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Captain TheBlackxRanger is currently a Flight Member of Lambda Squadron in Wing I aboard the ISDII Hammer for the Emperor's Hammer TIE Corps

TIE Corps[edit]

TheBlackxRanger first enlisted to the TIE Corps as a Cadet in 29 ABY. After 3 months of rigorous training in the Imperial Weapons and Tactics School (IWATS) he completed his training and was promoted to Sub-Lieutenant and assigned to Alpha Squadron. In a short span of 15 days, Alejandro Araujo requested for his promotion to full Lieutenant after completing over 100 battles.

A month later, Delta Squadron reformed and was in need of a new Flight Leader. TheBlackxRanger stood up to the plate, becoming a Flight Leader and overseeing Delta Flight Group II.

Many months went by as he rose through the ranks, eventually earning a promotion to Lieutenant Commander, Commander, and soon after the rank of Captain. By this time he accepted the position as assistant to the Reconnaissance Officer bringing in new pilots and spreading awareness of the TIE Corps across the galaxy. He welcomed Alexander Morgan has a new ROA and eventually selected Alexander Morgan as his new Command Attache to the Reconnaissance Officer.

As time went on, Ranger was transferred to Lambda Squadron as a Flight Member and now assists as Combat Operations Officer Assistant for the Combat Operations Officer, in addition to his existing roles. Eventually, Ranger fulfilled his duties as Combat Operations Officer Assistant and stepped down from the position. Ranger eventually became Squadron XO once the position became available, under leadership of Lambda Commander, Gytheran. He provides advice and new activities for his squadron and ensuring the best atmosphere for his pilots.

He continues to maintain his prowess in the skies and serves the TIE Corps to the best of his abilities. His most recent accomplishment was earning the Iron Star with Platinum Ribbon for achieving first place in a competition related to Bounty Hunting in the game Elite: Dangerous. His bounty hunting experience clearing showing as a result of the competition.

TIE Corps Accolades

Legion Awards
Award Amount Combat Rating
Legion of Combat (LoC) 985 Elite 2nd
Legion of Skirmish (LoS) 1033 Ranger 1st
TheBlackxRanger Dress.png
Merit and Service Medals
Gold Star of the Empire x1 Silver Star of the Empire x7
Bronze Star of the Empire x5 Palpatine Crescent x4
Imperial Security Medal x3 Imperial Achievement Ribbon x4
Iron Star, Gold Wings x3 Iron Star, Gold Ribbon x7
Iron Star, Silver Wings x11 Iron Star, Silver Ribbon x3
Iron Star, Bronze Wings x15 Iron Star, Bronze Ribbon x5
Iron Star, Copper Wings x15 Iron Star, Copper Ribbon x10
Commendation of Bravery Medal of Communication, Platinum Oak Cluster
Order of the Vanguard Medal of Instruction, Gold Cross x16

GRD Sith.jpg

Dark Brotherhood[edit]

The dark side is a pathway to many abilities. TheBlackxRanger joins the Dark Brotherhood to further develop his connection to the force and currently serves under House Drakonan and is currently a member of Stingray Battleteam. He has obtained the rank of Juggernaut and the Consul eagerly awaits his next steps.

Ranger has been apart of the Dark Brotherhood for sometime now, long enough to make the rank of Knight and earning his lightsaber. Between the Dark Brotherhood and the TIE Corps, Ranger carries his lightsaber wherever he goes. After learning how to build and how a lightsaber operates, Ranger took on the challenge of making his own lightsaber. He traveled the deepest reaches of the galaxy to discover his kyber crystal, bleeding the crystal and turning it into Sith red. Once his crystal was obtained, he brought his incomplete lightsaber parts and crystal and laid them before his masters. Once he was given the authority, he combined the pieces together and ignited his completed lightsaber. The dark red blade illuminated and hummed before him, he was then knighted by his superiors, joining the Knights that came before him.

Creative Corner[edit]

Fiction and Art
Title Publication Description
Review 10/28/29 ABY A short memoir of a battle completed
Paperwork 07/12/29 ABY Reporting victories to the COO