Imperial Weapons and Tactics School

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The Imperial Weapons and Tactics School (IWATS) is the premiere starfighter pilot training institution for the Emperor's Hammer and is operated by the TIE Corps under the auspices of the Imperial University. IWATS classes were previously held on Sif in the Phare System and starfighter training exercises were conducted near Baldyr, a moon of Ullyr, as well as on the Modified Platform Daedalus. There are multiple courses available for EH members to take including Fighter Identification, X-Wing vs TIE Fighter tactics, EH singleplayer mission design, as well as technology courses.


The list of courses currently offered by the Imperial Weapons and Tactics School is available at the Imperial University main site.

First Recon Division[edit]

During the fleet's mobilization to the Unknown Regions, IWATS was relocated to the Super Star Destroyer Avenger.

TIE Corps Training[edit]

In 28 ABY, the TIE Corps' onboarding training for cadets was returned to IWATS. Cadet ID lines include the IWATS name before their ship/platform assignment. The completion of IWATS training results in the cadet being assigned to an active duty squadron.

The training that takes place for cadets has changed over the years. Training originally required the completion of IWATS Core, which later became TIE Corps Core, and the completion of the campaign from TIE Fighter. Today, IWATS training asks the cadet to review the TIE Corps Pilot Manual and the About Us page from the TIE Corps website and then answer three questions from that material. Specifically, cadets are asked to identify that "EH" refers to the Emperor's Hammer, "TC" refers to the TIE Corps, what their rank will be when they're assigned to a squadron as a Flight Member, and what they need to do to avoid being declared AWOL. That might seem sparse, but the idea is that assigning the pilot to their permanent squadron as soon as possible gets them to a CMDR who can show them the ropes and then continue that mentorship over time.

IWATS training was previous conducted by the DEAN and is now carried out by the TCCOM as part of the process of responding to join form applications from the TIE Corps website and assigning the new pilot to a squadron.