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Keldorn Cochrane is not the Logistics Officer of the Emperor's Hammer. Keldorn is a former Training Officer, Security Officer and Special Operations Director of the Emperor's Hammer Strike Fleet.

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Physical Description[edit]

A near-Human, Keldorn Cochrane is a Morellian native to the planet Morellia. They had very long lifespans proportionate to Humans, although it seemed that by the Galactic Civil War, they had almost all died out.

Force Powers[edit]

Keldorn, a former Jedi Knight (119-35 BBY), is a Dark Jedi Master (13 ABY) of the Krath Order, focusing his skills on the lore of the Jedi. Nevertheless, his formidable combat experience has given his abilities in the Force an adversarial edge.

  • Force Storm (9)
  • Feed on the Dark Side (5)
  • Force Lightning (9)
  • Force Harmony (9)
  • Dominate Mind (9)
  • Dreamscape (5)
  • Impart (4)
  • Force Bubble (9)
  • Preparance (5)
  • Quy'Tek (9)
  • Warp Matter (9)
  • Voice Manipulation (8)
  • Activate Force Weapons (8)
  • Telepathy (4)
  • Telekinesis (9)
  • Absorb/Dissipate Energy (8)
  • Force Push/Pull (9)
  • Cleanse (5)
  • Heal (5)
  • Sense Surroundings (7)
  • Hibernation Trance (5)

Early Life and Education (195 BBY-173 BBY)[edit]

Keldorn Cochrane was born in the passenger quarters of the Consular-class cruiser Imperieuse on the 26th Selona 195 BBY to Aramaius and Lara Cochrane. The Imperieuse was returning to Coruscant from the newly colonised planet Glova, where Aramaius Cochrane had been tasked by the Republic to take a census of the population. Aramaius was a minor bureaucrat in the Republic who had entered the civil service under the patronage of his father-in-law, the 11th Marquis of Manarai (a marquessate named for a mountain range in Coruscant) and a leading figure in Coruscani politics.

The Cochranes were a minor family of the Morellian Commonwealth who had, several centuries previously, amassed a considerable fortune by several shrewd investments in planetary travel ventures on the planet Morellia. Bu by the time of Aramaius's birth the Cochranes were near-destitute; unable to afford the expense of entering Morellian politics. Fearing for the family reputation, Aramaius left Morellia to search for employment on Coruscant. Capitalising on his classical education, Aramaius was employed as a copy-editor for a small publishing house specialising in biographies of noteworthy Republic citizens. In a chance meeting at a book launch several years later, Aramaius met the daughter of the 11th Marquis of Manarai, Lara, and they were married seven months later.

File:Galactic Museum.JPG
The Galactic Museum on Coruscant.

Growing up on Coruscant, Keldorn's upbringing was comfortable but not affluent. Not particularly close to his parents his childhood was still a happy one, chiefly because of the sights and delights of such a varied world was Coruscant. A naturally inquisitive child, Keldorn was fascinated by the many species who inhabited the city-planet and would often sneak out of the family apartment to spend time in the incredibly diverse CoCo District.

When he was 17, Keldorn and several friends broke into the archive building of the Galactic Museum in the CoCo District, intending to simply explore the many treasures that were hidden from the public. However, a series of unfortunate accidents occurred when the friends were surprised by an automated security droid. The ensuing chase caused a great deal of damage to many valuable artefacts which resulted in a minor scandal in the tabloids.

Furious with Keldorn for his reckless curiosity, his father immediately dispatched him to the planet Koaan, to study under the senior anthropologists of the Galactic Research Academy. Aramaius believed that the only way for to impart upon his son some maturity and appreciation for the proper way of things was to study in a regimented, structured manner - far away from the Galactic Core.

Arriving on Koaan in late 178 BBY, Keldorn initially revelled in the idea of studying anthropology in such a prestigious institution. The novelty quickly wore off.

  • 175 BBY: Fled to Coruscant; enrolled in the Raithal Academy.

The Judicial Forces of the Republic (173 BBY-161 BBY)[edit]

  • 173 BBY: Graduated from the Raithal Academy into service with the Judicial Forces of the Republic, notably the Republic Security Force (the Republic's police force 'to assist local jurisdictions in investigating crimes that affected multiple systems').
  • 164 BBY: Assigned to the Republic Special Task Forces for eliminating pirate activity.

The Tarasin Revolt and Cularin (161 BBY-119 BBY)[edit]

Tarasin ambushing a droid during the Tarasin Revolt.

  • 161 BBY: Returned as a officer of the Republic Security Force and assigned as an covert 'advisor' to the Tarasin of the planet Cularin at the outbreak of the Tarasin Revolt.
  • 154 BBY: With the conclusion of the Cularin Compact and the end of the Tarasin Revolt, Keldorn was reassigned to the Republic Special Task Forces in the Outer Rim.
  • 147 BBY: Promoted to Commander in the Republic Security Force and assigned to the planet Cularin as the Republic's liaison and to observe off-world commercial activity.

The Outer Rim (132 BBY-119 BBY)[edit]

  • 132 BBY: Promoted to command a Republic Special Task Force in the Outer Rim.
File:Republic keldorn.jpg
Commander Keldorn, Republic Special Task Force in the Outer Rim.

A Jedi on Almas (119 BBY-52 BBY)[edit]

While in the Almas Academy, Keldorn studied the ways of the Force.
  • 119 BBY: During leave on Cularin Keldorn met with Nerra Ziveri, who observed Force potential in the Morellian and admitted him as a student in the Almas Academy, to train as a Jedi.
  • 108 BBY: Formally apprenticed to Nerra Ziveri.
  • 89 BBY: Formally recognised as a Jedi Knight.
  • 80 BBY: Begins teaching conflict mediation at the Almas Academy.
  • 67 BBY: Departs the Almas Academy following an unsuccesfull attempt to break the Dark Side aura of the Almas Sith fortress.

Paramilitary Activity (52 BBY-22 BBY)[edit]

  • 52 BBY: Settled on the planet Rendili in the Core Worlds, enlisting in the local security forces and ultimately becoming friends with Jace Dallin.
  • 44 BBY: A member of Senator Ranulph Tarkin's paramilitary force and participated in the Stark Hyperspace War.
  • 44 BBY: Returns to the Judicial Forces of the Republic as an strategist and bureaucrat, based in the Judicial Arcology on Coruscant.
  • 34 BBY: Member of a small contingent of Judicial Force's Special Tactics troopers assigned to support the Jedi-led destruction - under Count Dooku - of the Mandalorians in the Battle of Galidraan.
Jedi fighting the Mandalorians in the Battle of Galidraan.

The Clone Wars (22 BBY-19 BBY)[edit]

  • 22-19 BBY: Fought in the Clone Wars as a senior officer in the Grand Army of the Republic, serving under General Locus Green.
  • 19 BBY: Witnesses the death of Jace Dallin at the hands of Darth Vader.

Return to the Empire (17 BBY-9ABY)[edit]

In 18 BBY Keldorn Cochrane was 'encouraged' into the Inquisitorius.
  • 19 BBY: Enlists in the Coruscanti Pilot Institute, a component of the Imperial Academy.
  • 18 BBY: Tracked down by Malorum (through the records of the Almas Academy in the Jedi Archives) and forced to enter the Inquisitorius, the agents referred to as Inquisitors tasked with hunting down Jedi who managed to survive Order 66.
  • 10 BBY: A romantic interlude with Ilona Renzel.

The Emperor's Hammer (9 ABY-Present)[edit]

  • 9 ABY: Finds his way to the Emperor's Hammer and puts his previous Jedi training to use in Clan Alvaak.
  • 10 ABY: Commands Talon Squadron onboard the ISD Subjugator and enlists in the Imperial Security Bureau.
  • 11 ABY: Based on his experience in the RSF and ISB is promoted to CA:SO, simultaneously serving as an advisor to the Grand Moff on military and security policy.
  • 11 ABY: Appointed as Grand Moff of the EH Territories.
  • 12 ABY: Appointed as Training Officer and Headmaster of the Dark Brotherhood.
  • 13 ABY: Ascends to Deputy Grand Master and is appointed as Security Officer.
  • 13 ABY: Leaves the TIE Corps.
  • 14 ABY: Proconsul of Clan Arcona.
  • 16 ABY: Returns to the TIE Corps, serving in Athena, Kappa and Omega squadrons.
  • 17 ABY: Commander of Omega squadron and Logistics Officer.


TIE Corps[edit]

Keldorn has served in four TIE Corps squadrons, commanding three of them. He served under MAJ Ekim Yellek in Scorpion squadron<ref>Scorpion Squadron Report</ref>, commanded Talon squadron of the ISD Subjugator, Kappa squadron of the SSSD Sovereign, and presently commands the elite Omega squadron.

Talon Squadron[edit]

Returning from a hiatus in the Reserves, Keldorn was appointed Commander of Talon Squadron<ref>Wing XX Report</ref> of the newly formed Wing XX, onboard the ISD Subjugator, under the command of Commodore RA Jeff 'Tiger' Loruss and Wing Commander COL Smitrock. Wing XX immeadiately attracted both experienced and rookie pilots, beginning the Subjugator's service with outstanding activity.

Keldorn served for four months as Talon CMDR, from 17th October 2001 to 17th February 2002<ref>TIE Corps historic record</ref>, receiving a promotion to Captain on the 18th December 2001<ref>Wing XX Report</ref> and was awarded a Palpatine Crescent and an Imperial Security Medal for his efforts<ref>TIE Corps historic record</ref>.

Several contemporary members of Talon Squadron realised their own successful and accomplished careers:

Keldorn departed Talon Squadron in February 2002 to take up the position of Command Attaché to the Security Officer.

Kappa Squadron[edit]

Returning to active duty after another hiatus in the Reserves, Keldorn took a demotion from Fleet Admiral to Colonel to command Kappa Squadron onboard the SSSD Sovereign. Following a month of probationary service in Athena Squadron (for which he was awarded an Imperial Security Medal<ref>TIE Corps historic record</ref>, Keldorn was appointed Squadron Commander on 21st March 2007<ref>Wing VI Report</ref> with the approval of Wing Commander MAJ Viper Pred and Commodore Vice Admiral Moagim Daar.

After five months service, on 26th August 2007, Keldorn left Kappa for service in Omega squadron.

Omega Squadron[edit]

After service as a member of Omega the command of the squadron was offered to Keldorn on 3rd December 2007 by Rear Admiral Viper Pred and the Flight Office. Inheriting a squadron with questionable past activity Keldorn began the task of re-establishing Omega's right to bear the status as an elite squadron. He continues in these efforts, supported by a fine cadre of Omegans.

Dark Brotherhood[edit]

Clan Alvaak[edit]

Former Fleet Commander Ronin's personal clan - the 'Lost Clan' of Alvaak - was Keldorn's first home in the Dark Brotherhood throughout 2001 and 2002. He served as Aedile and Quaester of House Ronin, the clan's Sith house under Consuls Keiran Idanian and Tron Sadow before transferring his alleigance to Clan Naga Sadow to serve as their twelve Consul.

Clan Naga Sadow[edit]

An unknown quantity for senior leadership in the Dark Brotherhood Keldorn worked closely with his more experienced Proconsul, Goatham, to maintain the activity of Clan Naga Sadow. Through their leadership efforts the clan grew to be the largest in the Dark Brotherhood of the time - with nearly seventy members. After only two months in the position Keldorn returned to House Dominatus of Alvaak, recommending that Goatham succeed him as Consul. Goatham did so, and continued to perform excellently in leadership roles within Naga Sadow.


In May 2003, following the 'split' incident within the Dark Brotherhood Keldorn was appointed as Headmaster of the Shadow Academy to oversee its revival during a difficult period for the Brotherhood. As Headmaster for nine months he served under three Grand Masters - Rapier, Khaen and Nocturnus and was promoted first to Dark Adept and then to Dark Jedi Master.

Deputy Grand Master[edit]

Following the ascension of Darth Nocturnus to Grand Master, Keldorn was taken as his apprentice and Deputy Grand Master on 25th June 2004:

As HM he has a flawless term over one year and also as you know is a former TO. Since the DGM's primary task is dealing with competitions and will help me setting up the demanded Vendetta, I think Keldorn with his competition experience as TO is exactly the right person for the job. He also is long enough in the DB and in the DC that he knows all areas and all facettes of the Dark Brotherhood like the back of his hand and therefore could easily handle all the various other tasks a DGM has to take care of.<ref> GM Report</ref>

Disallusioned after his trial before the High Court, Keldorn resigned from Deputy Grand Master shortly after leaving the position of Security Officer, and joined House Qel-Droma of Arcona.

Clan Arcona[edit]

The Dark Jedi Master served as a Battle Member of Qel-Droma for over a year, before, in September 2005, he was selected as Proconsul to assist the new Consul, Kerridwen Jorddyn<ref> Clan Arcona Report</ref>. Keldorn remained as Proconsul for five months, before leaving for his current position as a Battle Member of House Gladius of Tarentum.

Corporate Division[edit]

Imperial Senate[edit]

Command Staff[edit]

Keldorn Cochrane has served in a variety of Command and Support Staff positions within the Emperor's Hammer:

  • Special Operations Director (SOD) (5 months).

In order to provide assistance to [GA Ronin] personally in maintaining and updating the main EH Domain, VA Keldorn has been as appointed as the new Special Operations Director (SOD) of the Emperor's Hammer.<ref>EH News September 2002</ref>

  • Command Attaché to the Security Officer (CA:SO) (1 month, 28 days) under Fleet Admiral Stalker5.

[FA Stalker5] Due to my latest project (to build a new EH Security Database) I have recently required a CA:SO. As I already have an SOA with good webdesign and scripting skills, I have selected CPT Keldorn to be my new CA:SO. He designed the new SO office, and has been a great help to me in many ways. He receives a promotion to the rank of Rear-Admiral (RA) with his appointment, so congratulations to him!<ref>TC News 2/17/2002</ref>

  • Security Office Assistant (SOA) (1 month, 11 days) under Fleet Admiral Stalker5.
  • Internet Office Assistant (IOA) (2 months, 10 days) under High Admiral Ari, for which he was awarded a Commendation of Excellence, two Gold Stars of the Empire and two Silver Stars of the Empire<ref>TIE Corps historic record</ref>, achieving EH Site of the Week on five different occasions.
  • Reconnaissance Office Assistant (ROA) (5 months, 29 days) under High Admiral Keiran Idanian, receiving a Gold and Bronze Star of the Empire for his service<ref>TIE Corps historic record</ref>.
  • Executive Office Assistant (XOA) (1 month, 23 days) under Sector Admiral Kawolski.
  • Ambassador, Viceroy and Envoy (4 years, 11 months, 20 days) within the now defunct Advanced Guard<ref>TIE Corps historic record</ref> for which he was awarded a Bronze Star of the Empire by Lord Ambassador Vice Admiral Osan'gar.
  • Tactical Surveyor (1 month, 25 days) under High Admiral Striker for which he received an Imperial Security Medal<ref>TIE Corps historic record</ref>.
  • Professor (PROF) of the IWATS XML Course (10 months, 15 days), for which he received a Gold and Silver Star of the Empire<ref>TIE Corps historic record</ref>.
  • Logistics Office Assistant (LOA) (5 months) under Vice Admiral Miles Prower<ref> LO report</ref>.

Grand Moff of the Directorate[edit]

Following a short assignment as Command Attaché to the Security Officer, Keldorn was appointed as Grand Moff of the Emperor's Hammer Territories on 14th April 2002 in succession to, and on the recommendation of, Fleet Admiral Karva Dronaal.

Accomplishments as GMF[edit]

  • Replaced the previous rank system with the current system of aristocratic titles.

The first matter I will address is the removal of the current ranks system, and the replacement of a new system based on titles of an aristocratic nature.<ref>GMF Report</ref>

  • Wrote a new DIR manual, the Governor's Dispatches which created the foundation for the current DIR Operations Manual<ref>EHDIR Operations Manual</ref>.
  • Expanded and redesigned the EH Systems Manual<ref>GMF Report</ref>.
  • Released and managed the highly successful online game, EH:GalaxyQuest<ref>GMF Report</ref><ref>GMF Report</ref>.

By far the largest of events, that has overshadowed most others is the instant success of EH: GalaxyQuest. This simulation has seen an incredible influx of 273 individuals into it's ranks within a mere week. This success was definitely not expected, and both myself and DGMF Nyssa are overjoyed at how everyone seems to be getting involved and hopefully enjoying themselves.<ref>GMF Report</ref>

Keldorn served as GMF for 4 months, 19 days, receiving a promotion to Admiral on 16th July 2002, until stepping down on 2nd September 2002 to become Special Operations Director<ref>TIE Corps historic record</ref>.

Training Officer[edit]

Keldorn was appointed to succeed Mell as Training Officer on 3rd February 2003<ref> EH News February 2003</ref>.

Security Officer[edit]

On 19th July 2004 Keldorn was appointed as Security Officer of the Emperor's Hammer and served for nearly three months. He submitted his resignation to GA Ronin following a trial before the now defunct High Court of Inquisitors in September 2004 "for not kicking rDB members out and not respecting the laws"<ref> EH News September 2004</ref>.

Logistics Officer[edit]

On 24th February 2008 Keldorn was appointed to the position of Logistics Officer<ref> TC News February 2008</ref> with the dual rank of Vice Admiral in the Emperor's Hammer and Colonel in the TIE Corps, unusually retaining command of Omega squadron.


Grand Order of the Empire (GOE), 9th September 2002[edit]


Honorable Sirs,

I would like to recommend VA Keldorn for the Grand Order of the Emperor. His service to the Emperor's Hammer as a whole as been nothing short of superb. He's now resigned from Grand Moff, a position which he brought a new meaning to, and was one of the most active GMFs in quite a long time. Additionally, he's been responsible for some of the amazing site designs including but far from limited to EHNet, the Directorate site, the Avenger Squadron site, Dark Brotherhood site, just to name a few. His creativity keeps the EH constantly in an upward spiral of new ideas. His assistance to the Internet Office as well has been tremendous: from working on both Project Hawkeyes, to creating the IO Graphics Creation Service, and lots of other miscellaneous things I've asked him to do. I think his deeds stand for themselves and have well-earned him a GOE medal.

Respectfully Submitted,

IO-FSEA-PROF/FA Ari/CS-5/SSSD Sovereign<ref>EH News September 2002</ref>

Imperial Cross (IC), 11th May 2003[edit]

Fleet Commander's Note:

It goes without saying that the new Domain redesign is awesome...! Hence, the following awards have been approved without hesitation by the Office of the Fleet Commander...

  • FA Ari promoted to High Admiral
  • AD Leeson promoted to Fleet Admiral
  • AD Keldorn awarded the Imperial Cross (IC) medal
  • CPT Xander awarded the Gold Star medal
  • CPT Drako awarded the Silver Star Medal
  • CPT Alex Foley awarded the Bronze Star medal<ref>EH News May 2003</ref>

Medal of Honour (MoH), 26th May 2004[edit]

While I usually dislike "retirement" medals, I think Keldorn deserves something for his consistent work, as a collective award for all the positions he's held up until recently. He has been Training Officer, IWATS Dean, Head Master of the DB's Shadow Academy and in charge of the Senate's university. He has also provided a lot of behind the scenes feedback while I've been XO.

SA Astatine - XO<ref>EH News June 2004</ref>

In terms of Command movements, we've seen the Training Officer, Keldorn, step down. Keldorn's term as Training Officer was one of a high standard of consistency. He has also been a good sounding board behind the scenes with various problems the Emperor's Hammer faces. Upon his resignation I recommended him for the Medal of Honour, which the Operations Officer and Fleet Commander agreed with. So congratulations to Keldorn for that.<ref>EH News June 2004</ref>


Fleet Admiral (FA), 23rd January 2004[edit]


GA Ronin, SA Astatine,

I come before you today to request that a promotion be considered for Admiral Keldorn; Training Officer & DEAN of the Imperial Weapons & Tactics School, to Fleet Admiral.

Since his last promotion some ten months ago, he has continued to tirelessly work to further the Training Office and provide essentially better learning facilities to the Emperor's Hammer as a whole. Developments with the Shadow Academy, Intel's Academy of Training, and the Infiltrator Wing Training Academy to form into an Imperial University is showing a vast improvement in learning access and co-operation between the various training factions.

Admiral Keldorn is a well educated individual who is able to put his life experience to use with TO in an excellent manner. such evidence is his work in developing the Academic Nexus, as well as several other sites including the Dark Brotherhood and Emperor's Hammer main site designs.

New and improved courses are beginning to appear which enable ongoing learning for the membership in skills that will assist in their real lives. . Under the new systems and direction that Admiral Keldorn commands to his league of professors he has been able to gain accurate graduate counts that took some painstaking research to compile (especially when trying to cover previous Training Officers).

There is much other work that has not been visible, especially with his work as Head Master to revive the Shadow Academy and direct it into a successful training facility for the Dark Brotherhood. naturally, he does have some advantage by holding this position to allow things to move forward swiftly.

In short, Admiral Keldorn is a talented, well educated, thoughtful and most helpful officer of the EH. he bestows Advice and guidance to many others and in my view, has been due this recognition for some time.

In Service To The Empire

Admiral Mell Kerrigan<ref>EH News February 2004</ref>

A Posteriori, 27th January 2004[edit]

For the complete document, see A Posteriori.

The A Posteriori document was written by Fleet Admiral Keldorn Cochrane, and signed by High Admiral Ari, and posted on the EH domain and message boards on 27th January 2004. Instigated by many assorted IRC (Internet Relay Chat) conversations in the closing months of 2003 between Keldorn and other senior officers, including Sector Admiral Astatine, High Admiral Ari, High Admiral Priyum Patel, Fleet Admiral Bevel Leeson, General Quake (Kweeky) and others.

The document was inspired by a Roman senatorial address and consequently is particularly verbose, vitriolic and - arguably - excessive in its assessment of others. It considerably alienated Keldorn from several senior members of the now defunct High Court of Inquisitors (HCI).

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