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Vapen Van'an is an officer in the Emperor's Hammer holding the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. He serves as the Squadron Commander of Theta Squadron in Wing II aboard the Imperial-II Class Star Destroyer Warrior and Combat Operations Officer Assistant (COOA) for the Emperor's Hammer TIE Corps.

Early Life


Vapen was born on Balosar in 2 ABY. As a young boy, his parents were both caught up in the Balo mushroom trade, leaving him with a lonely childhood, but also allowing him the freedom to explore his city and planet on his terms. This encouraged his free spirit, rebelliousness, and a bit of the legendary Balosar selfishness. Eventually his parents were both caught by the New Republic for dealing death sticks, leaving him alone on the planet at the age of 13.

Young Adulthood

After both his parents were imprisoned, he became involved in the same thing that had separated him from his parents: the balo mushroom trade. He began harvesting, eventually worked up to planetary transportation and to his dream job-Inter Planetary Transportation. He got to pilot a starship loaded with product throughout the galaxy. Until 25 ABY, Vapen was an elusive mushroom transporter, known for his knack at being able to get in and out of the mission target without being spotted.

Near the end of the year, Vapen was arrested by the New Republic for selling balo mushrooms and sentenced to 5 years. His jailtime helped him to avoid most of the Yuuzhan Vong invasion. Finding out about the battles he missed gave him a bit of relief, but also inspired a desire to find out about combat and the experiences he heard about from some of his fellow prisoners. His cellmate was a member of an Imperial offshoot called the Emperor's Hammer and that a pilot of his caliber would fit in with the TIE Corps. In 30 ABY, upon his release, Vapen fell back into some of his old ways and contacts. After a close call with the Republic which could have lead to more jailtime, he decided to seek out the group his old cellmate told him about. If not simply to get back at the government that had imprisoned him (wrongfully in his opinion).

TIE Corps

ISDII Warrior Patch

Early Career

After pirating his way through the galaxy, Vapen found his way to the Imperial Remnant, the Emperor's Hammer(EH). He began his service to the EH in the TIE Corps aboard the Imperial-II Class Star Destroyer Warrior assigned to Rho Squadron where he piloted a TIE Interceptor.


While in Rho, he served as Flight Member for three months under the commandership of Fr0Zen. Under Fr0Zen's leadership, Vapen captained Rho's team for Chalquila Cup II, where the team would take first place. In Rho, Vapen spent a brief time as Flight Leader, until moving up to Squadron Executive Officer when Westric Davalorn took command of the squadron.


After a month in the XO position for Rho, the commandership of Theta Squadron became open and in May of 2022 under Battlegroup II Commander, Vice Admiral Marenta, Vapen took command of Theta. In his first year, Vapen became very loyal to Theta, helping build the squadron through Raise the Flag 2022, with a strong performance helping the Warrior to second place. From there, the squadron went on to help the Fleet in the final battle with the Ishtari in Imperial Storm V to destroy the bug threat. Theta's membership slightly dwindled between Imperial Storm and Squadron ReMobilization in 31 ABY (2023), however Theta was still able to put up good numbers for the event. They unlocked the ability to change their squadron objective and ships, but elected not to for the reason that the squadron was effective and enjoyed their current assignment.

Additional Roles

In September of 2022, Vapen was appointed by Miles Prower as a COOA, shuttling to the VSDII Aggressor to perform his duties. He retired from this role in December of 2023.
Also in September of 2022, Vapen joined the Education Committee for the IU. He quickly become a Professor in a number of courses, primarily history. He retired from this role in December of 2023.
Courses Vapen was a professor of:

Starfighters Flown

TIE Defender TIE Interceptor
TIE Defender
TIE Interceptor
Unit(s): Theta Squadron, Wing II, ISDII Warrior Unit(s): Rho Squadron, Wing II, ISDII Warrior
Position(s): Squadron Commander, Flight Leader Position(s): Squadron Executive Officer, Flight Leader, Flight Member
Rank(s): Captain - present Rank(s): Sub-Lieutenant - Captain

Promotion Records

Rank Date Effective Time Held
Cadet 09/20/2021 1 day
Sub-Lieutenant 09/21/2021 3 days
Lieutenant 09/24/2021 2 months 9 days
Lieutenant Commander 13/03/2021 4 months, 5 days
Commander 04/09/2022 3 months, 5 days
Captain 07/15/2022 3 months, 2 days
Major 10/19/2022 5 months, 7 days
Lieutenant Colonel 03/26/2023 Incumbent


Vapen has produced a number of works, including digital art, video, and written works during his time in the TIE Corps

Renderings of Vapen's Visage

Vapen's first Profile Picture
Vapen's Original Profile Picture


Vapen Van'an has designed a banner for the TIE Corps and it's squadrons:

Firebird Squadron Banner
Firebird Squadron


  • Produced a video animating the moves and showcasing the strategies from the fourth iteration of the annual war game, Imperial Storm.


Positions Held
Before Position After
Pete Mitchell Theta Squadron Commander
May 2022 - Incumbent