Medal of Honor

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The Medal of Honor was created in NL14 by Jedi and is the highest award an Emperor's Hammer member can aspire to achieve. It can only be awarded by the Fleet Commander and is typically awarded to Command Officers who have served long and highly productive terms in their position.


The Training Manual states that, "The Medal of Honour is the highest medal a member of the Emperor's Hammer may be awarded. The recipients of the Medal of Honour have performed consistent service above and beyond the call of duty and have personally and significantly improved the entire Fleet through their direct actions. Examples of such service would include sacrifice of one's pilot in the line of duty while saving others or personally introducing an aspect to the Fleet which proves to be instrumental in its growth."

Reference: EH Training Manual

Award Authority[edit]

This Medal can only be awarded by the Fleet Commander.

Additional Notes[edit]

The list of recipients is not exhaustive as the TC Medal Board only contains a portion of all winners. See Medal of Honour Recipients for a larger, but still not complete, list.

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