Jarion Renalds

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Jarion Renalds
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Eye Colour:

Deep Sapphire





Social Information
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TIE Interceptor

Career Information

TIE Corps

  • Pilot
  • Airborne Infantryman

Flight Leader

TIE Corps Record:


Jarion Renalds is currently a Commander and Flight Leader within Rho Squadron, Wing II, Battlegroup V of the TIE Corps.

He is also the Battleteam Leader of Stingray and a Protector in the Dark Brotherhood. He was formerly also a Specialist in the Hammer's Fist.

Early History[edit]

Jarion was born in 0 ABY on Coruscant to a Mandalorian father and Coruscanti mother. His family was considered middle-class by the standards of the planet's living society and therefore Jarion had an average upbringing, being too young to understand galactic politics during the waining years of Palpatine's Empire. Despite this, as he developed through his childhood he took a keen interest in spacecraft, earning himself a part-time apprenticeship as a mechanic at a starport when he was fourteen.

Thankfully, his parents had enough credits and prestige and managed to enroll Jarion into an esteemed Naval Academy upon his sixteenth birthday. It was in this enviroment that Jarion really flourished, showing just how far his passion for military-grade spacecraft could go. He eventually graduated fourth of his class in 18 ABY and shortly thereafter had earned himself a commission as a Lieutenant in the New Republic Defence Fleet, flying the famed X-Wing fighter.

New Republic Defense Fleet[edit]

His service was not off to a good start, Jarion lost his right hand in a mid-air collision and the subsequent crash landing during a training exercise in Coruscant's atmosphere. Fortunately, he managed to land his badly damaged fighter in an industrial district which gave him enough flat space to land successfully. After the accident he was given a suitable prosthetic replacement to continue his duty in the fleet.

Throughout the next three years Jarion was a very active pilot, being deployed to numerous locations around New Republic space and seeing his fair share of space combat in the final years of the Galactic Civil War. It was during this conflict that Jarion saw for himself how faults in the tactical and strategical aspects of the organisation had led to many unnecessary casualties amongst New Republic Forces.

As a result of this, Jarion eventually requested leave and left for Coruscant, staying for a couple of weeks. It was not long after he returned to active duty when the young pilot hijacked a shuttle and fled for Emperor's Hammer space, having heard that it had the strong naval presence he had been looking for.

TIE Corps[edit]

Instantly accepted into the esteemed TIE Corps as a recruit, Jarion went through through the recruitment process at a steady pace, eventually being promoted to Sub-Lieutenant and placed in Beta Squadron. His previous naval experience helped gain him a quick promotion to full Lieutenant, also shortly afterwards helping him gain a job with the Logistics Office.

Jarion later served as a Flight Leader in Epsilon Squadron for over a year, juggling leadership on the battlefield and stocking inventory and updating orders of battle for Vice Admiral Mark Schueler. He eventually decided to step back into a wingman role, focusing more as an Archivist than as a pilot. After many months of filing sheets and stocking request forms, Jarion proved himself a capable asset to the TIE Corps and was promoted to Lieutenant Commander and reassigned to Flight Leader in Alpha Squadron.

Hammer's Fist[edit]

Upon finding his slot in the pilot seat diminished greatly by his working with the Logistics Office, Jarion found himself with a need for some action in his day to day life. With the approval of his superiors. the Mandalorian enlisted with the Hammer's Fist and was placed in Delta Squad, nicknamed Eode's Eopies and assigned as an Airborne Infantryman. Jarion found that he thrived with ground combat, and quickly earned the attention of his commanding officers. It wasn't long before he was promoted up to Corporal and reassigned to lead Alpha Squad, the Mandalorian relying much on the space tactics he had been taught as a teenager but tweaked to suit ground formations and movements.

His success with leading the squad earned him a further promotion to Specialist, and it was many months until his service was cut short after a serious injury fighting pirates. Hanging up his Stormtrooper helmet for the time being, Jarion decided to return to full-time flight duty.

Remnant and Recommission[edit]

In 25 ABY with the threat of the Yuuzhan Vong looming over the galaxy, Jarion had become frustrated with the idle stance held by the Emperor's Hammer. After four years of service he was discharged at his own request and travelled to Yaga Minor in Imperial Remnant territory. The pilot did not hold the Republic with much regard and assumed he'd integrate into the Remnant far better. Jarion spent the next three years as an NCO in the Stormtrooper's Corps, participating in skirmishes with the Vong from the devastation of Muunilinst to the well known Battle of Bastion in 28 ABY. His squad was whittled down during the conflict until only two remained, and it was as he boarded the dropship to leave the capital world that the soldier surmised that he'd done his part to protect Imperial Space from the intergalactic invaders.

Shortly after this Jarion returned to EH space and asked to be recommissioned as a TIE pilot and given his previous occupation in the logistics office. His request was approved and the Lieutenant Commander was assigned to a new unit flying the indomitable TIE Interceptor. Rho Squadron was stationed on the ISDII Warrior, and it was Jarions first time serving on the Star Destroyer. After only a few months the Mandalorian was promoted to full Commander and assigned as a Flight Leader once again.

Personal Life[edit]

Due to Jarion's Mandalorian heritage he often travelled to Mandalore during leave. It was here in 23 ABY that he met Dha'kalyc Dane Beviin during a night of heavy drinking on the streets of Keldabe. They both managed to find themselves in the middle of a cantina brawl and assisted each other in leaving relatively unscathed. They grew pretty inseperable over the following months whenever Jarion was off-duty and eventually married in a private ceremony on Mandallia.

It is through this union that he is related to an esteemed Mandalorian Protector and Dark Jedi, Kalon Tsucyra Entar.


Despite preferring to trust in the reliablity of a blaster rifle of pistol, Jarion has honed his melee skills. Ever since he was a child he has practitioned the Jakelian form which relies on blades. It was most famously taught to Clone Troopers bred on Kamino by their Mandalorian instructors, and one of these instructors just happened to be his father.

When it does indeed come to range then Jarion's weapons of choice are the EE-3 Carbine Rifle and the Westar-35 Blaster Pistol due to both their reliability and raw power. At close range than he is more than comfortable with any standard vibrosword or staff, having studied a variety of weapon skills when he was a student at the Naval Academy on Coruscant.


TIE Corps:

  • Silver Star of the Empire
  • Bronze Star of the Empire x 3
  • Palpatine Crescent
  • Imperial Security Medal x 5
  • Iron Star w/ Gold Wings x 2
  • Iron Star w/ Silver Wings x 2
  • Iron Star w/ Bronze Wings x 4
  • Iron Star w/ Silver Ribbon
  • Iron Star w/ Bronze Ribbon x 7
  • Medal of Instruction
  • Legion of Combat w/ Copper Scimitar (19 Awards)
  • Legion of Skirmish w/ Rubidium Scimitar (491 Awards)
  • Medal of Communication - Diamond oak cluster
  • Medal of Communication - Platinum oak cluster
  • Medal of Communication - Gold oak cluster
  • Medal of Communication - Silver oak cluster x 3
  • Medal of Communication - Bronze oak cluster x 14
  • Commendation of Bravery
  • Order of the Vanguard - 7th Echelon

Dark Brotherhood:

  • Steel Cross w/ Star of Anger (2 Awards)
  • Star of Eos
  • Dark Cross
  • Kaiburr Star w/ Emerald Core (3 Awards)
  • Crescent w/ Amethyst Star x 4
  • Crescent w/ Sapphire Star
  • Crescent w/ Topaz Star
  • Crescent w/ Quartz Star
  • Cluster of Fire
  • Legion of the Scholar - Gold x 2
  • Legion of Scholar - Silver
  • Legion of the Scholar - Bronze x 3

Hammer's Fist:

  • Medal of Conspicuous Gallantry
  • Cross of Obedience
  • Cross of Destruction - Gold Star Cluster
  • Long Service Award
  • Paper of Communication x 3
  • Order of the Vanguard x 3
  • Intelligence Commendation Medal w/ Xonolite V (56 awards)
  • Warfare Service Medal x 5


  • Jarion has a phobia of Gizka, stemming from when he was a child.
  • He has an addiction to gambling, most typically games of Pazaak and Sabacc.
  • Jarion can speak fluent Mando'a, in part thanks to his Mandalorian heritage.