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Sector Admiral Kreaayt Havok is currently the Emperor's Hammer Executive Officer, succeeding Rapier to the position. A veteran who was active during the early days of the club, he returned to the Emperor's Hammer on October 10th, 2009 after an eleven year absence.

In the Beginning[edit]

Havok first appears on the Emperor's Hammer roster in Dark Sentinel newsletter number five (5) dated January 20th, 1995 assigned to Beta Squadron, commanded by GN Peter Papp, in Flight III as the Flight Leader on the Imperial Star Destroyer (ISD) Avenger. Havok lead by example by completing any newly released missions and battles, attending the weekly club meetings on AOL, looking for ways to help the club and encouraging the members of his flight to do the same. In addition to performing the duties expected of a Flight Leader, Havok looked for ways to contribute to the then recently formed club. With approval from the command staff he designed certificates to be given out with the awarding of medals. The first position promotion to be bestowed upon Havok was that of Lambda Squadron Commander, which had been commanded by VA Thunder since its formation. Soon after he took on the added responsibilities serving as the Wing Commander's Assistant (WCA). Havok excelled in these duties and was holder of most of the high mission scores on the battle board. The next move for Havok was in Dark Sentinel 20 where he took over the command of Tau Squadron which was without a commander after Brigadier General Paladin was promoted to Training Officer. In preparations to address the growth the EH was experiencing Tau was replaced by a new squadron, Omega Squadron, on the Super Star Destroyer (SSD) Avenger and relocated to the Modified Interdictor Cruiser (M/INT) Harpax II. Although Tau was inactive for lack of members it was slated to house the most elite pilots of the EH in preparation for multi-player competitions with rival clubs. Havok worked on tactics in preparation for this as well as designing the very first rank insignias for the EH which appeared in Dark Sentinel 21 and resulted in a rank promotion to Lieutenant General.

First Major Expansion[edit]

Dark Sentinel 22 included multiple major changes for the EH. The SSD Avenger 's twelve (12) squadrons were divided into two (2) wings:

Squadrons were moved from the smaller capital ships FRG Imperator, FRG Ardent, TFC Roxanna and M/INT Harpax II and placed on the ISD Collosus:

New squadrons were created and placed on the ISD Vanguard:

A new Wing was created to facilitate the membership who preferred to fly Alliance fighters in the X-Wing game. It was called the Infiltrator Wing and located on the CRS Renegade.

Added Responsibility[edit]

The expansion created the need for additional management positions. The positions of Commodore (COM), to command a ship, and Wing Commander (WC), to command a wing, were created. Havok was promoted to the rank of Rear Admiral and to the position of Commodore of the ISD Colossus. Through Havok's leadership by example and encouragement the ISD Colossus soon earned six (6) ship citations for completion of Battles 2, 3, 24, 25, 26, and 27. Havok also designed and created Battle Medals for Battle 19, 22 and 24.<br /> The pride of commanding the excellent members of the ISD Colossus was short lived as some sudden changes occured in between Dark Sentinel 23 and 24. The first Grand Master of the Dark Brotherhood, Grand Master Kane Vader resigned. This position was replaced by the former Dark Brotherhood Liason Officer (DBLO) and current Training Officer Admiral Paladin. Havok was promoted to Training Officer (CF-5), fifth in command of the Fleet, and to the rank of Vice Admiral leaving the ISD Colossus in the hands of Rear Admiral Goatboy.<br /> No sooner than Havok could settle into this new position did the Flight Officer, Admiral Stelek, resign in order to focus his efforts as High Inquistitor on the newly formed SIM subgroup. Havok was replaced as Training Officer by Admiral Moldman, who was performing duties in the support position of Internet Officer. Havok was promoted to Flight Officer (CF-4), fourth in command of the Fleet, and to the rank of Admiral. The position of Internet Officer became the eighth command flight position (CF-8) and forced Admiral Moldman to resign as Training Officer. Admiral Yoni was promoted from Flight Officer Assistant to become the new Training Officer. Havok worked closely with Yoni, as well as with the Command Attaches, (FO:A) Rear Admiral Goatboy and (TO:A) Brigadier General Alpha, on recruitment, placement and training procedures. It did not take very long before these procedures were streamlined and operating with great efficiency and Havok was promoted to Fleet Admiral as a result of the success.<br /> At the release of NL28 the Tactical Officer, FA Tav Breil`lya, resigned to take on the position of Commodore of the SSD Avenger. Havok was promoted to Tactical Officer and was replaced by Admiral Yoni in the Flight Office. Submission, testing, reporting and distribution procedures were streamlined and with the help of his CA:TAC VA Compton and TAC:A BG Wedge the Tactical Office became outstanding. Preparations were made for the anticipated release of X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter. Issues addressed included compiling the rules of engagement for use in competition and working closely with the Training Officers, FA Melan Pyr and AD Jac, for the training of the pilots in tactics. Havok and Compton became legendary in 2v2 multiplayer combat by constantly finishing first in any XvT competition in which they participated. These Old men, as they were called by most, set the standard that motivated the pilots of the Emperor's Hammer to become the best.<br /> The Executive Officer, SA Adams, resigned and in NL33 Havok was promoted to Sector Admiral and Executive Officer leaving the Tactical Office in the good care of FA Talon. Havok oversaw the Subgroups of the club and ensured the smooth and efficient operation of the entire club. Havok built trust and nurtured healthy working relationships with every member of the club he came in contact with and practiced an open door policy. Any member, no matter of rank or position, was encouraged to contact the XO when issues could not be resolved through the normal Chain of Command. Havok also built working relations with leaders of allied and rival clubs and worked with them in the creation of multiple competitions. Befriending the leader of the New Republic was not much of a task since he and Havok used to be classmates. SA Havok watched the club grow in membership (4,330 in NL45) and quality and took great pride in performing the duties as Executive Officer.

Real life concerns would start to take their toll and limit Havok's time that he could devote to the club. Havok had a 3 year old son (FA Havok has a Son!!! - NL31) and a 4 month old daughter (There is a Great Disturbance in the Force... - NL47). It was time to step down. SA Havok resigned as XO (NL48) and named three members to succeed him. One was chosen; FA Compton became the next Executive Officer. Havok was appointed as the Imperial Sovereign Protector (ISP) of the Fleet and acted in an advisory position.

SA Havok returned to the Emperor's Hammer in October of 2009. He volunteered once again and was appointed to the position Training Officer and lowered in rank to Fleet Admiral. Working in concert with the Deans of the academies, his Command Attache and assistants, and doing alot on his own, training in the club became updated and operational. The Emperor's Hammer Training Manual was also completely reworked. Havok was soon promoted to High Admiral.

To be continued...

Military Career[edit]

Date/NL Rank/Promotion Insignia Change ID Line
01/20/1995 - NL 5 General (GN) Old EH General insignia Assignment FLT LDR/GN Havok/Beta-3/ISD Avr
04/25/1995 General (GN) Lambda Squadron Commander CMDR/GN Havok/Lambda-1/SSD Avr
05/14/1995 General (GN) Wing Commander's Assistant CMDR-WCA/GN Havok/Lambda-1/SSD Avr
05/29/1995 Brigadier General (BG) Old EH Brigadier General insignia Brigadier General CMDR-WCA/BG Havok/Lambda-1/SSD Avr
06/21/1995 Brigadier General (BG) Tau Squadron Commander CMDR-WCA/BG Havok/Tau-1/INT Hpx II
07/13/1995 Lieutenant General (LG) Old EH Lieutenant General insignia Lieutenant General (LG) CMDR-WCA/LG Havok/Tau-1/INT Hpx II
07/25/1995 Rear Admiral (RA) TIE Corps Rear Admiral insignia Commodore of the ISD Colossus COM-WCA/RA Havok/ISD Col
07/31/1995 Rear Admiral (RA) Wing to Fleet Commander's Assistant COM-FCA1/RA Havok/ISD Col
08/21/1995 Vice Admiral (VA) TIE Corps Vice Admiral insignia Training Officer(CF-5) TO/VA Havok/CF-5/SSD Avr
08/28/1995 Admiral (AD) TIE Corps Admiral insignia Flight Officer (CF-4) FO/AD Havok/CF-4/SSD Avr
10/29/1995 Fleet Admiral (FA) TIE Corps Fleet Admiral insignia Fleet Admiral (FA) FO/FA Havok/CF-4/SSD Avr
12/24/1995 Fleet Admiral (FA) Tactical Officer (CS-3) TAC/FA Havok/CS-3/SSD Avr
06/19/1996 Sector Admiral (SA) TIE Corps Sector Admiral insignia Executive Officer (CS-2) XO/SA Havok/CS-2/SSD Avr
01/07/1999 Sector Admiral (SA) Resigned as XO
01/08/1999 Sector Admiral (SA) Appointed as Imperial Sovereign Protector (ISP)
10/10/2009 Fleet Admiral (FA) TIE Corps Fleet Admiral insignia Training Officer (CS-5) TO/FA Havok/CS-5/M/PLT Daedalus
11/22/2009 High Admiral (HA) TIE Corps High Admiral insignia Training Officer (CS-5) TO/HA Havok/CS-5/M/PLT Daedalus
08/20/2011 Sector Admiral (SA) TIE Corps Sector Admiral insignia Executive Officer (CS-2) XO/SA Havok/CS-2/SSSD Sovereign

Dark Brotherhood of the Jedi[edit]

The Dark Brotherhood of the Jedi (DB) first appeared just before the release on NL10 in February of 1995. It began as a sister organization affiliated with the Emperor's Hammer. The DB merged with the EH in NL13 released on March 24th, 1995. The DB's first leader and later to become the first Grand Master was Kane Vader. Those of the EH wishing to pursue the knowledge and power of the Dark Side could not simply join; they had to be invited by the Dark Council or recommended by a superior in the Emperor's Hammer before even being considered for admission.

Havok's potential was recognized and he was invited to join the DB by Grand Master Kane Vader. Havok was accepted into the DB in NL16 released on May 4th, 1995 as an Apprentice. Havok designed training certifications and helped the DB in many ways. By the end of July, Havok was promoted to Acolyte which appeared in NL 22. Soon after he passed the Krath certification and was elevated to the rank if Protector and the Sith certification and was elevated to the rank of Guardian. The three member Dark Council, led by the Grand Master, was expanded in NL23. Havok was promoted to the rank of Dark Jedi Knight and to the new council position of Master-At-Arms (MAA). As the MAA, Havok performed the duties of recruitment and placement of new Apprentices into the DB. Havok performed these duties with great efficiency. By NL24 he was promoted to the rank of Dark Side Adept and by NL26 he was promoted to the rank of Master. The Deputy Grand Master (DGM), Master Sths Tor, resigned and Havok was promoted to this position in NL28. As DGM, Havok performed the duties of the GM in his absence and helped with the general administration and operations of the DB.

In late April of 1996 Grand Master Paladin resigned due to real life concerns. Havok was promoted and became the third Grand Master of the Dark Brotherhood. This position change appeared in NL32 (05/14/96). Havok's reign was short, approximately three months (NL35 09-07-96), however, he introduced a few new items into the Brotherhood, the most noteworthy being Praetors and Magistrates, which were intended to mirror the Emperor's Hammer Command Attaches and Assistants. Praetors were originally given the rank of Dark Side Adept, and formed a Praetorian Diet; which had a voice in Dark Council proceedings. Magistrates were originally given the rank of Krath Priest/Sith Warrior. At the end of Havok's reign, when he was elevated to Executive Officer of the Strike Fleet, Brotherhood membership had doubled, now boasting a little over 200 members. His reign was one of methodical expansion and refinement of their studies, with Dark Jedi establishing their own domains across the Imperial territories. He destroyed opposition without mercy, and generally reigned with marked stability. He lead by example and groomed many for advancement into positions of leadership as well as his future replacement. Havok's promotion to Executive Officer of the Strike Fleet forced him to accept too many added responsibilities and presented a conflict of interest to divide his time to Dark Brotherhood matters. Havok resigned as Grand Master to make way for the anticipated expansion and growth the Dark Brotherhood was currently experiencing. Although Havok was no longer a Dark Council member, his advice was often sought after on many issues. One major issue that arose was the conduct of Havok's successor to the Iron Throne, Grand Master Crona. Havok, along with another Dark Lord, and Master Yoni put an end to Crona's disrespectful reign by banishing him and finding a more suitable Grand Master. Havok is, to this day, haunted by the question of what caused Crona's conduct which lead to his banishment.

Havok continued in the role of unofficial advisor to any and all Dark Brotherhood members until real life concerns forced his retirement in January of 1999.

Havok returned to the Emperor's Hammer in October of 2009 and soon thereafter became familiar with those in the Dark Brotherhood and Dark Council. With the appointment of Hades to Grand Master in January of 2010, Havok found himself once again in an advisory position as Praetor to the Grand Master (P:GM). In August the position of Master-At-Arms once again became vacant and, seeing a need, Havok volunteered to fill the position and handle the duties. To be continued...

Dark Brotherhood of the Jedi Career[edit]

Grant of Arms
Date/NL Rank/Promotion Badge Change
05/04/95 - NL16 Apprentice Assignment
06/30/95 - NL22 Acolyte Rank Promotion
07/10/95 Protector Rank Promotion
07/28/95 Guardian Rank Promotion
08/16/95 - NL23 Dark Jedi Knight Rank Promotion
09/10/95 - NL24 Master at Arms DB Master at Arms badge Position Promotion
09/10/95 - NL24 Dark Side Adept Rank Promotion
11/02/95 - NL26 Master Rank Promotion
01/07/96 - NL28 Deputy Grand Master DB Deputy Grand Master badge Position Promotion
04/15/96 - NL31 Grand Master DB Grand Master badge Position Promotion
04/15/96 - NL31 Grand Master Rank Promotion
09/07/1996 - NL35 Grand Master Resigned Position
01/01/97 Sith Lord Title
01/28/10 Praetor/Grand Master P:GM Assigned position
08/08/10 Master at Arms DB Master at Arms badge Position Promotion
08/19/11 Praetor to the Master at Arms Position change

Medals and Awards[edit]

Havok's EH/TC ribbons and medals

Emperor's Hammer and TIE Corps

  • Medal of Honor
  • Imperial Cross
  • Order of the Renegade
  • Grand Order of the Emperor
  • Gold Star of the Empire x2
  • Silver Star of the Empire
  • Bronze Star of the Empire
  • Palpatine Crescent
  • Imperial Security Medal
  • Iron Star
    • Gold Wings x1
    • Gold Ribbon x3
    • Silver Ribbon x5
    • Bronze Ribbon x3
  • Medal of Instruction
    • Diamond Cross
  • Medal of Tactics
    • Green Hammer
  • Medal of Communication
    • Diamond Oak Cluster x1
    • Gold Oak Cluster x2
    • Silver Oak Cluster
    • Bronze Oak Cluster x9
  • Commendation of Loyalty
  • Commendation of Bravery
  • Letter of Appreciation x5
Golden Lightsaber
  • Order of the Vanguard (15th Echelon)
  • Ship Citation (x6 ISD Colossus)

Dark Brotherhood

  • Golden Lightsaber
  • Diamond Sword
  • Emerald Dagger
  • Silver Star of the Empire
  • Crescent
    • Diamond Star
    • Ruby Star
  • Legion of Scholar x6

The Directorate

  • Seal of the Tactician x9

Hammer's Fist

  • Legion of Service


Old IWATS Diploma

Imperial Weapons and Tactics School (IWATS)

  • IWATS - Core
  • AMP - Advanced Multiplayer
  • CBX - Computer Basics
  • XWAI - An Introduction to X-Wing Alliance
  • BFM - Basic Flight Maneuvers
  • HIST - History
  • IIC/1 - HTML 1
  • IIC/2 - HTML 2
  • LIN - Linux
  • M/1 - mIRC 1
  • M/2 - mIRC 2
  • MP/2 - Multiplayer 2
  • MS1 - mIRC Scripting
  • SFW - Starfighter Weaponry
  • SM/4 - Squadron Management 4
  • TT - TIE Fighter Tactics
  • WIKI - Editing For Dummies
  • XML - EXtensible Markup Language
  • XWAC - X-wing Alliance: Capital Ships
  • XTT - XvT Tactics

Shadow Academy

Old Krath Studies Certification
Old Sith Studies Certification
  • CORE - Phase I CORE
  • G:AF - Artefacts of the Force
  • G:AT1 - Assassin Tactics Course - Part 1
  • G:LDR - General Leadership
  • G:LSC - Lightsaber Construction
  • G:LST - Lightsaber Techniques
  • G:TLC - Training Lightsaber Course
  • H:DL - History of the Dark Lords
  • H:GR - History of the Galactic Republic
  • H:INO - History of Imperial Naval Organization
  • H:JO1 - History of the Jedi Order: Part 1
  • H:INTEL - History of Imperial Intelligence
  • H:PRER - History of the Galaxy Prior to the Republic
  • H:RG - History of the Royal Guard
  • K:GMR - English Grammar
  • K:POE - Poetry Studies
  • K:TRAG - Tragedy Studies
  • P2:KRATH - Krath Phase II
  • PS:OBELISK - Obelisk Phase II
  • P2:SITH - Sith Phase II
  • S:ESET - Enemy Starfighter Engineering and Technology
  • S:ISET - Imperial Starfighter Engineering and Technology
  • S:SFT - Starfighter Tactics
  • S:TIE - TIE Fighter

Carrida Stormtrooper Military Academy (CSMA)

CSMA Training Certification Ribbons
  • =S= Stormtrooper Certification
  • =ST= Cold Assault Stormtrooper Certification
  • =SC= Scout Trooper Course
  • =SEA= Aquatic Assault Stormtrooper Certification
  • =SD= Desert Assault Trooper Certification
  • =SZ= Naval Stormtrooper Certification
  • =SR= Radiation Trooper Survival
  • =SU= Urban Operations Certification Course
  • =AIR= Airborne Training Course
  • =CC= Close Combat Course
  • =MD1= Combat Medic
  • =CM1= Field Communications Operator
  • =CM2= Advanced Field Communications Operator
  • =SN1= Apprentice Sniper Course
  • =SN2= Observer
  • =SN3= Sniper Completed
  • =SN4= Expert Sniper
  • =DT1= Apprentice Demolitions Technician
  • =DT2= Demolitions Technician
  • =DT3= Senior Demolitions Technician
  • =ARTY1= Artillery Basics
  • =VS1= Vehicle Course - Stage 1
  • =VS2= Vehicle Course - Stage 2
  • =VS3= Vehicle Course - Stage 3
  • =VS4= Vehicle Course - Stage 4
  • =AT= Aviation Tactics
  • =FT= Field Tactics
  • =IO= Imperial Officer Training Course
  • =MI= Military Intelligence Basic Course
  • =INSTR= Instructor

Directorate Governor's Academy (DGA

  • DGA - Core
  • INO - Imperial Naval Organisation
  • EJE - Extrajudicial Execution
  • CRD - Crowd Control
  • OSS - Osiris: Basic
  • THR - Thor: Basic
  • GHA - Ghenna: Basic
  • HAD - Hades: Basic
  • TD - The Tarkin Doctrine
  • REP - Report Basics
  • EAW - Empire At War

Training can be accessed HERE and clicking on the Training tab.

Uniform and ID line[edit]

Havok's ceremonial uniform

On the right you can view Kreeayt Havok's ceremonial dress uniform. He wears it proudly during official functions such as promotion, graduation, award and medal ceremonies, formal meetings and inspections. His Command Staff designation, Sector Admiral rank insignia, merit medals and awards, and Fleet Commander's Honor Guard (FCHG) wings are displayed. Havok has been wearing his lightsaber ever since he attained the rank of Dark Jedi Knight in the Dark Brotherhood.

Current Full Identification Line

XO/SA Kreeayt Havok/CS-2/SSSD Sovereign [AQFR][Certified]

Positions Held[edit]

Preceded by
Lambda Squadron Commander
Succeeded by
Sths Tor
Preceded by
Tau Squadron Commander
Succeeded by
Melan Pyr
Preceded by
Commodore ISD Colossus
Succeeded by
Preceded by
Training Officer
Succeeded by
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Preceded by
Flight Officer
Succeeded by
Preceded by
Sths Tor
Deputy Grand Master
Succeeded by
Preceded by
Tav Briel'lya
Tactical Officer
Succeeded by
Preceded by
Grand Master of the Dark Brotherhood
Succeeded by
Preceded by
Executive Officer
Succeeded by
Preceded by
Training Officer
Succeeded by
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Preceded by
Executive Officer
Succeeded by