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The Imperial-II Star Destroyer Hammer is home to TIE Corps Wing I and the flagship of Battlegroup I. The battlegroup is commanded by the Battlegroup Commander, currently Rear Admiral Genie.


The history of the ISD-II Hammer was devised as part of the Historians Club a competition run in 2021 which was won by COL Doyon with his entry below. The runner up for this competition was an entry by Kell.

The Imperial-class Star Destroyer II Hammer was manufactured in 1 BBY at Kuat Drive Yards. Its crew has joined and trained with it for about 6 standard months, before being placed in the 37th fleet, patrolling the Mid-Rim.

In 0 BBY, the ISD Hammer, under the command of Captain Olin Miurt, participated in its first major operation in the Pacification of the Polia Sector, a region near Naboo. Several attacks occurred on civilian ships in the sector, which prompted the Imperial Navy to send the 37th in the region to defend the Imperial citizens. After 2 months of cat and mouse game, the Imperial fleet managed to trap the pirates responsible for the attacks, destroying them. The ISDII Hammer successfully engaged its TIE against pirate starfighters, and Captain Miurt even had the audacity to get into ship to ship combat, destroying an old Carack Cruiser.

After the Battle of Yavin, the Imperial Fleet was reorganized, and Miurt was promoted to Admiral. Replacing him was Frisia Warten, a young and ambitious Captain from Corellia. The Hammer was then placed under the 12th fleet, patrolling once again the Mid-Rim, but this time near the Hutt sector. For two years, the fleet patrolled the system, fighting periodically against Hutt criminals. The only event of note during that time was the Hammer being dispatched to participate in a relief effort to save Imperial colonists in the Sarriat system, where a giant meteor struck the planet Vell, making it uninhabitable. The Hammer’s stormtroopers helped to reestablish contact with the colonists and evacuate them from the colony.

The Hammer was dispatched to the space station D-34 in the Javin system after the Battle of Hoth, to bring relief to the forces there, who had come under attack by Rebel ships, allied with the local Mugaari pirates.

The EF76 Nebulon-B escort frigate Fogger later arrived in the system to relieve the Hammer, which remained in the area to assist D-34 in dealing with the sudden increase in enemy activity in the sector.

It was later present in the area of Depot XLS providing support in case the rebels should be too tough to be contained.

In 3 ABY, the 12th fleet was moved in the Parmic system to fight against Admiral Harkov’s forces. Warten, impatient to get noticed by the Imperial High Command, made several bold moves in the campaign, severely crippling the Hammer and her TIE squadrons. The ship had to be repaired at the Kuat Drive Yards, but Warten was finally promoted somewhere else in the Empire.

The Hammer was modified while being under repair to be able to accommodate two prototypes being tested in the Empire, the TIE Defender and the Missile boat. The ship was placed in the Emperor’s Hammer Strike Fleet, under the command of the newly promoted Grand Admiral Ronin. The Hammer fought at the Battle of Endor with the Emperor’s Hammer, where it managed to successfully repulse several attacks by Rebel starfighters, thanks to its complement of TIE Defenders and Missile Boats.

It wasn’t enough to win the battle though, and when the Death Star exploded, along with the death of the Emperor and Lord Vader, the Hammer left the battlefield on its own. Hopefully, Grand Admiral Ronin survived the battle, and he hailed all Imperial ships to follow him in the Outer Rim. The Hammer rejoined with the Emperor’s Hammer Strike Fleet, and is still fighting for the Empire since that day.

The Hammer continues to serve as the flagship of BG I which is now part of the First Recon Division, who recently neutralized the Ishtari threat. Like most ships on the fleet, the Hammer needed major repairs and maintenance, thus headed with the rest of the fleet back to Tusorix knowing a stalemate with the Ishtari reduced their fleet to a mere 5% once the SSD Avenger conducted a galactic drive-by. The SSD , however, like the Hammer, was crippled so no strength to go further.

Thanks to the Hammer and the rest of the fleet, however, the many people of Idu are probably glad to be out from under the thumb of a predatory expansionist race whose military power has been crippled.

Order of Battle[edit]

The Hammer's associated Battlegroup is Battlegroup I, consisting of the following

TIE Corps Wing I:

Victory-II class Star Destroyer Anvil

  • 2 squadron

Immobiliser-418 Cruiser Wrench

  • 1 squadron

Arquitens Cruiser Torch

  • 1 squadron

Arquitens Cruiser Pliers

  • 1 squadron

Arquitens Cruiser Chisel

  • 1 squadron

Arquitens Cruiser Ratchet

  • 1 squadron

Strike Cruiser Axe

  • 1 squadron

Raider Corvette Group Screwdriver (3 craft)

  • 1 flight each

Raider Corvette Group Narsil (3 craft)

  • 1 flight each

Nail Transport Squadron

Tweezers Shuttle Squadron

Splinter Utility Squadron



ISD Hammer Website

# COM Took office Left office Time in office Location Rank
1 Elwood the Brave 31 Mar 2014 7 Feb 2015 10m, 7d ISDII Hammer Vice Admiral
2 Anahorn Dempsey 8 Feb 2015 1 Jan 2017 1y, 10m, 24d ISDII Hammer High Admiral
3 Miles Prower 1 Jan 2017 9 May 2020 3y, 4m, 8d ISDII Hammer Admiral
4 Elwood the Brave 9 May 2020 8 Nov 2020 6m ISDII Hammer High Admiral
5 Phoenix Berkana 8 Nov 2020 31 Dec 2022 2y, 1m, 23d ISDII Hammer Admiral
6 Genie 31 Dec 2022 Present - ISDII Hammer Rear Admiral