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Early Life[edit]

Hawkins was born whilst his family was stationed on New Holgha. Although his family had limited military experience, Hawkins was captivated from a young age by star fighters and space craft. He studied hard as a youth, aiming to gain the necessary qualifications to enlist with the Imperial Navy. This desire was all but confirmed with the introduction of the TIE Interceptor into active service. This craft immediately became a strong favourite of the young Hawkins, and his desire to one day pilot such a craft only increased. The Empire’s defeat at the Battle of Yavin had a strong effect on the now 13 year old Hawkins. The Imperial News Network stories telling of a Rebel terrorist attack against an Imperial Station on a peaceful mission, with the loss of many thousands of Imperial lives, drove him to enlist in the local Imperial youth corps. The stories of Captain Soontir Fel, and his victory at the Battle of Ord Biniir, played almost repeatedly over the INN, were a great source of inspiration and encouragement for the budding pilot.

Joining The Emperor's Hammer[edit]

Hawkins enlisted with the TIE Corps in 6ABY, and was stationed aboard the PLT Deadalus. His natural abilities in the TIE Fighter, honed during a youth spent in simple space-flight simulators, saw him quickly progress to the rank of Sub-Lieutenant.

During his first Tour of Duty, Hawkins rose to the rank of Commander of Kappa Squadron. At the end of his first Tour, Hawkins stood down to complete further academic training. He returned to duty for one further tour, before accepting a post at the Emperor's Hammer Imperial Academies, teaching young pilots the skills he had developed during his time as a member of Kappa Squadron.

However, as the galaxy once again descended into political turmoil, Hawkins returned to where he felt his piloting skills could be put to best use - the TIE Corps - returning once again to his spiritual home in Kappa Squadron.

Life in the TIE Corps[edit]


Known Family[edit]

  • Parents - Retired
  • Brothers – In Imperial tech-support
  • Wife - EH Pre-Academy Teacher
  • Daughter – pre-academy age

TIE Corps History[edit]

TIE Corps Positions Held[edit]

TIE Corps Medals and Awards Earned[edit]

Affiliations and ID Lines[edit]

FM-TCT-TCS/COL Hawkins/Kappa 1-4/Wing II/ISDII Warrior

GOE/GSx2/SSx4/BSx6/PCx7/ISMx10/IS-4GW-23SW-37BW-10GR-13SR-40BR/MoI/MoT-4rh-4gh/LoC-RS-TS-CS-Rx2/LoS-RSx2-Rx1/DFC-Rx1/MoC-4doc-4poc-4goc-4soc-32boc/CoLx5/CoS/CoB/LoAx110/OV-19E [AQFR] [Officer 1st] [Campaigner 4th] {TCCORE-COE-MCBS-MP/2-SM/4-TM/1/3-WIKI-XAM}


  1. Hawkins has always named his personal craft after the creature names from an extra-dimensional race.
  2. Before taking on the roll of COO, Hawkins had only ever flown as a member of Kappa Squadron.