Karana System

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System Coordinates[edit]


Planet Deva


Planet Sahare


Planet Lears



System History[edit]

The Karana System, named after its indigenous pre-hyperdrive civilization, is located east of the Minos Cluster in Wild Space, nearly 59,700 light years from the Galactic Core. The system formed some 5.3 billion years ago, and consists of the star Shahora, the planets Deva, Sahare, Lears, and Kaiburr, and their seven moons.

The native Karanan evolved around 160,000 years ago, reaching Iron Age development by the time of their first contact with the outside galaxy. A Jedi Master visited the system sometime around 3400 BBY, drawn by visions and the Dark Side taint of Kaiburr. The Jedi returned to the Republic, electing to keep his discovery secret. With the Exar Kun War still fresh in the galaxy’s memory, his fellows would have taken a hard stance indeed against his sliver of interest in such a place. When the Jedi’s quest for knowledge led him further down the Dark Path he fled the Order, gathering followers as he traveled the galaxy. Eventually, he led them back to Karana, exploiting the natives through their religion. A fortress was built on Kaiburr, where the group continued to develop a philosophy similar to the modern Obelisk. The fate of this group is unknown, though they fled the system after only a decade.

The system first appeared on galactic star charts around 2300 BBY as a gravitational anomaly, and was found to be a small star system a few hundred years later. Like so many in Wild Space, it received only a cursory glance until the modern era. Being located sufficiently far from both the Rimma Trade Route and Hydian Way, there was little impetus for further exploration and development, and it fell out of memory. The system was rediscovered, and subsequently annexed, in 10 ABY by the Emperor's Hammer. It was also the base of Clan Taldryan’s operations before the Exodus.