Avenger Squadron (Command Detachment)

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Avenger Elite Squadron (AES) was one of the TIE Corps' four special operations squadrons. It is currently decommissioned, and reflagged as Avenger Squadron (Command Detachment) for the temporary affiliation of members of the TIE Corps and Emperor's Hammer Admiralty.

Avenger was based on the VSDII Aggressor and attached to the Aggressor Strike Force. Avenger's primary focus was multiplayer combat. As Avenger Squadron (Command Detachment), it remains assigned to the VSDII Aggressor.

Unit History[edit]

Avenger Elite Squadron (AES)[edit]

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The squadron was formed prior to July 22, 1999. It was active until at least August 13, 2005. Before the VSD Aggressor became its home, AES was stationed on the ISD Intrepid.

Avenger Squadron (Command Detachment)[edit]

As of 2020, Avenger Squadron (Command Detachment) was established as a unit for otherwise squadron-unaffiliated members of the TIE Corps and Emperor's Hammer Admiralty (Commodores, TIE Corps Command Staff, and Emperor's Hammer Command Staff/Attaches/Imperial Advisors). Affiliation with the squadron is on a temporary and voluntary basis for the duration of specific competitions and events.

Awards and Honors[edit]


Date Description Position Members
March-April 2021 Squadron (Re)Mobilization 3 Third Place (TIE Corps Meritorious Unit Award) RA Zekk Terrik, RA Phoenix Berkana, HA Anahorn Dempsey, AD Miles Prower, FA Plif, SA Kamjin Maverick Lap'lamiz, FA Turtle Jerrar, AD Jedi Eclipse
September 2019 Raise the Flag 2019 Second Place FA Silvius, FA Plif, FA Pete Mitchell

Avenger Black Shirts[edit]

TIE Shadow of AES

The Avenger Black Shirt is an award that is unique to the squadron, with few having earned it even among the elite cadre of pilots that have flown in the squadron.

Earning it requires an extraordinary amount of combat prowess or exceptional service to the squadron. If a pilot, in a single month, completed any of the following four conditions, they would earn the award

  • 100 Combat Rating gain
  • 300 FCHG rating gain
  • 50 Combat Rating gain plus 150 FCHG rating gain
  • 5 IWATS courses plus 30 Combat Rating gain plus 100 FCHG rating gain

Additionally, a Black Shirt could be awarded for services rendered to the squadron that the commander and both flight leaders unanimously agree is worthy of recognition.

Bolded names in the alumni list below denote Black Shirt members



Flight Leaders[edit]

Flight Members[edit]