Dean of IWATS

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According to the TIE Corps Pilot Manual, "The Dean is responsible for maintaining the Imperial Weapons And Tactics School (IWATS). He appoints Course Professors and oversees their work as well as approves any new courses and changes made to the already existing ones. Moreover, he is responsible for the training of Trainees on Platform Daedalus and is in charge of approving competitions throughout the TIE Corps".

Rank: Rear Admiral upon appointment, may be promoted up to Fleet Admiral.


  • Writing weekly reports;
  • Maintaining the IWATS;
  • Approving new courses;
  • Approving any and all changes to the courses;
  • Overseeing Course Professors;
  • Training of Trainees onboard Platform Daedalus;
  • Approving competitions from the entire TIE Corps;
  • Attending online meetings.

Contact Requirements: Moderate. A Dean will spend most of his time responding to various inquiries via e-mail from his Professors and Trainees, as well as maintaining numerous IWATS courses. Response time should not exceed 24 hours.

He or she is one of the Four (4) members of the TIE Corps Command Staff, along with the TIE Corps Commander, Strategic Operations Officer and Combat Operations Officer.

The position also existed in the past, until Astatine, the Dean of IWATS was appointed to Training Officer. The positions remained merged for around a decade, before eventually becoming separate once again.

Currently the DEAN of IWATS position is Vacant all responsibilities have been transferred to the Training Officer

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