Mirei Seppen

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Intelligence Division Alias

Blake, Claire, CrystalFire, LacyPower, Rin Yosei

Earned Medals: TIE Corps

Earned Medals: Intelligence Division

Military Career

Date/NL Rank/Promotion Insignia
Circa 2002 Cadet (CDT) TCCT.png
Circa 2002 Sub Lieutenant (LT) TCSL.png
Circa 2002 Lieutenant (LT) TCLT.png
01/24/2020 Lieutenant Commander (LCM) TCLCM.png
05/31/2020 Lieutenant (LT) TCLT.png

Expulsion from the EH

LT Seppen was expelled from the Emperor’s Hammer on June 11th, 2020, following a demotion and probation that were implemented on May 31st.