War Officer

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The War Officer was in charge of war gaming activities within the TIE Corps, and worked under the authority of the TIE Corps Commander (TCCOM). He or she is responsible for evaluating the rules of war games and skirmishes, reporting war game reviews and results to the TCCOM, as well as plotlines for for future games. The War Officer is also tasked with maintaining the War Gaming Manual and website. The position is currently inactive/defunct.

Rank: The minimum rank for this position was Rear Admiral, and the maximum rank was Admiral.

Command Responsibilities[edit]

  • Reviewing and approving new war game rules for use in the TIE Corps.
  • Reviewing and approving new complex skirmishes rules for use in the TIE Corps.
  • Documenting fleets and rules used in all official War games and Skirmishes in the TIE Corps.
  • Functioning as Game Master in larger scale war games, such as those between Battlegroups or TC-wide (or smaller ones as necessary).
  • Organizing larger scale war games, like those between Battle Groups or involving the full TIE Corps or EH Subgroups. (for example: the yearly Imperial Storm operation.)
  • Keep a record of all war games, past and present, on a regularly updated WO website.
  • Maintain and revise the War gaming manual as necessary.
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