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Frodo March, (date of birth unknown at this time) is a former Tactical Officer and Flight Officer. He has also held such positions as Commodore of the ISD-II Intrepid, Wing Commander of Wing V on the SSSD Sovereign, as well as Commander of Krayt and Python Squadrons. He has also been a member of the Praetorian Elite Squadron.

Early Life[edit]

He was born on the outer rim moon of Mordoroth of upper middle class parents. This moon being rarely heard of as it was a suburb for relatively wealthy people to live, it has no real economy except the sale of premium housing. Frodo's father was a pilot for a luxury liner company that would provide VIP transport from the outer rim to the core worlds, while his mother stayed home to take care of him and his siblings.

Frodo was a complicated child, not easily pleased, and he would prove to be quite a bit of trouble for his parents to control. He was groomed early to be eventually join the imperial academy in order to become an imperial officer. Unfortunately, when he was in his early teens the Death of Palpatine forced his homeworld under the command of the chaotic New Republic.

Due to his upbringing under imperial rule, Frodo did not accept the change of leadership very well, considering he was brought up believing in the autocratic imperialism of Palpatine, the very idea of democracy sickened him to the bone.

Early Imperial Career[edit]

At age 16 Frodo left his homeworld which was increasing it's lenient governmental trend, and making life less and less bearable for someone as determined as he is. He used public transportation to take him to the closest imperial centre he could find, which happened to be Aurora Prime itself. He promptly joined, but since he had no real education, and had to lie about his age (he needed to be 17 to enlist at the lowest level possible), he was forced to accept the only job they would offer him...Imperial Custodian.

Custodian Staff[edit]

Frodo was assigned to the ISD Intrepid, which was at the time commanded by Vice Admiral Pel. His sense of duty was strong, and he took great pride in his work which proved to be very efficient. He cleaned the ISD for 18 months before being injured in the battle that would forever change the pace of his career.

First piloting experience[edit]

During an ambush on the ISD Intrepid on 10/19/99 local date, Frodo was cleaning the hangar bay. As the full alert was sounded, most pilots had already scrambled to their fighters and left the hangar to join the battle. Frodo was left alone with a TIE Fighter, that as he stated later on "seemed destined for me to fly...", and he did, using a space pressure suit that he had stolen from the uniform cleaners earlier in the week.

He flew well, taking down two rebel starfighters in a rather heroic fashion, before being shot down. Thankfully, he ejected on time and awoke six months later in the Intrepid's sick bay. The Wing Commander at the time, COL Raith Sienar asked to speak to him and recommended that he be sent to M/PLT Daedalus for pilot training, as a comissioned officer.

He trained for 8 months before returning as an Imperial Pilot, in Krayt Squadron, under the command of his own cousin, LC Dengar March.

TIE Corps Career[edit]

Beginings in Krayt[edit]

Frodo was admitted into Krayt Squadron in position 1-2 only to ask to be moved to Krayt 2-2 a few weeks later. This move was apparently to avoid the misconception that he would always have his big cousin to cover for him. He was under the command of then Flight Leader Commander Dvader. His activity was minimal, earning few medals.

Flight Leader in Ghost[edit]

Frodo began picking up in flying activity several months after his initial appointment and promotion to lieutenant. It is here that his ambition truly began, and he requested transfer to Ghost Squadron as a flight leader, on the ISD Immortal, under the command of Major RogueWing.

Frodo wasn't always the most active in the Squadron, but provided a consistent effort in both multiplayer and single player activities. He earned many Palpatine Crescents, and eventually a promotion to LCM.

First Command[edit]

Frodo's ambition grew, and he soon began applying for every command opportunity he could on any ship. He applied 13 times, for 13 different Squadrons before finally being promoted to Commander and given command of Krayt Squadron on the ISD Intrepid, where his journey began.

He commanded for nearly a year, his Squadron being rated 5th in the Aggressor Strike Force in ASF SC IV. He was promoted to Captain three months after being appointed, and to Major three months after that.

However, as it seemed to be a trend in his career, and because of trouble with a flag officer, he began applying for every possible Wing Commander position open.

Frodo the Flag Officer[edit]

Wing V Commander[edit]

Frodo was promoted to Wing Commander of Wing V on the SSSD Sovereign after nearly 11 full months of command in Krayt and was quickly promoted to Lieutenant Colonel by his former Flag Officers due to his strong performance as CMDR. The Flight Officer allowed it despite the transfer.

Commanding Wing V would prove difficult, but despite a small uprising by a commander early on, he thrived as a Wing Commander, being awarded the Palpatine Crescent twice, and promoted to Colonel almost immediatly upon being elligeable.

Five months later, Frodo experienced his first burnout, and decided to resign from the position of Wing V Commander. He returned to Krayt as a Flight Member, and was quickly promoted to Krayt Commander. This did not last very long, as Commodore Wil Striker resigned soon after.

Intrepid Commodore[edit]

Not for the first time, Frodo's timing seemed to be more than perfect. He was appointed as Commodore of the Intrepid, mainly due to the Wing Commander being freshly appointed. He commanded for 13 months, in which the Intrepid lost it's title as ASF Flag Ship. Frodo promptly disapeared for about a week upon discovering this news. His work however, was consistent and his resolve always strong, so he was promoted to Vice Admiral.

Finding Himself[edit]

Frodo's career had been linear for the past few years, when he felt that he needed change and that his WC was more than ready to take charge of the ship himself. He resigned as commodore and joined the TAC Staff full time as Tactical Coordinator. He then returned to Krayt, accepting a two rank demotion to do so. He remained in the flight member position for nearly two months before giving a rebirth to Python Squadron as it's commander, all the while maintaining his steady work as Tactical Coordinator, a position he also held between his two flag officer appointments. He remained as Commander for 3 months, because an offer was made that he couldn't refuse...

Praetorian Squadron[edit]

Frodo's time in Praetorian Squadron is seldom heard of, and usually kept secret due to Praetorian's nature as an Intelligence Division unit. What he did there, or how he did it, is unknown. All that is certain, is that he was there for 30 days, and that he is rumored to have ties with the Squadron, on a seemingly permanent basis.

There is no proof to the rumor, only that he currently flies a TIE Praetor, named Hobbit.

Tactical Officer[edit]

Upon the retirement of Fleet Admiral Marcin Szydlowski, Frodo was immediatly put in place as his successor. He performed the duties of TAC for 15 months, where he performed admirably. It is rumored that his performance as TAC is attributed as the reason his self-esteem is so bloated today.

For his work, he was promoted from Rear Admiral, to Admiral, to Fleet Admiral, and Finally High admiral within the 15 months in this position, which is a remarkably fast rate. He was also awarded the Gold Star of the Empire, and the Grand Order of the Emperor.

Accomplishments as TAC[edit]

In his last report as Tactical Officer, Frodo stated the following as his greatest accomplishments:

  • The Iron Mission Creator Competition
  • A proper Golden Tugs Ceremony
  • He ran a Sovereign Squadron league almost alone, the first of it's kind with brand new simulator missions
  • Increased the releases from the year before by 22 missions
  • Balanced the MoT-BH totals for all EH pilots.
  • Set a solid IWATS curriculum for mission creation IWATS (although this project technically did not finnish until the Update of TIE Mission Creation 3 in April 07)
  • Put the Tactical Manual online again
  • He is solely responsible for the Patch links in Every battle download page. Before the pilots had to inconveniently go to the science office site to obtain them.
  • Ran Operation Ant-Eater, which cleared the Bug Reports from the Mission Compendium!

Frodo also restructured the TAC staff, eliminating the positions of Tactical Head Coordinator, and Tactical Coordinator, making the TAC and his CA more involved in the release process.

Time in the Reserves[edit]

Upon his resignation as Tactical Officer, Frodo remained as TACA and IWATS professor (For IWATS WM, which he redid completely) for several months before going to the reserves. He spent much time there as he was unable to perform any duties for the TIE Corps during those months. He returned 6 months after retiring as TAC, to be the TIE Corps Commander and Flight Officer.

Flight Officer and Beyond[edit]

Frodo's time as Flight Officer concluded in May 2007 due to a RL commitment taking him away from the fleet. Upon his return, however, he assumed the role of Reconnaissance Officer of the Emperor's Hammer before commanding Praetorian Squadron again. He spent time as the Strategic Operations Officer before returning to the comfort of the Phoenix.


Frodo is very loyal to the Emperor's Hammer, especially to GA Astatine and SA Cyric his superiors. He performs his duties to the best of his ability, in a responsible manner, which is attributed to his success as a Command Officer in the Emperor's Hammer.

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