Letter of Achievement

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Letter of Achievement
Award Information


Award Classification:


Top Recipients:
  • COL Archangel x243
  • GN Abel Malik x144
  • COL Ramos Kanzco x64
  • FA Khadgar x43
  • COL Pickled Yoda x41
  • COL Ric Hunter x38
  • COL Nightmare x34
  • LC Kodiak Kereban x26
  • AD Mell Kerrigan x21
  • CM Habib x17

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The Letter of Achievement is considered a commendation and is for each contribution to the Dark Sentinel newsletter. This is awarded for each separate item, not per issue. There is no medal or ribbon for display for this specific commendation.


The Training Manual states that, "The Letter of Achievement is awarded per Newsletter entry that is published in the Emperor’s Hammer Dark Sentinel newsletter."

Reference: EH Training manual

Award Authority[edit]

This can only be awarded by the Executive Officer or his/her representative.

Equivalent Awards[edit]

The Dark Brotherhood awards the Dark Side Scroll for submissions to the Dark Voice newsletter.

The Hammer's Fist awarded the Medal of Darkness for submissions to the Dark Legionnaire newsletter.

The Directorate awarded the Medal of Penmanship for submissions to the Dark Sentinel as well.