Delta Squadron

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Delta Squadron is one of six TIE Corps squadrons attached to Wing I of the ISDII Hammer.

Unit History[edit]

Under research.

Delta Squadron has been formed on December 24th of 1994, along with Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Epsilon and Lambda squadrons. Their original carrier was the ISD Avenger. The combat role of Delta was originally reconnaissance, with the pilots flying TIE Defenders. Now they are assigned to Assassination missions, flying their TIE Phantoms and Defenders. The squadron's very first Commander was General Cli4ord and the unit reached active status on January 7, 1995.



Delta Flight I

  1. CMDR/COL Highlander
  2. FM/LT Alexander Dœnut
  3. FM/SL Balso
  4. vacant

Delta Flight II

  1. XO/CM Delta Striker 4
  2. FM/CPT Aval
  3. FM/LCM Vrak
  4. vacant

Delta Flight III

  1. FL/CM LandoRasputin
  2. FM/CM Cthulhu_saves
  3. FM/CM CobraSparkles
  4. FM/LT Hera Storm

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