Phare System

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The Phare System was taken from an opposing Imperial faction by the Emperor's Hammer Strike Fleet. Its resources and abundant native populations made it an ideal system for the fleet to exploit and control.

Phare is located no more than five light years from the Aurora System and is a system rich in natural resources, which Aurora lacked for a Fleet the size of the Emperor's Hammer. Therefore, the Phare System provided most of the resources for the Emperor's Hammer Strike Fleet's material needs. Besides the Emperor's Hammer's hold on the system, it was also the original home to Clan Naga Sadow, as well as serving as the base of operations for the Infiltrator Wing.

Orbiting Bodies[edit]

Orbit One[edit]

Orbit Two[edit]

Orbit Three[edit]

Orbit Four[edit]

Orbit Five[edit]

Orbit Six[edit]

Orbit Seven[edit]

System Facilities[edit]

M/PLT Daedalus (TIE Fighter Pilot/IWATS Training Platform) - Orbiting Ullyr

Abundant Corporate Division Production/Distribution Facilities and PLTs

Imperial Weapons and Tactics School (Sif)

Haven, domed mining facility (Hela)

Wood resources/factories (Ullyr)

Floating cities (Frigg)

Pangea Agricultural Facility (Sif)

City of Juraas-Kur (Sif)

Valhalla Mining Facility (Heimdall)

Loki Military Complex

Hodr Listening Posts