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Ghenna is a planet similar in composition to Hoth. Ghenna also has a high security prison that houses dangerous criminals and rebel prisoners. Common prisoners are assigned to work camps in the barren wastes of the plane. With the limited resources of the Emperor's Hammer's at the moment, the fleet cannot afford to simply throw away potential workers. The planet is orbited by the Hinnon Space station.


The surface of Ghenna is a desolate wasteland and no sentient species can survive the harsh elements for long. Below the surface lie rich mineral deposits that are mined and then used for the production of delicate nano-technology. Initial attempts to tap these rich deposits failed as even with the safety of their subterranean havens, miners quickly became disillusioned with low pay, sick of the unceasing cold and left the planet forever.

To counter this labor shortage the decision was made to site a prison facility on Ghenna, its primary function to provide the necessary manpower for the extraction of resources.

Cities, Structures, and Demographics[edit]

The Complex, as the prison on Ghenna is simply known, is one of the most secure prisons in the galaxy. Prisoners who attempt to escape soon learn that life outside the prison compound is impossible due to the extreme cold on the planet surface. The situation is so hopeless for escaped prisoners that the guards rarely bother to hunt even the most dangerous of criminals that manage to circumvent the security measures. If they do not return begging for readmission to the subterranean prison within a couple of days then teams are sent out in a shuttle to recover the bodies.

As the demand for mineral resources from the planet increased, many corporations moved orbital factories into orbit over Ghenna in order to increase production and reduce transport overheads. Workers lived in the manufacturing facilities while a huge orbital city, Hinnon, was constructed and towed into planetary orbit. Now, like a baleful moon, Hinnon hangs above the planet, its population processing the minerals extracted from the surface below and utilizing them in their nano-tech process. Of particular fame are the crystalline circuits used in communications devices, their circuit paths composed of a mineral found in massive belts across Ghenna's exposed surface.


The planetary economy is focused almost solely on and around the prison. Ghenna's primary export is delicate nano-technologies and raw minerals, the latter being the key to the orbital manufacturing of the former. The use of prison labor has resulted in a steady supply for resources to all consumers and makes the exported technology hugely profitable. The lack of overheads and proximity to its resources makes the industrial process remarkably cheap.

It is often joked that Ghenna's largest import is criminals. Jokes aside, food and other basic goods make up the majority of imports. Like some of the other planets in the Setii System, Ghenna relies on imported goods to sustain its population in orbit and its prisoners on the surface.