Kamjin "Maverick" Lap'lamiz

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Kamjin "Maverick" Lap'lamiz is currently the Imperial Sovereign Protector within the Emperor's Hammer Strike Fleet holding the rank of Sector Admiral and an active member within Clan Scholae Palatinae. Born as the first child of Tenjin and Sayuri Lap'lamiz, Duchess of Alderaan, Kamjin spent his early life in relative comfort as part of the extended royal family on Alderaan. Despite the predominate pacifism of the planet, Tenjin was an advocate of Kamjin entering the Imperial Academy once his primary education concluded.

Kamjin began his training at the age of fourteen (2 BBY) and was in his Sophomore year when the Rebellion destroyed the first Death Star. It was near this time that Kamjin was identified by the Inquisitorius for special training which led to his inclusion in the Emperor's Hammer Strike Fleet mission to the Minos Cluster.

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Dark Brotherhood[edit]

While serving within the elite Praetorian Squadron that Commander Wrath approached Kamjin, as well as other members of the Intelligence Division, to form a new house within the Dark Jedi Brotherhood known as House Scholae Palatinae. As a founder member and recognition of his piloting skills, Wrath placed Kamjin in command of the House's Sith Squadron, Guardian. It was under Kamjin's leadership that all pilots were recognized for their skills by Grand Master Justinian Khyron with the Emerald Dagger.

As the Brotherhood and House Scholae Palatinae grew into a Clan, three houses were established. Kamjin was promoted to Aedile of House Acclivis Draco. Kamjin then succeeded as the second Quaestor of the house.

As Kamjin continued his pursuit of the Dark Side that he began apprenticing under several Dark Council members. Ultimately, rising to the position of Master at Arms under Archibald Zoraan time as Grand Master. As Zoraan began his descent into madness and his eventual rebellion, he forcefully removed Kamjin from the MAA position leading Kamjin to a period of exile from the Dark Jedi Brotherhood where he sought solace meditating in the graveyard of Alderaan.

Shortly after Zoraan's removal from Grand Master and his fleeing the Dark Jedi Brotherhood, Kamjin was contacted by Krath Archpriest Karva Dronaal informing Kamjin of the changes in leadership within the Dark Jedi Brotherhood and seeking Kamjin to return to Clan Scholae Palatinae as his Proconsul. Before returning to his beloved Clan, Kamjin first set out to restore his honor by killing Zoraan. After several months of search, Kamjin located Zoraan on a jungle moon and destroy him.

Upon Kamjin's return he assumed the role of Proconsul and served under Karva until his eventual retirement. At which point, Kamjin assumed the Consulship of the clan. This was peace and prosperity during Kamjin's rule and his power continued to expand with his joining the Assembly of Consuls. Eventually assuming the position of Emissary. Several proposals raised and passed during his tenure endure still into the New Order era.

However, the seeds of mistrust had taken root between the Dark Jedi Brotherhood and the Emperor's Hammer. The treachery of Zoraan had caused the incoming Executive Officer, Sector Admiral Astatine, to seek a higher level of involvement in the day-to-day affairs of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. While the Executive Office role had always maintained responsibility for the various factions of the Emperor's Hammer, Astatine fashioned himself to be a defacto Grand Master.

As the Exodus began, Kamjin attempted to intervene with Grand Admiral Ronin to meet the demands placed forth by the Council of Seven. This proved futile. As the Dark Jedi Brotherhood began this exodus to Antei Kamjin withdrew from Dark Side for a time focusing on his military career before eventually retiring from public service as a member of the Board of Trustee's overseeing the management of the Emperor's Hammer Strike Fleet.

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