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Ullyr was one of three inhabitable worlds in the Phare System singled out for primary colonization by the Empire 30 years ago. Ullyr's vast expanses of primeval forests and abundant wildlife prompted early colonization/development by several competing corporations.


The Forest world of Ullyr is the Jewel of the Phare System, with its wide sweeping oceans full of fish and coral reefs, and its giant Forests teeming with life, it is hard not to notice why this planet is the choice of many Imperial Navy and Army personnel as a holiday destination.

The planet's three main continents are almost entirely covered by dense forests. The vegetation is reminiscent of that found on the Wookiee homeworld of Kashyyyk or the forest moon of Endor. The trees have been known to reach heights of 1/2 a kilometer and hundreds of meters diameter! As with most forest worlds, native life is stratified in the various levels of the forests. The larger predatory and scavenger creatures roam the forest floor, with smaller forms of life present as the arboreal column rises. At the top of the forest canopy are many primate and avian species (no native sentient) present. Food is plentiful and the planet is a rich source of strong and ancient woods.

Cities, Structures, and Demographics[edit]

Early Colonization[edit]

The Wookiees were originally brought to Ullyr when the Phare System was first identified and colonized by the Corporate Sector Authority (CSA). Three million Wookiees were initially transported to Ullyr as slave labor for the exotic wood industry for the CSA. Only 1,500,000 remained alive at the time of the Battle of Endor and those have reverted to a primitive feudal/clan system to maintain some semblance of civilization. It is estimated that approximately 250,000 have been slain in inter-clan warfare and encounters with Imperial forces. Many of the Wookiees planetside were born on Ullyr and consider it their home, not unlike Kashyyyk, their homeworld. Some of the Wookiee Elders still remember Kashyyyk.

Following the Battle of Endor, a year ago, the Imperial Corporations, garrisons and Fleets left the planet to its own devices and the Wookiees found themselves stranded planetside. Consequently, they have had to make a life on their own, but without industrial re-supply, they are quickly reverting to barbarism and anarchy. The remaining humans, their former masters and owners, are rumored to be kept as prisoners of the Wookiees and in a few of the more savage clans, as slaves or even worse, as food stock.

In a daring rescue engagement, several squadrons and a Wookiee held Imperial Corporate Platform were destroyed. In the battle, several transports carrying several thousand rescued and injured Imperial Citizens were rescued. Although several hundred humans are suspected to remain planet-side, all known Wookiee spacefaring capability on Ullyr is suspected to be destroyed. Ullyr represents an abundant source of fine wood products to aid in construction.

Directorate Control[edit]

Ullyr relinquished planetary control to the Directorate in the year 17ABY under the reign of Duke Farrin Xies, it's first governor was Keth D'Jek a relatively new member of the Government. Ullyr was guided under Keth's steady hand with the aid of the System Moff, Miles Prower and some retired Ministry Council members who now reside over regions of Phare in their retirement.


Ullyr's Economy is governed mainly by the trade in luxury furniture from other parts of the Galaxy. Many wealthy clients come to Ullyr to pick from the wide range of strong rich timbers found on the planet. Though not as important to the economy, Ullyr has a vibrant fishing economy, though lucrative on the planet, it pales in comparison to the Fishing industries of Osiris.

Probably the second largest contributor to the Economy of Ullyr is the tourism industry, which is mostly Officer and their families taking vacations on this little wooded haven.

Satellites and Moons[edit]

Like most moons in the Phare System, Baldyr is lifeless but may contain significant ore deposits and the special metals required to make starship hulls and weaponry. Baldyr would certainly make a prize for some corporation. The surface of Baldyr is geologically active with Volcanoes and craters being the predominant terrain.