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Eos is Aurora Prime's only moon. Eos is significantly smaller than Aurora, but rich in ore deposits. It was formerly home to Auroran colonists, manufacturing, and military facilities. Eos is now an extremely heavily garrisoned world since Eos is home to the Dark Hall of the Dark Brotherhood. Their watchful eye is ever present high above the Auroran night sky.

Eos has no atmosphere or hydrosphere, and it's main terrain is that of a crater field. It's temperatures are frigid, usually about -150° to -85°C. It has light gravity, and it's permanent population is currently around 750,000. It's day length is about twelve hours, while it's year is about forty-five days. Like Aurora Prime, it has an above-average technology level.

Eos is ruled by an Imperial Governor (the Grand Master of the Brotherhood is the Governor) and a Theocracy-type government.

The Dark Hall is a marvel of Imperial Engineering. The Hall itself, that is the Grand Master's Audience Chamber and the Main Auditorium, are located on the surface of the moon of Eos. The Dark Hall then burrows into the moon itself, with the Private chambers of the Grand Master and training area for the Dark Jedi being located at the center.

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