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Position Description[edit]

According to the EH Training Manual, "The Security Officer is responsible for the online conduct of the Emperor's Hammer Members. Being the internal chief of police for the EH, the Security Officer has the authority to monitor the message boards, IRC Channels, etc. for EH Bylaws and IRC Code of Conduct violations and directly contact AOL or other Internet Service Providers (ISPs) regarding apparent violations. The Security Officer is the only other EH Member other than the FC authorized to contact any online service in an official EH capacity in order to report EH Bylaws/Conduct violations and receive general counsel on the same. When an alleged violation of the EH Bylaws or the EH IRC Code of Conduct has been noted, the Security Officer is to be notified (typically by the COMM or another Officer) who will in turn review and possibly present the case to the EH JAG for prosecution in accordance with the EH Bylaws and Articles of War. The Security Officer is also in charge any other security personnel/organizations throughout the fleet whose duty is to report violations of Imperial Law (Bylaws/CoCs/AoW)."

Rank: The Security Officer is the Third in Command of the Fleet and must hold the minimum Rank of Admiral. The SO can be promoted up to and including the rank of High Admiral.

Past Security Officers[edit]

# SO Took office Left office Time in office Promotion
1 Jac NL26 NL30 - Vice Admiral (NL28)
2 Zach NL31 NL36 - Fleet Admiral (NL33)
3 Blake Wylie NL37 NL47 - Fleet Admiral (NL40)
4 Rapier 12th December 1998 (NL48) 11th September 2000 (NL67) 1 year, 8 months, 29 days Admiral (NL50)
Fleet Admiral (NL54)
5 Nightflyer 16th September 2000 (NL68) 24th June 2001 (NL75) 9 months, 8 days Fleet Admiral (1/12/2001)
6 Slade Holm 25th June 2001 (NL76) 27th December 2001 (NL80) 6 months, 2 days Fleet Admiral (8/12/2001)
7 Stalker5 29th December 2001 (NL81) 15th August 2002 (NL85) 7 months, 17 days
8 Brad 19th August 2002 (NL87) 3rd April 2003 (NL92) 7 months, 15 days
9 Zoltar 8th April 2003 (NL93) 5th December 2003 (NL100) 7 months, 27 days Admiral (5/6/2003)
10 Ziggy 5th December 2003 (NL101) 19th June 2004 (NL103) 6 months, 14 days
11 Keldorn Cochrane 19th June 2004 (NL103) 26th September 2004 (NL104) 3 months, 7 days
12 Vladet Xavier 17th October 2004 3rd September 2005 10 months, 17 days Vice Admiral (12/18/2004)
Admiral (1/29/2005)
Fleet Admiral (6/19/2005)
13 Daniel Goad 23rd October 2005 26th September 2006 11 months, 3 days Admiral (12/10/2005)
14 Baron 26th September 2006 23rd December 2006 2 months, 27 days
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