Zekk Terrik

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Zekk Terrik was a former member of the Emperor's Hammer.


Zekk was born and raised on Chandrila. He came from a family of middle-class bacta merchants who owned a small production and distribution operation that gradually got larger. While his family initially struggled and failed to grow their business during the Old Republic due to overwhelming and inefficient bureaucracy, the Empire largely forced their (mostly non-human) competition out of Chandrila, enabling the family business to flourish. His parents have since passed of natural causes and his sister is managing the family business.

Because of the success the family experienced under Imperial rule, despite Imperial oppression of Chandrila, they were regarded as loyalists by the Imperial regime, and frequently bought all of the bacta from the family business they could.

TIE Corps[edit]

When Zekk came of adulthood, he traveled to the Outer Rim after hearing of the Emperor's Hammer. He wanted to serve the Empire that had been so good to his family, and the EH was the best equipped and most well organized of the remaining Imperial factions. He considers it his duty to restore the Empire to its rightful place in Coruscant and to put a new Emperor on the throne.

After completing starfighter training and officer candidate school, Zekk was assigned to Wing II aboard the flagship of the EH, the SSSD Sovereign where he served for some time, rising to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel and commanding Theta Squadron.

During this time, he fell in love with a young woman who was an Imperial officer, Shayla Ludsorkim. They married and she became Shayla Terrik. They did not have children. During Zekk's leave of absence he remained in contact with his wife through long distance Imperial communique. However, during a routine transport between ships her patrol was attacked by Republic strike forces and her craft was boarded. She has not been seen since and is considered MIA.

He took a long leave of absence—nearly a decade—to return to Chandrila to care for his ailing parents. After their passing, his sister assumed control of the company, and Zekk returned to duty.

Zekk's immense skill at starfighter combat and piloting resulted in him being selected for Jedi training. He quickly became a disciple of the Dark Side, sensing its immense power would help him become a better pilot. For a time he was heavily involved in Dark Brotherhood activities and delved deeply into the Dark Side of the Force. He has become obsessed at trying to find his wife, also a trained Sith, through the Force. Zekk can no longer sense her through the Force and has assumed she has died.

Zekk's immersion in the Dark Side mellowed a bit over the years. As his rage and hatred over the loss of Shayla began to drain him, he began to believe that the Dark Side did not have all the answers. With the limited knowledge of the Light Side that the Dark Brotherhood had to provide, Zekk nonetheless began experimenting with the Light Side of the Force, using calmness and passivity to focus his skills over the years.

During a routine (nearly nightly) visit to his favorite bar in New Imperial City, Zekk met a young Twi'lek woman named Elissa Val'Asha. Zekk was able to spare her from the relentless advances of a very drunk Weequay. They began a relationship that lasts until this day. It was only during a battle over Aurora Prime, when the New Republic attempted to abduct Elissa, did Zekk learn that she was the top weapons and starfighter R&D scientist for the Emperor's Hammer TIE Corps. Some time after their meeting, Elissa gave birth to a baby boy named Henry Terrik on Aurora Prime. With their Lothcat named Hav, Elissa was given special dispensation to travel with Zekk when the Task Force was deployed to the Unknown Regions, where she remains to this day. They were married while on deployment together.

Zekk assumed command of Battlegroup II and the flagship of the TIE Corps, the ISD Warrior, on January 1 2021.

Preceded by
Earnim Branet
Sin Squadron Commander
December 29 2019-December 31 2020
Succeeded by
Robert Hogan
Preceded by
Commodore of ISDII Warrior
January 1 2021-August 23 2021
Succeeded by
Mordechi Wolfe