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The second planet to be colonized by the native Karanans, hellish but mineral rich Deva became as much an engineering experiment as an additional deterrent to civil unrest. Under construction for several years prior, the first of two subterranean mining colonies, Gulvana, became operational shortly before the outbreak of the system’s civil war. The Proxima colony was completed two years into the conflict, rushed into service by a military hungry for lommite superior to the kiirium in conventional use. With the reformist Kilad faction being nearly stamped out on Sahare, the Vodaha government loosened its strict conscription policy. Eligible males who didn’t wish to join the war on the front lines were now given the choice to serve a set ten-year term in the colonial mines. The population’s greatest boost, however, came from the addition of a third immigrant stratum, enslaved prisoners of war and exiled political dissidents.

The Emperor’s Hammer expanded and modernized both facilities, and with their guidance the population rose and stabilized from four hundred thousand to nearly a million. The Planetary Governor, appointed under by order of the EH Grand Moff, was directing the efficient operation of the mining colonies, adding yet another source of materiel for the Imperial war machine.

Deva served as the home of Clan Taldryan’s Sith House House Archanis, before the Exodus.