Reconnaissance Officer

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Position Description[edit]

According to the EH Training Manual, "The Reconnaissance Officer (RO) holds the special duty of helping to identify new facets of the online Star Wars Universe for the Emperor's Hammer to visit. As the eyes and ears of the Hammer on the internet, the Reconnaissance Officer will scour various WWW, FTP, IRC sites, etc. to find new avenues of expansion for the Emperor's Hammer. The RO will typically be working alone in the vast expanses of cyberspace."

Rank: The Reconnaissance Officer is Seventh in Command of the Fleet and must hold the minimum rank of Admiral. The Reconnaissance Officer can be promoted up to and including the rank of High Admiral.

In 2018, the office was reinstated over ten years since the position was made redundant. It was reinvented with a new combination of duties as public relations office, social media management and multimedia content creation/support. The reorganization was suggested during the administration of Grand Admiral Rapier by Miles Prower who was the inaugural holder of the new office's head as Reconnaissance Officer.

Past Reconnaissance Officers[edit]

# RO Took office Left office Time in office Promotion
1 Invader NL26 - -
2 Doomsday NL27 NL41 - Admiral (NL31)
Fleet Admiral (NL33)
3 Ace NL42 NL45 -
4 Whafro NL46 NL47 -
5 Arcon Telf NL48 20th June 2000 (NL65) - Admiral (NL49)
Fleet Admiral (NL54)
6 Slage 20th June 2000 (NL66) 26th January 2001 (NL70) 7 months, 6 days
7 Keiran Idanian 11th February 2001 (NL71) 22nd March 2003 (NL92) 2 years, 1 month, 11 days Fleet Admiral (8/11/2001)
High Admiral (4/7/2002)
8 Joe 22nd March 2003 (NL93) 23rd December 2006 3 years, 9 months, 1 day Admiral (5/6/2003)
Fleet Admiral (5/11/2005)
9 Frodo March 9/10/2007 05/10/2008 8 months
10 Miles Prower 10/22/2018 11/02/2022 4 years, 11 days Admiral (9/17/2017)
11 TBD
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