CM Milo Antu
  3. FM/SL LPhoenix
  4. FM/LT Alpharius Omegon

Alpha Flight II
Nickname - Scavengers
Motto - "If you don't have a bad attitude, you don't stand a chance"

  1. SQXO/COL Talons Pryde
  2. FM/LT Mathius Jerikko
  3. FM/LCM Hopfot
  4. FM/CM Aaron Cremel

Alpha Flight III
Nickname - Nightwalkers
Motto - "Just smile and wave, boys. Smile and wave..."

  1. FL/COL Horus Blackheart
  2. FM/SL Nabrewra
  3. FM/LT Ty Seerlan
  4. FM/CM LQC-75-3