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Hades is what could only be considered a hellworld. It orbits the systems sun so closely that the temperatures raise beyond 1,000°C. The planet houses the Imperial Research Station Solaris, which is working on developing super powerful heat and radiation shields. The station hopes that it will eventually be able to send a ship to the heart of its sun, Diablo


Until the arrival of the Emperor's Hammer the world known as Hades was home only to a small research facility, the hellish conditions on the planets surface making any greater presence unwise and untenable. However, with the advances made in radiation shielding at the research station, great progress has been made on Hades itself. Like Mustafar and Sarapin the worlds tormented geology brings vast quantities of natural minerals and alloys to the surface. The mining of these was approved by the Fleet Commander with the intention of supplying the shipyards in orbit and those throughout the Hammer.

A discussion of the terrain and geography of the planet suffers from the inherently changeable nature of Hades surface, whilst a number of more stable geological areas exist, allowing permanent settlement, much of the planet's surface is constantly undergoing change as the roiling molten seas, subject to the intense gravitational fields generated by the liquid core of the planet and to continually heavy seismic activity as the floating tectonic plates crash against one another. The stable areas are normally characterised by mountainous ridges, the ravines and valleys between them providing limited shelter for settlement. Much of the surface is lacking in any defining elevations excepting the protrusions of certain rock types occasionally puncturing the cracked surface.

Cities, Structures, and Demographics[edit]

Four domed cities, shielded and protected from the intense radiation and high gravity of Hades, were established in the Northern hemisphere, each at a confluence of rich mineral seams, each built into stable strata of rock, nestled into valleys and ravines. Each is home to an indentured working population of around 15,000, as well as the personnel required to maintain and service such a workforce. Each city houses up to 25,000 people in total in a single multileveled habitat, with large excavated spaces beneath housing industrial equipment.

Each city is nearly entirely self sufficient, terraces of hydroponics bays powered by geothermal reactors feed the populations, all fully capable of maintaining their environment. With the nature of the Imperial presence on Hades the Directorate holds overall command, although the Solaris station falls under the jurisdiction of the navy. The central command and logistical facility is located in the main and northernmost city, christened Muspel. To date the new settlements have continued to increase production levels and supply to the naval yards has resulted in a far more reliable source of vital war materials. In the future many more settlements may be introduced to this harsh but newly tamed world.


Droids capable of withstanding the intense gravity draw the materials from the lava flows while human workers bring them into the cities and process them before they are shipped off-world. The majority of the resources mined from Hades are shipped to the Setii Shipyards in orbit, the only shipyards in the Territories capable of handling Imperial Star Destroyers. They are then put to use in maintaining the capital vessels of the Hammer.

It is rumored that the corporate officers on Hades are some of the most corrupt within the Emperor's Hammer, due in no small part to the outrageous cost of certain metal alloys. In its history some of Hades' governors have attempted to prevent such corruption, but the majority have simply turned a blind eye to the entire matter, or allowed the corruption to continue as long as he or she was given a chunk of the income.

The particular problem stems from the intense specialisation of high-technology inustry on the planet. In order to maintain and modify the extraction droids a particularly advanced collection of workshops and laboratories have continued to make great progres in the development of droids as a whole, improving AI responses and programming. Whilst originating in necessity these workshops have of late been put to work on alternative, private, projects, utilising their experience and skills to modify and upgrade units such as assassin droids, even droid fighter brains. The continued sale of advanced droid components and designs on the black market has guaranteed a massive additional income to the state owned workshops and, in effect, the Governor's controlling them.