Alpha Squadron

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Alpha Squadron is one of the original TIE Corps squadrons currently stationed onboard the Imperial-II Class Star Destroyer Hammer, flagship of Battlegroup I.

We operate a mixed fleet of Spectre Advanced Missile Boat and TIE Defenders to undertake our mission as a Special Forces Squadron.

As per the TIE Corps Pilot Manual we are trained to deal with extreme combat situations in space, in the air, and on the ground, Special Forces units are often called upon to carry out missions involving multiple theaters. Just as deadly with a blaster as they are at the controls of a starfighter, these are the commandos the Emperor’s Hammer relies on when a particular objective is imperative to the success of a larger operation.


Alpha was first activated in 3 ABY (1995) and originally led by then General Ronin as part of the fighter complement on the PLT: NL-1, along with the other five squadrons that were part of the Emperor's Hammer

In 22ABY (April 2014), the squadron was assigned to the newly-commissioned ISD-II Warrior, reconstituted as Sigma Squadron.

The 7th Squadron was reactivated aboard the Hammer later on same year (in May 2014).

On 2020, then LC Alejandro Araujo after managing to have the 7th Heavy Assault (HA) Squadron reach Squadron ReMob's goals, considering the squadron's personnel traits and abilities, had proposed TCCS a draft for the unit's mission profile redesignation and after approval, it was formally established as Special Operations Squadron.


Alpha Squadron as one of the original six squadrons that comprised the Emperor's Hammer, has a long history dating back from 3 ABY (1995).



Alpha Flight I
Nickname - Stalkers
Motto - "No pity, no mercy, no remorse."

  1. CMDR/CPT Witchblade
  2. FM/GN Elwood the Brave
  3. FM/LT Morkie
  4. FM/LT Seahowl

Alpha Flight II

  1. SQXO/CPT Maximus Meridius
  2. FM/LCM Sid_amos
  3. FM/LT DarkHelmet
  4. FM/TBD

Alpha Flight III
Nickname - Nightwalkers
Motto - "Just smile and wave, boys. Smile and wave..."

  1. FL/CM Shane
  2. FM/LCM Mazr Donir
  3. FM/LCM MsMayham
  4. FM/LT Alexander Stark


Squadron Commanders[edit]

# CMDR Took office Left office Time in office Location Rank
1 Ronin NL2 (Dec 94) NL9 (Feb 95) - ISD Avenger General
Ronin NL10 (Feb 95) NL13 (Mar 95) - ISD Avenger Admiral
Ronin NL14 (Apr 95) NL14 (Apr 95) - ISD Avenger Grand Admiral
2 Talon NL15 (Apr 95) NL20 (Jun 95) - SSD Avenger General
Talon NL21 (Jul 95) NL21 (Jul 95) - SSD Avenger Brigadier General
3 Marko NL22 (Jul 95) NL30 (Mar 96) - SSD Avenger General
Marko NL31 (Apr 96) NL32 (May 96) - SSSD Sovereign General
4 Mike NL33 (Jun 96) ? - SSSD Sovereign Brigadier General
5 Andrzej Mezynski before February 2002 after February 2002 ? SSSD Sovereign Lieutenant Colonel
6 Talons Pryde April 2002 June 2002 2m, 4d SSSD Sovereign Captain
Talons Pryde June 2002 September 2003 1y,3m,4d SSSD Sovereign Major
7 Kahooli September 2003 May 2004 8m, 9d SSSD Sovereign Commander
8 Talons Pryde February 2005 March 2006 1y, 10d SSSD Sovereign Major
Talons Pryde March 2006 March 2006 24d SSSD Sovereign Lieutenant Colonel
Talons Pryde March 2006 July 2006 3m, 18d SSSD Sovereign (Wing VI) Lieutenant Colonel
9 Rancorous July 2006 September 2007 1y, 2m SSSD Sovereign Major
10 Talons Pryde September 2007 August 2012 4y, 10m, 12d SSSD Sovereign Colonel
11 Valic Feb 2009 August 2009 6m, 28d ISDII Hammer Major
12 Rancorous August 2009 November 2009 2m, 16d ISDII Hammer General
13 Quincy Nelson November 2009 April 2010 4m,21d ISDII Hammer Lieutenant Colonel
14 Ard Royber June 2010 August 2010 1m,26d ISDII Hammer Captain
15 Valic January 2011 September 2012 1y,7m ISDII Hammer Major
16 Exar Kit September 2012 March 2014 1y,6m ISDII Hammer Colonel
17 Landon Cruise May 2014 August 2014 2m,23d ISDII Hammer Commander
Landon Cruise August 2014 October 2014 2m,2d ISDII Hammer Captain
Landon Cruise May 2014 November 2014 1m,18d ISDII Hammer Major
18 Delak Krennel November 2014 February 2015 2m, 27d ISDII Hammer Major
19 Iceman February 2015 July 2015 4m,18d ISDII Hammer Major
Iceman July 2015 August 2015 1m,12d ISDII Hammer Lieutenant Colonel
20 Archenksov August 2015 January 2016 4m,13d ISDII Hammer Commander
21 Silvius January 2016 March 2016 2m, 1d ISDII Hammer Commander
Silvius March 2016 May 2016 2m, 2d ISDII Hammer Captain
Silvius May 2016 September 2016 4m ISDII Hammer Major
Silvius September 2016 November 2016 1m, 23d ISDII Hammer Lieutenant Colonel
22 Michael LeRoy November 2016 June 2017 7m, 17d ISDII Hammer Commander
23 Horus Blackheart June 2017 September 2018 15m ISDII Hammer Colonel
24 Alejandro Araujo September 2018 July 2023 59m ISDII Hammer Lieutenant Colonel
24 Witchblade September 2018 Current -- ISDII Hammer Captain