Eagle Squadron

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Eagle Squadron is an Infiltration squadron assigned to Wing XXII on the Mon Calamari Star Cruiser 90 Renegade.

In December 2020, Eagle Squadron became the fifth squadron activated in Wing X, having formerly been stationed aboard the MC90 Warspite. On April 18, 2023 it was transferred to Wing XXII on the MC90 Renegade.


Flight I - Shadow Flight - "The Eyes of the Eagle"
Pilot Position Tenure Special Mentions
COL Miles Prower Squadron Commander February 2023- Former COO (May 2020-November 2022), RO (October 2018-November 2022) & ISDII Hammer Commodore (2017-2020)
LT darktank99 Flight Member 1-2 April 2023-
Empty Flight Member 1-3 N/A N/A
LC Graf D'Jinn Flight Member 1-4 June 2022- Former Eagle Squadron Commander (August 2021-May 2022)
Flight II - Nova Flight - "The Heart of the Eagle"
Pilot Position Tenure Special Mentions
CPT Xylo Pethtel Flight Leader 2-1 & Squadron Executive Officer June 2021- Former Eagle Squadron Commander (May 2022-August 2022)
LCM jospence Flight Member 2-2 October 2021-
LT Maria Prower Flight Member 2-3 June 2023- N/A
SL Project Z0-6TV15 Flight Member 2-4 August 2023- N/A
Flight III - Talon Flight - "The Talons of the Eagle"
Pilot Position Tenure Special Mentions
CM Maple Wulvar Flight Leader 3-1 August 2023-
LCM Armon Ferro Flight Member 3-2 January 2024-
LT Leon Flight Member 3-3 March 2024-
LT AxFive Flight Member 3-4 May 2024-
Veterans of Eagle Squadron
Pilot Historical Rank Historical Position Tenure
LC Talon Jade Major, Lieutenant Colonel Squadron Commander & Flight Member 3-2 December 2020-June 2022