Robert Hogan

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Robert Hogan
Biographical Information

Aurora Prime

Date of Birth:

12 ABY

Physical Description




Hair Colour:


Eye Colour:



1.97 m


75 kg

Social Information

Rebellion, New Republic

Combat Information
Personal Ship:

TIE Sinister
Sin Leader

Career Information

Emperor’s Hammer TIE Corps


Pilot, Naval Officer


Squadron Commander, Sin Squadron



TIE Corps Record:


Captain Robert Hogan is the Commander of Sin Squadron aboard the Imperial II-class Star Destroyer Warrior.


Family History

Lawrence Hogan (father of Robert Hogan), born 20 BBY, was a naval officer, graduated from the Royal Imperial Academy on Coruscant in 2 ABY twenty-sixth in his class of 5,000, commissioned, and assigned to the Imperial I-class Star Destroyer Adjudicator’s navigation section. A Lieutenant, he was captured by the New Republic when his ship was boarded, and was held pending trial by a court martial on charges of war crimes. Under the New Republic’s revised judicial priorities of focusing on convicting senior and flag officers, he was granted clemency in 4 ABY and fled to the Outer Rim, settling down in Aurora Prime in 5 ABY.

Katherine Anesway (later Katherine Hogan and mother of Robert Hogan), born 21 BBY, was a naval officer, graduated from the Royal Imperial Academy on Coruscant in 2 ABY third in her class of 5,000, commissioned, sent to command school, and assigned to the newly commissioned Executor-class Super Star Destroyer Avenger, operations section, in 3 ABY. Anesway would serve on many ships of the line, including the Sovereign-class Super Star Destroyer Sovereign. She resigned her naval commission in 10 ABY in order to focus on starting a family.

Hogan and Anesway met at the Royal Imperial Academy on Coruscant and quickly became close friends. After they were commissioned and dispatched to the fleet, they lost touch until they reunited on Aurora Prime in 5 ABY. Soon after, the two became romantically involved and were married in 7 ABY.

Early Life

Robert Hogan, the only child of Lawrence and Katherine Hogan, was born in the seventh month of 9 ABY on Aurora Prime. As the child of two respectable Imperial naval officers, Hogan enjoyed a moderately high social standing growing up and quickly developed a fascination with spaceflight. While a young boy, his father was offered a transport flight instructor position at the Imperial Naval Academy and often took Hogan along on short training flights. As soon as he was able, he transmitted his application to the Academy and was accepted into the 28 ABY graduating class.

Formal Education

In 25 ABY at age 16, Hogan was accepted to the Imperial Naval Academy on Aurora Prime, where he began a rigorous curriculum with the goal of following in his parents’ footsteps. Although they were opposed to this and wanted a more quiet and peaceful life for him, they did support him in his endeavors. While at the Academy, Hogan studied a vast array or courses from multiple disciplines, eventually pursuing a specialization in electronic warfare and a career as a pilot. Hogan graduated from the Academy with honors, was on the Commandant’s List, and obtained his flight certification during his intense course of study.

Personal Life and Interests

During his childhood, Hogan was exposed to a variety of hobbies and pursuits, but drawn most to music, specifically the trumpet. While attending the Imperial Naval Academy, Hogan continued that passion, playing as a member of the Ceremonial Band and performing in a number of prominent parades and ceremonies. In addition to his military duties as a pilot, Hogan also greatly enjoys recreational flying, and hopes to purchase a civilian craft for use on leaves in the near future.

Military Career

In 28 ABY, Hogan underwent final flight officer training with the Emperor’s Hammer aboard the Executor-class Super Star Destroyer Avenger while the First Recon Division was mobilized and on patrol in a classified location. While in training on the Avenger, Hogan gained flight experience in the TIE/ln Fighter, TIE/in Interceptor, and TIE/sb Bomber.

Sin Squadron

Upon earning his flight certification and being commissioned in the TIE Corps, Hogan was assigned to Sin Squadron aboard the Imperial II-class Star Destroyer Warrior. Under the command of squadron commander Colonel Zekk Terrik and flight leader Colonel Stryker, Hogan began to adjust to the squadron’s exclusive TIE model, the TIE Sinister. Within days of his arriving to Sin, he earned a promotion to Lieutenant by flying multiple missions in his newly assigned craft.

In his first month in Sin Squadron, Hogan earned the Commendation of Bravery for completing 30 missions and finished his basic training at IWATS, staying on to learn more about squadron management and advanced fighter tactics. With both high activity levels and communications skills, he was quickly promoted to Lieutenant Commander and appointed as flight leader of Sin’s third flight and made the squadron’s executive officer. In his new leadership role, Hogan sought to make his activity an example for his flight, and earned multiple Silver Stars and Bronze Stars in recognition of his efforts. He also used his computer graphics skills to design a patch for the newly activated Firebird Squadron.

At the beginning of 29 ABY, Hogan succeeded Colonel Terrik as the Commander of Sin Squadron, with the Colonel (newly promoted to Rear Admiral) assuming command of the Warrior. Shortly after, Hogan would begin work on a proposal for the creation for a series of unit awards for squadrons and ships, in part based on his experiences during the prior year's Raise the Flag training exercise. He would go on to fully flesh out this idea, resulting in the development of the TIE Corps Commander's Unit Award and the TIE Corps Meritorious Unit Award, both of which would be approved and implemented shortly after. For his efforts in creating the award concept and designing the medals and ribbons, he was awarded a Silver Star.

Personal Craft

Sin Leader
TieSinisterCover.png Craft: TIE Sinister
Squadron: Sin
Position(s): Flight Member, Flight Leader & Executive Officer, Squadron Commander
Rank(s): Sub-Lieutenant - Captain
Active: 09/13/2020 - present
Missions: ongoing

TIE Corps Career

Rank Standings

Start Date Rank Time Held
09/13/2020 Cadet 1 day
09/13/2020 Sub-Lieutenant 2 days
09/15/2020 Lieutenant 30 days
10/15/2020 Lieutenant Commander 2 months, 17 days
01/01/2021 Commander 2 months, 3 days
03/06/2021 Captain current

Positions Held

Start Date Position Time Spent
09/13/2020 Trainee, IWATS, SSD Avenger 1 day
09/13/2020 Flight Member, Sin Squadron, Wing II, ISDII Warrior 25 days
10/08/2020 Flight Leader & Executive Officer, Sin Squadron, Wing II, ISDII Warrior 2 months, 24 days
01/01/2021 Squadron Commander, Sin Squadron, Wing II, ISDII Warrior current

Medals Received

Preceded by
Zekk Terrik
Sin Squadron Commander
Jan 2021 - present
Succeeded by