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Robert Edweric Hogan is an officer in the Emperor's Hammer holding the rank of Vice Admiral. He is the Command Attaché to the Training Officer stationed aboard the Modular Taskforce Cruiser Consul and Flight Member in Sin Squadron aboard the Imperial II-class Star Destroyer Warrior. He has previously served as the Commander of Sin Squadron and led the Warrior team in Imperial Storm 3.

Family History

Lawrence Hogan (father of Robert Hogan) was born on Coruscant in 23 BBY and from a young age had a desire to serve in the Imperial military. He commissioned from the Royal Imperial Academy on Coruscant in 4 BBY and was assigned to the Imperial I-class Star Destroyer Adjudicator’s navigation section. In 1 BBY while on serving on the Adjudicator’s technical courier detail, his shuttle was attacked and disabled by Rebel forces, with the Lieutenant being captured, interrogated, and tortured at length for information on Imperial navigational technology and codes. After 3 months of captivity, he was able to escape through an escape shuttle, rescuing another officer onboard as well. Following his escape and return to Imperial space, he was reassigned to serve as the personal aide to the Naval Liaison Officer to the Royal Atravian Naval Auxiliary.

Her Highness Princess Kathlyll of Atravis (mother of Robert Hogan) was born on Atravis in 22 BBY and was a member of the Atravian Royal Family and niece of the King. Her fascination with spacecraft led to her commissioning from the Royal Imperial Academy on Coruscant in 3 BBY and she was assigned to the newly commissioned Executor-class Super Star Destroyer Avenger, operations section. However, her naval career would be cut short by the death of her grandfather, King Vinis, when she returned home to serve as an officer in the Royal Atravian Naval Auxiliary. Serving as a logistics officer, she coordinated the activities of a squadron in their fleet replenishment mission to supply nearby Imperial installations and naval forces.

While Lawrence Hogan was assigned to the Liaison Officer, he met Princess Kathlyll at the annual parade festivities and the two began a relationship a few months later. They married in a ceremony in 2 ABY in the Chapel Royal on Atravis, with The Princess being given the title of Viscountess of Labrynna by the King. Shortly afterward, Hogan was reassigned to the Imperial Naval College on Aurora Prime as an instructor, with Princess Kathlyll moving with him and resigning her Auxiliary commission to focus on family matters.

Early Life

Hogan was born in 4 ABY on Aurora Prime as the only son of Lawrence Hogan, Viscount of Labrynna, and Her Highness Princess Kathyll, Viscountess of Labrynna. As the child of an Imperial naval officer and a member of the Atravian royal family, Hogan enjoyed high social standing growing up and quickly developed a fascination with spaceflight. While a boy, his father, assigned to the Imperial Naval College, often took Hogan along on short training flights. During his childhood, Hogan was exposed to a variety of hobbies and pursuits, but drawn most to music. He was primarily educated in his younger years by a combination of his parents and tutors, but had his sights set on the Imperial Naval College once he was of age.

Formal Education

In 25 ABY at age 21, Hogan was accepted to the Imperial Naval College on Aurora Prime, where he began a rigorous curriculum with the goal of following in his parents’ footsteps. Although they were opposed to this and wanted a more quiet and peaceful life for him, they did support him in his endeavors. While at the Academy, Hogan studied a vast array or courses from multiple disciplines, eventually pursuing a specialization in electronic warfare and a career as a pilot. Hogan also continued his musical passions, playing as a member of the Ceremonial Band and performing in a number of prominent parades and ceremonies. Hogan graduated from the Naval College with honors, was on the Commandant’s List, and obtained his flight certification during his course of study.

Military Career

After graduation from the Naval College in 28 ABY, Hogan was commissioned as a Sub-Lieutenant in the Emperor's Hammer TIE Corps. He underwent final flight officer training with the Fleet aboard the Executor-class Super Star Destroyer Avenger while the First Recon Division was mobilized and on patrol in a classified location. While in training on the Avenger, Hogan gained flight experience in the TIE/ln Fighter, TIE/in Interceptor, and TIE/sb Bomber.

Sin Squadron

Upon earning his flight certification and being commissioned in the TIE Corps, Hogan was assigned to Sin Squadron aboard the Imperial II-class Star Destroyer Warrior. Under the command of squadron commander Colonel Zekk Terrik and flight leader Colonel Stryker, Hogan began to adjust to the squadron’s exclusive TIE model, the TIE/sn Sinister.

In his first month in Sin Squadron, Hogan earned the Commendation of Bravery for completing 30 missions and finished his basic training at IWATS, staying on to learn more about squadron management and advanced fighter tactics. With both high activity levels and communications skills, he was quickly promoted to Lieutenant Commander and appointed as flight leader of Sin’s third flight and made the squadron’s executive officer. In his new leadership role, Hogan sought to make his activity an example for his flight, and earned multiple Silver Stars and Bronze Stars in recognition of his efforts.

At the beginning of 29 ABY, Hogan succeeded Colonel Terrik as the Commander of Sin Squadron, with the Colonel, newly promoted to Rear Admiral, assuming command of the Warrior. Shortly after, Hogan would develop the TIE Corps Commander's Unit Award and the TIE Corps Meritorious Unit Award, both of which would be approved and implemented shortly after.

During the Corps’s annual efficiency exercise, Squadron ReMobilization, Hogan led Sin Squadron to a 4th place finish, completing the eleven objectives within two days of the third place team. This performance was widely commended, as despite the fact that Sin had won the previous year, it had taken five weeks to complete the objectives, wherein it took only one and a half weeks in 29 ABY. Despite not earning a unit award, many Squadron members received medals for their meritorious service and high activity.

Hogan's Flight Helmet as Executive Officer of Sin Squadron

Serving for a six month tour of duty as Squadron Commander, Hogan returned to being a Flight Member of Sin, where he was succeeded by Commander Wreckage and continued to participate in Squadron and Fleet competitions. Following the implementation of the Imperial Achievement Ribbon, Hogan was the first recipient for his design of the medal and ribbon. He earned the title of "Trivia Grand Tour Season Six Champion (2021)" by edging out the reigning champion, General Pickled Yoda, across the months-long competition. His high level of flight activity was beneficial in Raise the Flag (2021), and combined with his graphical design skills, placed him as the second-highest scorer in the Squadron.

After four months serving as a Flight Member, Hogan was elevated to the Flight Leader of Flight 2, and later made Executive Officer. Hogan continued to set high levels of activity, flying with other pilots where possible, and ultimately winning the title of "MP Ace of the TIE Corps (2021)". He flew for the Sintoxicated team in the Chalquilla Cup, captained by Major SkyShadow, as a primary. Although the team was not able to medal, the exercise brought members of the squadron together and provided valuable experience in working together in more close-quarters dogfighting operations. His graphic experience was again called upon, with Hogan designing the ribbon and medal for the Operational Readiness Award, and after serving as Flight Leader and Executive Officer for six months, he stepped down from his position as Executive Officer.

Command Attaché to the Training Officer

Shortly thereafter, Hogan was appointed Command Attaché to the Training Officer by the new Training Officer, Rear Admiral Sylas Pitt, and was promoted to the flag rank of Rear Admiral. After assuming this role, Hogan began to identify and correct a number of mistakes in existing Imperial University courses. Under the leadership of the new Training Officer, he was finally able to finish a course he had been working on for some time, Forward Air Controller, and release it to the Fleet, which he received the Professorship for. He also worked with other members of the Training Office, Education Committee, and course Professors to identify, triage, and if necessary, update, completely rewrite, or inactivate for the time being.

In addition to his new role, Hogan remained involved in Sin Squadron, continuing to compete for them in fleet competitions and fly with the Squadron whenever he could. During Raise the Flag (2022), Hogan's flying placed him third within the TIE Corps, and contributed to Sin Squadron's finish in 5th place in the squadron competition.

Hogan's first major project and responsibility as Command Attaché was the designing and implementing of a qualifications system for the Imperial University. During this effort, he and the Training Officer worked closely to ensure the system met the needs of the Training Office, consulted Professors, Training Officer Assistants, and members of the Education Committee to develop requirements. Hogan also took an active role in the technical implementation of the system, providing detailed requirements to the Internet Office and providing input on database schema design. The project, initially launched with the Certificate level of qualification, became active in early 31 ABY. For his work and responsibilities on the project, Hogan would be awarded the Gold Star of the Empire by the Training Officer.

While assigned to the Training Office, Hogan would continue to provide assistance to the Internet Office, especially when it came to heraldry and insignia design. During a revitalization of the Fleet's medals, he would provide the design for the Medal of Scholarship and a redesign of the Medal of Instruction. Hogan was also detailed to the modernization of the Emperor's Hammer 3D medal assets, and, along with MAJ Kalve Ryder, worked to model the various insignia of the organization. These included more simple designs such as Ryder's redesign of the Imperial Service Medal, to complex and intricate designs such as the Legion of Combat and Medal of Tactics. The project additionally entailed the production of high quality renders of the medals and their upgrades. For both of their work on the project, both Hogan and Ryder were awarded the Gold Star of the Empire by the Internet Officer.

Craft Flown

TIE Sinister
TIE Sinister
Unit(s): Sin Squadron, Wing II, ISDII Warrior
Position(s): Flight Member, Flight Leader, Executive Officer, Squadron Commander
Rank(s): Sub-Lieutenant - Colonel
Active: 09/13/2020 - present
Missions: ongoing

Personal Life

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Royal Styles and Honors

While Hogan is not a styled member of the Atravian Royal House, he is considered a member of the royal family and remains close with a number of his relatives. As such, he is considered a member of the hereditary peerage and uses the courtesy title of his mother, Her Highness The Viscountess of Labrynna, which he serves to inherit. He participates in events with the extended royal family as often as possible, including Pass In Review parades, Atravian Naval College commencement ceremonies, and annual Life Day celebrations.

Titles and Styles

Date Effective Style
4 ABY The Honorable Robert Hogan of Labrynna


See also: Atravian Heraldry

On the occasion of the King's Silver Jubilee, Hogan was formally granted his charge and arms by letters patent from the Royal Atravian College of Arms. Following tradition, he was also presented a one meter by one meter depiction of arms, created from velvet and bullion by the heralds at the College. At present, this traditional and handcrafted depiction is displayed in the West Transept of the Royal Hall, Palace of Atravis, alongside those of his parents.

Arms of Robert Hogan
Arms of Robert Hogan
23 ABY
Granting Authority
Principal Herald of Atravis, Royal Atravian College of Arms
Three triangles connected to and within a circlet with seventeen sunrays emanating, above a butterfly displayed Or (The Charge of Her Highness The Viscountess of Labrynna).
Per pale Gules and Azure within a bordure Ermine.
Frame and Fringe
Frame of one full braid Or with Fringe Or (Frame and Fringe of an eldest son of a Viscountess, until such a time as he inherits the title of Viscount).

Military Records

TIE Corps Promotion Records

Rank Date Effective Time Held
TCCT.png  Cadet 09/13/2020 1 day
TCSL.png  Sub-Lieutenant 09/13/2020 2 days
TCLT.png  Lieutenant 09/15/2020 30 days
TCLCM.png  Lieutenant Commander 10/15/2020 2 months, 17 days
TCCM.png  Commander 01/01/2021 2 months, 3 days
TCCPT.png  Captain 03/06/2021 2 months, 1 day
TCMAJ.png  Major 05/07/2021 10 months, 11 days
TCLC.png  Lieutenant Colonel 03/13/2022 1 year, 18 days
TCCOL.png  Colonel 04/05/2023 Incumbent

EH Command Staff Promotion Records

Rank Date Effective Time Held
TCRA.png  Rear Admiral 08/16/2022 8 months
TCVA.png  Vice Admiral 04/17/2023 Incumbent

TIE Corps Positions Held

Date Effective Position Time Spent
09/13/2020 Tc-pos-no-position.png  Trainee, IWATS, SSD Avenger 1 day
09/13/2020 Tc-pos-fm.png  Flight Member, Sin Squadron, Wing II, ISDII Warrior 25 days
10/08/2020 Tc-pos-sqxo.png  Flight Leader & Executive Officer, Sin Squadron, Wing II, ISDII Warrior 2 months, 24 days
01/01/2021 Tc-pos-cmdr.png  Squadron Commander, Sin Squadron, Wing II, ISDII Warrior 6 months
07/01/2021 Tc-pos-fm.png  Flight Member, Sin Squadron, Wing II, ISDII Warrior 4 months, 11 days
11/10/2021 Tc-pos-fl.png  Flight Leader, Sin Squadron, Wing II, ISDII Warrior 18 days
11/28/2021 Tc-pos-sqxo.png  Flight Leader & Executive Officer, Sin Squadron, Wing II, ISDII Warrior 7 months, 23 days
07/21/2022 Tc-pos-fl.png  Flight Leader, Sin Squadron, Wing II, ISDII Warrior 1 month, 20 days
09/10/2022 Tc-pos-fm.png  Flight Member, Sin Squadron, Wing II, ISDII Warrior 2 months, 22 days
12/02/2022 Tc-pos-sqxo.png  Flight Leader & Executive Officer, Sin Squadron, Wing II, ISDII Warrior 5 months, 28 days
05/30/2023 Tc-pos-fm.png  Flight Member, Sin Squadron, Wing II, ISDII Warrior Incumbent

Secondary Positions Held

Date Effective Position Time Spent
06/19/2021 Imperial-storm-logo-small.png  Task Force Admiral, ISDII Warrior (Imperial Storm 3) 2 months
07/31/2022 TO-patch.png  Training Officer Assistant 16 days

EH Command Staff Positions Held

Date Effective Position Time Spent
08/16/2022 TO-patch.png  Command Attaché to the Training Officer, SSD Avenger 11 months, 8 days
07/24/2023 TO-patch.png  Command Attaché to the Training Officer, TFC Consul Incumbent

Awards and Decorations


Wings-echelon-21.png  Flight Certification Wings (21st Echelon)


Gs-rib.gif  Gold Star of the Empire
Ss-rib.gif  Silver Star of the Empire
Bs-rib.gif  Bronze Star of the Empire
Pc-rib.gif  Palpatine Crescent
Ism-rib.GIF  Imperial Security Medal
IAR-base.gif  Imperial Achievement Ribbon
Mot-gh.gif  Medal of Tactics with Green Hammer
Mos.gif  Medal of Scholarship
Moc-doc.gif  Medal of Communication
MUA-Rib.gif  TIE Corps Meritorious Unit Award
Is-pw.gif  Iron Star with Platinum Wings
Is-gw.gif  Iron Star with Gold Wings
Is-sw.gif  Iron Star with Silver Wings
Is-bw.gif  Iron Star with Bronze Wings
Is-pr.gif  Iron Star with Platinum Ribbon
Is-gr.gif  Iron Star with Gold Ribbon
Is-sr.gif  Iron Star with Silver Ribbon
Is-br.gif  Iron Star with Bronze Ribbon
Is-cr.gif  Iron Star with Copper Ribbon
Ora.gif  Operational Readiness Award
Loc-ps.gif  Legion of Combat
Los-ps.gif  Legion of Skirmish
Col-rib.gif  Commendation of Loyalty
Cob-rib.gif  Commendation of Bravery
Ov-1e.gif  Order of the Vanguard

Patch & Insignia Gallery

Robert Hogan has designed the following patches and insignia which have been used by Emperor's Hammer and TIE Corps squadrons, units, and offices:

Firebird Squadron Patch Eagle Squadron Patch Warden of the Imperial Archives Sigma Squadron Patch Training Office Patch
Firebird Squadron
Eagle Squadron
Warden of the Imperial Archives
Sigma Squadron
Training Office
RtF 2022 Patch Battlegroup 3 Patch Tactical Office Patch Reconnaissance Office Patch
Raise the Flag
Battlegroup III
Tactical Office
Reconnaissance Office

    * Competition-winning design.
    ¹ Training Office insignia based on previous design by Colonel Mordred.

Robert Hogan has designed the following awards insignia which have been used by the TIE Corps and the Emperor's Hammer:

TIE Corps Commander's Unit Award TIE Corps Meritorious Unit Award Iron Star with Ribbon Imperial Achievement Ribbon Operational Readiness Award
TIE Corps Commander's
Unit Award

TIE Corps Meritorious
Unit Award

Iron Star with Ribbon
(Ribbon Only)
Imperial Achievement Ribbon
Operational Readiness Award
Medal of Scholarship Medal of Instruction Ribbon Devices
Medal of Scholarship
Medal of Instruction
(Medallion Only)
Medal Upgrade Devices

Positions Held
Preceded by Position Succeeded by
Zekk Terrik Sin Squadron Commander
Jan 2021 - Jul 2021
Elwood the Brave Command Attaché to the Training Officer
Aug 2022 - Incumbent