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Admiral Mark Schueler, known also as Lenzar Demonis Entar, is currently Logistics Officer.


Born in 16 BBY among the skyscrapers of Imperial City, Mark Schueler led a quiet, if average childhood. He did fairly well at school, usually coming within the top 20% of his class. He was fairly apathetic to the Galactic Civil War, though he generally supported the Empire. Occasionally his parents, who owned a small but profitable space tours company would take him up to see the stars. The young Mark enjoyed this distraction from his daily activities. The events of the battle of Yavin happened shortly before Mark's 16th birthday. Imperial propaganda ensured that the Death Star's destruction was largely under-valued, instead victories against the Rebellion being heavily covered instead. It was around this time that Mark first felt his connection with the force.

Adult life[edit]

Shortly after Yavin, Mark's parents started to teach him the basics of piloting, training him up in their Lambda-Class Shuttle. Mark took to this well, possibly because of his as yet undiscovered force sensitivity. Shortly after gaining his piloting licence, he started work in the family business. This worked well for several years, until the fall of Coruscant. Mark and his family were generally supportive of the Empire, and this cost them dear as many Imperial supporters living on the upper levels of Coruscant found themselves being hounded. The family company was shut down and the family decided to move to Corellia.

The Emperor's Hammer[edit]

Mark never really settled down on Corellia. Through money that had been saved up over the years, he purchased a shuttle and flew off to Aurora. For a while he tried to do what his parents had done back on Coruscant, but was discouraged after being stopped by a routine patrol led by the Star Destroyer Vanguard. In 9 ABY, Mark, who was now 25, enlisted in the Hammer's TIE Fighter Corps. Quickly taking to the training, Mark graduated two months later as a Sub-Lieutenant. SL Schueler was assigned to Shin Squadron, in Wing VI on the flagship, the SSSD Sovereign. Shin were a deep strike squadron, specialising in going deep into Rebel territory and causing as much damage as they could. After several successful missions, Mark was promoted to Lieutenant. Later on, the leader of Flight II was transferred away from the squadron, and Mark was promoted into the position, earning the rank of Lieutenant Commander shortly afterwards. This was when the problems started, as Mark fell out with both his Wing Commander and Squadron Commander. The CMDR moved on shortly afterwards, but instead of promoting Schueler, as was usually the case, a flight member was elevated instead. Mark was furious. Soon afterwards he transferred off the flagship on the advice of VA Mell. Mark's new assignment was in Eta Squadron on board the ISD-II Colossus. Eta were an assassination squadron, and Mark found that he greatly enjoyed the adrenadline rush that this brought. Fairly soon into his career with Eta, he was promoted again to a Flight Leader role. On returning from a successful mission to take out a Rebel fleet commander, he was informed that due to his performance for the squadron, he was promoted to Commander of Nu Squadron. This came with an automatic promotion to the rank of Commander. It was during his command of Nu that Mark was promoted to Captain and Major. It was also during this time that the now famous 'Ascension' campaign occured, for which Mark earned the Major promotion. Soon after this, the lowlight of Mark's TC career occurred. During an argument in a simulator room onboard the Colossus, Mark sabotaged part of the system and was sent to the High Court of Inquisitors. During his time on the Colossus, Mark had developed a close working relationship with Drake, who was now Wing Commander of Wing IX on the ISD-II Relentless. Drake arranged for Mark to be transferred to the Relentless, in command of Crossbow Squadron. Meanwhile Mark's trial was carried out, and Mark recieved a one rank demotion back down to Captain. Crossbow were a recon squadron, and Schueler found this actually went well with his force abilities. Soon receiving a promotion back to Major, Mark was also elevated to the rank of a Jedi Hunter within the Dark Brotherhood...

Dark Brotherhood[edit]

Mark had first joined the DB in 11ABY after being advised to do so by Dark Jedi colleagues that were serving on the Colossus. Starting off in House Galthain of Clan Satal Keto, he quickly found his feet and was a Protector within a couple of months, and was soon elevated to be a Sith Commander. However soon after this Mark fell out with the house's Quaestor, Pyralis and left the clan, joining House Ronin of Alvaak. A promotion to Guardian soon followed as Mark continued to discover his force potential. However his career in Alvaak was dogged with many fallings out with members and leaders alike. Eventually Mark decided it was best to leave, and moved on to Clan Arcona. Whilst there Mark felt he fit in well with the clan members, becoming particularly friendly with Dolsar Saris who was also known as Darkfinn. Mark was promoted to Jedi Hunter for various activities within the clan. Then one day an event happened that ripped throughout the whole EH Fleet...

Mark and the split[edit]

During the confusion of the first few days of the split, Arcona was one of the clans less ravaged by the infighting that had begun. Mark decided to stay with the Hammer, to the disappointment of some of his colleagues. Darkfinn and the majority of the Arconan Sith also stayed loyal to Ronin, who placed Rapier as Grand Master of the much reduced Brotherhood. Having had mostly completed the trials for Knighthood, Mark was soon promoted to the coveted DJK rank and constructed his own lightsaber. However, Mark was still friendly with many of the now "traitors" that inhabited the other Brotherhood. This turned out to be his undoing, and during a standard recon mission, Mark hypered out on completion of the mission and headed to rDB space.

Rogue Dark Brotherhood[edit]

Not much is known about what happened with Mark within the ranks of the Brotherhood. All that is known is that he adopted a new name, Lenzar Demonis Entar, and was promoted up to the equivalent of Sith Battlelord. He was also Quaestor of two different Sith houses, before leaving and disappearing.


Shortly after leaving the rDB, Mark happened across a smallish Imperial faction operating in te Outer Rim. Using his force abilities, Mark was able to seize command of this faction, although it only consisted of a Star Destroyer, three corvettes and an Interdictor. During this time Mark took part in many raids that would have been considered piracy, often flying into battle in his now aged TIE Defender, Adjudicator II, the ship he took with him on leaving the Hammer. About six months into his 'assignment', Schueler's fleet was attacked by the Republic, destroying two of his corvettes and his Interdictor. This left him without a means of holding his prey in location for resupply operations. Some time later, whilst persuing a convoy, a pair of MC90 cruisers jumped into system and started a concentrated bombing run on Mark's Star Destroyer. The remaining fighters, whose number had slowly dwindled over the months and now comprised of two TIE Advanced and one TIE Interceptor Squadron did their best to repel the Rebel attack, but were unable to prevent the ship from becoming disabled. Mark himself had again joined the battle in his TIE Defender, which suffered a warhead launcher failure. When it became clear that the Star Destroyer was lost, Mark ordered the Corvette and remaining fighters to get out of there, and then set his own hyperdrive to follow the CRV. After all the friendly forces were out of the area, Mark dug deep into his dark force energies, and managed to concentrate his rage into a much increased piloting ability, which also managed to remove the shield systems of all the enemy fighters. Quickly finishing them off, Mark delved even deeper into the Dark Side and managed to severly damage one of the MC90 cruisers. After this, Mark felt himself passing out and just about managed to hit the hyperdrive before he fell into a deep coma.

He woke up six months later on the remaining Corvette. He instantly realised his extreme use of the Dark Side had not only taken its toll on his body, but had caused him to become so much more withdrawn from the Force that he was back to the level of a Dark Jedi Knight.

Return to the Hammer[edit]

Soon after these events, Mark realised he missed the days of being a simple Imperial Pilot. He decided to return to the Hammer, and had the Corvette hyperspace to the Aurora System. On arrival his ship was integrated into the Hammer's Navy, but Mark declined the offer to command the Corvette's new Squadron. Instead he asked to be transferred onto the ISD Challenge, after finding out his home, the Colossus was no longer accepting elite TC pilots. He was placed in Tornado Squadron under COL Master. Not long after his placement there, the Challenge was involved in what has become known as the 'Advance Warning' campaign, where a complicated incident involving betrayal and time travel resulted in the destruction of the fleet of Warlord Fleet Admiral Toval. For his actions in this campaign, which included several acts of bravery and excellent leadership, Mark was invited to join the elite Omega Squadron. After more than five years away, Mark was back on the Sovereign. During his stint as a flight member in the 11th position, Mark took part in many missions, mostly escorting the Fleet Commander to various engagements. During one of these battles, one of the flight leaders, Diaboli disappeared into hyperspace, taking his TIE Guardian with him. Mark was promoted in his place as the Flight Leader of the third flight.

A couple of months later, Keldorn Cochrane resigned his commission as Omega Commander to take up the post of Logistics Officer full time, and Mark was chosen to lead the squadron. Eventually, however, the squadron was deemed unnecessary as resources attached to the fleet began to dwindle. After Astatine attempted to assassinate Ronin, who still held more sway despite having resigned some years previously from Fleet Commander, Omega was abolished.

After drifting around the fleet on a temporary assignment basis, Schueler found himself assigned to be Command Attaché to Logistics Officer Destavol. Finally Mark Schueler was part of the Hammer's Admiralty. Serving with distinction during Destavol's brief time as LO, it was of no surprise that when Destavol went AWOL that is was Mark who was chosen to take on the job.

Schueler, promoted to Vice Admiral, moved the flagship of the Logistics Office to his beloved ISD Colossus.

Received Medals[edit]

TIE Corps Merit Awards Gold Star - Silver Star (7) - Bronze Star (10) - Palpatine Crescent (10) - Imperial Security Medal (29)
Iron Stars Platinum Wings - Gold Wings (11) - Silver Wings (26) - Bronze Wings (67) - Gold Ribbon (7) - Silver Ribbon (58) - Bronze Ribbon (67)
Multiplayer Legion of Combat (7) - Distinguished Flying Cross
Service Medals Medal of Instruction (2) - Medal of Tactics - Red Hammer - Medal of Tactics - Green Hammer (5) - Medal of Tactics - Blue Hammer (11)
Commendations Commendation of Loyalty (2) - Commendation of Bravery - Letter of Achievement (6)
Medals of Communication Diamond oak cluster (6) - Platinum oak cluster (6) - Gold oak cluster (6) - Silver oak cluster (7) - Bronze oak cluster (53)

Combat Record[edit]

FCHG rank Gladiator (2598)
Combat rating Marksman 4th (33)
Co-op rating Gunner\'s Mate 2nd (271)
Total missions flown 2592
Battles completed 402
Free missions completed 402
Mission high scores 3

Academic Record[edit]

Core and Command

Core (91%) - Squadron Management 2 (87%) - Squadron Management 3 (83%) - Wing Management (88%)

Mission Creation

Mission Creation and Beta Testing Standards (75%) - TIE Fighter Mission Creation 1 (72%) - X-Wing Alliance Mission Design (80%) - X-Wing Mission Design (83%) - X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter Mission Design 1 (71%) - X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter Mission Design 2 (78%)


HTML: Imperial Internet Communications 1 (100%) - HTML: Imperial Internet Communications 2 (98%) - Wiki Editing for Dummies (90%)


Internet Basics (82%) - mIRC 1 (80%) - mIRC 2 (80%) - AOL Instant Messenger (91%)


Rebellion Tactics (80%) - TIE Fighter Tactics (85%) - An Introduction to X-Wing Alliance (82%)


Phase I CORE - Dark Brotherhood (100%) - Sith Phase II (100%)

Dark Brotherhood:
Steel Cross
Star of Eos
Dark Cross
Crescent - with Diamond Star x2,
with Amethyst Star x3,
with Emerald Star x4,
with Topaz Star x6,
with Quartz Star
Cluster of Fire x10
Legion of the Scholar x5

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