Warden of the Imperial Archives

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As written on April 20, 2016, by FA Elwood the Brave:

"Since the creation of the Imperial University and the centralization of ALL EH SG studies in the IU, the DEAN has been obsolete. As there is no actual tendency to get IWATS back I have decided, with the approval of the FC, that the position of DEAN will be removed from the TCCS. To replace the DEAN the position of the 'Warden of the Imperial Archives' was created. Here the details for the position as agreed to by the FC and as they'll be added to the TCPM with the next update:"

Position Description: The Warden of the Imperial Archives (WARD) is responsible for championing fiction, writing and related non-flight activity within the TIE Corps.

Rank: No new rank upon appointment, may be promoted in line with primary position.


  • Supports and encourages fiction and related non-flight activity with the creation of competitions and other activities.
  • Maintains a historic background for TC competitions, establishing a narrative and continuing to develop it as the TC progresses.
  • Utilizes all available TC media to promote fiction and communication, such as TC message boards and mailing lists.
  • Uploads submitted fiction and graphics to their creator's profile.
  • Other duties assigned by the TCCS as needed.

Contact Requirements: Moderate to High. A Warden will be expected to lead by example and provide a useful source of guidance or information to any pilot.

Previous Wardens[edit]

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