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Admiral Silwar Naiilo is Combat Operations Officer for the TIE Corps and Grand Master of the Dark Brotherhood, known as Darth Surgo. He was previously Master-at-Arms (2022-11-02 - 2023-07-26), Consul of Clan Drakonan (2021-08-04 - 2022-11-02), Battlegroup Commander of the ISD-II Challenge Battlegroup (2021-07-01 - 2022-12-11), the squadron commander of Tempest Squadron (2020-09-16 - 2021-06-01), Internet Officer (2008-05-10 - 2008-08-25), squadron commander of Slayer (2007-11-03 - 2008-05-10), and BTL of the Battalion of Fear.

TIE Corps[edit]

COO/FA Silwar Naiilo... for a few minutes.

CT Naiilo originally joined the Emperor's Hammer TIE Corps in ABY 15. While a member of Delta Company aboard the PLT Daedalus, along with his usual training, he completed the IIC/1, IIC/2, IIC/3, IWATS, and AMP Imperial University courses. After completing his certification, he was assigned to Omicron Squadron 1-3 aboard the ISDII Challenge as SL Silwar Naiilo, underneath Commander MAJ Murleen, Wing Commander COL Angel, and Commodore RA Darklord. After completing the XWAI and XWAC IU courses, he was promoted to LT the same day. From there, he earned several merit awards and won several combat events, and became Flight Leader of Omicron Squadron flight 2 a month later.

After another month as flight leader, he became Commander of Slayer Squadron aboard the ISD Subjugator. There he completed a number of additional IU courses such as ASP, PHP, GFX, and AIM, won several multiplayer competitions, and focused on growing his use of Force Powers among the Dark Brotherhood, which was closely aligned with the squadrons aboard the Subjugator.

After six months as Slayer CMDR, Silwar was appointed as Internet Officer with the rank of Vice Admiral in ABY 16. There, he primarily worked on the new Hammer's Fist website, along with maintenance of the existing web properties of the Emperor's Hammer until the birth of his first child nine months later. He then retired until ABY 28 to spend time with his family.

FM/GN Silwar Naiilo upon returning to Tempest.

Silwar returned in ABY 28, a flight member in Beta Squadron under COL Doyon. After a month, he joined a number of his recruits as a flight leader in the recently re-activated Tempest Squadron. A few months later, with the retirement of COL Dunta Polo, Silwar took command of Tempest Squadron. There, Tempest took third place in Raise the Flag 2020, first place in TIE Corps in Battle 2020, and second place in Squadron Remobilization 3.

After almost ten months as Tempest commander, Silwar then was given the position of Commodore of the ISDII Challenge, while CM Honsou took over as Tempest commander. While its commodore, the Challenge won Imperial Storm 3, TIE Corps in Battle Season 3, and Raise the Flag 2021, making the ISDII Challenge the TIE Corps Flagship, and his former squadron Tempest the TCCOM's personal escort squadron.

On August 13 ABY 30, Silwar was promoted to the rank of Admiral after thirteen months as Commodore:

VA Naiilo has served as the Commodore of the ISDII Challenge with distinction, leading by example and inspiring pilots to think outside the box to do more than just accomplish objectives. As a reflection of his proven ability to handle the responsibilities of a flag officer in the TIE Corps, it’s my pleasure to announce his promotion to the rank of full Admiral. Congratulations, AD Silwar Naiilo!

-HA Plif

On October 8 ABY 30, Silwar along with the other two commodores VA Marenta and AD Phoenix Berkana were elevated to the position of Battlegroup Commander.

On December 11 ABY 30, Silwar was selected to become the new Combat Operations Officer.

On April 3 ABY 32, Silwar was promoted to Fleet Admiral and awarded an Imperial Cross after retiring from the position of COO.

As FA Silwar Naiilo transitions out of the Combat Operations Officer role to focus on the Secret Order, I wanted to take a moment to recognize him for his outstanding service to the TIE Corps over the past four years. From taking command of Tempest Squadron to leading the ISDII Challenge to serving as a member of the TIE Corps Command Staff, Silwar's been a big part of our operations for a long time now and has made many contributions that will continue to echo over time because they've become integral to our processes. Gonk allows TC leaders to quickly gather information about pilot activity. The COO Manual (COOMAN) being in the Wiki allows for much quicker reference and timelier updates than we could muster before. Fleshing out the game approval process answers most questions the TCCS would have before a proposal even gets to us. Along the way there've been numerous other improvements made that others might build on, but the products of Silwar's inventiveness will be their foundation. Thank you, Silwar, for your time, your effort, and your exemplary dedication to the Corps.

On April 12 ABY 32, Silwar rejoined Tempest Squadron as a Flight Member.

Current ID line:

FM-IOA-COOA/GN Silwar Naiilo/Tempest 1-4/Wing X/ISDII Challenge/Battlegroup III

IC/GOE/GSx4/SSx16/BSx18/PCx11/ISMx16/IAR/MoT-2gh-bh/MoI-BC/MoS/MoC-3doc-4poc-5goc-5soc-35boc/TUA/MUA-BW/IS-PW-12GW-19SW-26BW-4CW-PR-4GR-12SR-18BR-3CR/ORA-2C/LoC-2PS/LoS-1PS/DFC/CoE/CoLx3/CoB/OV-16E [Legionnaire] [Ace 4th] [Campaigner 1st] {TCCORE-COE-MCBS-SM/3/5-WIKI-XAM}

Dark Brotherhood[edit]

Silwar, known as Darth Surgo, is currently Grand Master of the Dark Brotherhood.

Current ID line:

GM/D Surgo/DC-1/Dark Council

GOE/MoT-2gh-bh/MoI-BC/MoS/MoC-2doc-3poc-4goc-4soc-27boc/GCx5/SC-SoP/SE-TB/Cr-Dx3-Rx4-Ax2-Sx4-Ex3/CoE/Cr-T/CoLx3/Cr-Qx4/CF-G/CoB/LS-B/SI {IU:DBCORE}

Art and Fiction[edit]

Established Feats[edit]

  • Transitioned the Dark Brotherhood to the Secret Order
  • Launched four platforms as COO: SWTOR, Destiny 2, Elite Dangerous, and Battlefront Classic Collection
  • Part of Project Minos Relevancy, a project led by Internet Officer FA Turtle Jerrar to completely rebuild the Emperor's Hammer and TIE Corps websites
  • Built Gonk, a tool to help commanders, competition runners, and command staff track squadron-based activity
  • Part of the TTT3 team
  • Part of the TC Logo Design team
  • Part of the 2020 TCiB first place team on Tempest
  • Part of the 2021 ReMob second place team on Tempest
  • Rewrote the IIC/1, IIC/2, and IIC/3 IWATS examps (compiling the courses into IIC/1 and IIC/2).
  • Redesigned the Slayer website

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