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Admiral/General Pickled Yoda is currently the Tactical Officer in the Emperor's Hammer Command Staff and Flight 3 Member of Theta Squadron. Yoda has been Tactical Officer since July 10, 2018 and has been in Theta Squadron for 4 years.

Trainee to OPS[edit]

Pickled Yoda has served the Emperor's Hammer with distinction for over 5 years. A clerical error initially placed him in Spear Squadron on the ISD Relentless, but he quickly transferred to the Home of Legends - the ISD Grey Wolf.

Over the next 2 years and 8 months, Yoda rose quickly through the ranks of Odin Squadron - Flight Member, Flight Leader and Squadron Commander - before becoming the Wing XIII Commander at the end of 2003. After a year long tenure which saw him reach the illustrious rank of General, Yoda became the 13th Commodore of the Grey Wolf.

On April 25, 2005, Yoda was appointed Operations Officer of the Emperor's Hammer, a post he held for 6 months before being removed from his position. After being fired, Yoda concentrated on his duties as IIC Professor while he decided what to do with his career. After two weeks, Yoda realised what he wanted to do.


November 4, 2006 saw the reopening of Valkyrie Squadron on the Grey Wolf under the command of General Pickled Yoda. The squadron was built into the finest in the fleet, in just 4 months. The squadron was reopened for the sole purpose of uniting the Grey Wolf Secret Order of Monks - GWSOoM - in one squadron.

The squadron was notable for being made up almost exclusively of Colonels, as owing to the enforcement of Executive Order 2, Yoda lost the rank of General.


After the TIE Corps Restructure and the corresponding closure of Valkyrie Squadron, Wing XIII and his beloved Grey Wolf, Yoda was transferred officially to Scorpion Squadron on the Vanguard. This disgusted him, as in previous Supremacy Competitions he had frequently outscored the Vanguard by himself. This, as well as his sadness at the loss of so many close friends in the Imperial Dominion fiasco, contributed to a general disenchantment with the Emperor's Hammer. Yoda never bothered to travel to the Vanguard, instead drifting the galaxy for a time. It was the closest he had ever been to being in the TIE Corps Reserves.

After seeing the Redemption opened and the opportunity to join some of the surviving members of Valkyrie, Yoda transferred to Green Squadron. In the inaugural Raise the Flag competition, he contributed over 2000 points to help make Green the Flight Officer's Escort Squadron.

Subsequent to this success, Yoda served as the Redemption Wing Commander under Commodore Gunman for 10 months.

Special Assignment[edit]

Following his second stint as Wing Commander, Yoda's reputation for moonlighting as a slicer caught up with him. He was seconded to the secretive Auroran Holonet Corps where he received specialised training and expert instruction in holonet operations and advanced slicing.


AFter completing his training over four years, Yoda returned to active duty in Lambda Squadron, which quickly was reorganised to Theta Squadron on the newly recommissioned ISD Warrior. His first five years back corresponded with extraordinary success in the Raise the Flag competitions - five flagship titles for the Warrior, five escort squadron awards for Theta and even twice being named as the TCCOM's Wingman - the prize for the overall best pilot.

Received Medals[edit]

Emperor's Hammer Merit Awards Imperial Cross - Grand Order of the Emperor
TIE Corps Merit Awards Gold Star (5) - Silver Star (13) - Bronze Star (13) - Palpatine Crescent (17) - Imperial Security Medal (24)
Iron Stars Platinum Wings (3) - Gold Wings (35) - Silver Wings (130) - Bronze Wings (198) - Platinum Ribbon (5) - Gold Ribbon (42) - Silver Ribbon (107) - Bronze Ribbon (127)
Multiplayer Distinguished Flying Cross (11)
Service Medals Medal of Instruction (2) - Medal of Tactics - Red Hammer (6) - Medal of Tactics - Green Hammer
Commendations Commendation of Loyalty (11) - Commendation of Excellence - Commendation of Service (2) - Commendation of Bravery - Letter of Achievement (50)
Medals of Communication Diamond oak cluster (8) - Platinum oak cluster (7) - Gold oak cluster (9) - Silver oak cluster (8) - Bronze oak cluster (68)

Combat Record[edit]

FCHG rank Templar (4976)
Combat rating Veteran 4th (432)
Co-op rating Ranger 3rd (870)
Total missions flown 4134
Battles completed 632
Free missions completed 733
Battle high scores 32
Mission high scores 237

Academic Record[edit]

Core and Command

Core (100%) - Squadron Management 3 (90%) - Wing Management (100%) - Squadron Management 4 (100%)

Mission Creation

Mission Creation and Beta Testing Standards (96%) - SW Galactic Battlegrounds Mission Creation (100%) - TIE Fighter Mission Creation 1 (98%) - X-Wing Alliance Mission Design (91%) - X-Wing Mission Design (97%) - X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter Mission Design 1 (78%) - TIE Fighter Mission Creation 3 (90%)


Active Server Pages (100%) - BitchX (100%) - Computer Basics (93%) - Cascading Style Sheets (100%) - Flash (100%) - Graphics (90%) - HTML: Imperial Internet Communications 1 (100%) - HTML: Imperial Internet Communications 2 (100%) - HTML: Imperial Internet Communications 3 (100%) - JavaScript (82%) - Linux (78%) - mIRC Scripting (88%) - PHP (100%) - Visual Basic Script (100%) - Wiki Editing for Dummies (90%) - XML (100%)


Dreamweaver (100%) - FileZilla (95%) - Internet Basics (82%) - ICQ (100%) - mIRC 1 (100%) - mIRC 2 (100%) - Trillian (100%) - AOL Instant Messenger (100%) - Steam Introduction (100%)


Advanced Multiplayer Tactics (100%) - Freeworlds (90%) - Freeworlds Tactics (90%) - Multiplayer 1 (100%) - Multiplayer 2 (100%) - Rebellion Tactics (97%) - SW Galactic Battlegrounds (100%) - TIE Fighter Tactics (85%) - X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter Tactics (88%) - An Introduction to X-Wing Alliance (100%) - Crazy Tactics that Work (100%) - Star Conflict (100%) - Basic Flight Maneuvers (100%)

History and Knowledge

History of the Galactic Civil War (91%) - Hand Weapons General Knowledge (100%) - Starfighter Weapons (100%)


Wookiee Studies (100%) - TIE Fighter (100%) - Thor: Basic (100%) - Internet Analysis Course (100%) - History of Imperial Intelligence (100%) - Ghenna: Basic (100%) - Crowd Control (100%) - Imperial Shield Technician (100%)

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Tactical Officer
July 2018-present
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