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Position Description[edit]

The Commodores are both the commanders of a TIE Corps ship, and also, fictionally, the ship's escorting battlegroup. They control their ship's operations, both day to day and in battle, as well as the TIE Wings and/or squadrons on board their ships unless overruled by the Fleet Commander, a Command Officer or a Battlegroup Commander. Commodores are drawn from exceptional Wing Commanders and it should be noted that command of one's own ship is considered the highest honor within the Imperial Navy.

Rank: The minimum rank for Commodore is Rear Admiral. The maximum is Admiral.

This position was not used between 2009-2013, however it got reinstated in March of 2014 with the commissioning of a second ship, the Imperial-II Class Star Destroyer Warrior. The first two Commodores after the position's reopening were High Admiral Frodo March (commanding the Warrior), and Rear Admiral Elwood the Brave (leading the ISD-II Hammer).

Command Responsibilies[edit]

  • Oversee the operations of the Ship.
  • Providing bi-weekly Ship Reports to all wings in the ship.
  • Providing Monthly Ship Evaluations from Monthly Wing Evaluations to the Battlegroup Commander.
  • Keep in contact with Wing Commanders.
  • Appoint Wing Commanders.
  • Review medal recommendations from Wing Commanders.
  • Review comments, questions, etc from ship members.
  • Report to the Battlegroup Commander with recommendations.
  • Forward emails, where appropriate, from superior officers to the Ship.
  • Inform the Ship of important events, competitions, etc.
  • Completes BSFs for all Wing Commanders and Elite Squadron Commanders under his/her command.
  • Be familar with primary reference materials (Training Manual, etc).
  • Be familar with primary TIE Corps and Emperor's Hammer webpages (Emperor's Hammer domain, TIE Corps domain, TIE Corps roster, message board, etc.).
  • Submissions for the Emperor's Hammer Newsletter (sent to the Executive Officer).
  • Post/read the Emperor's Hammer Message Boards (where possible).
  • Participate in competitions (where possible).
  • Attend on-line meetings (where possible).

The Commodore is expected to attend official meetings, online conferences, make Message Board posts, etc. as often as possible. Unlike the Wing Commander, who handles the day-to-day management of a TIE Wing, the Commodore deals with public relations, fleet politics, and should generally make themselves available for questions and comments. A great deal of E-Mail correspondence can be expected. (average 10-20 hours/month).

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